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Sat. Nov. 9 to Fri. Nov. 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Dale, the VP of the Roadrunners had asked, when we called him about the re-skin/re-paint companies,  me to do an article on Alaska for the newsletter. Since MaryAnne was working the newsletter  this weekend, I had to get that done. So I spent awhile trying to condense the three month trip into one page.

We went to lunch with MaryAnne at Fat Freddie’s. Again, the food was great. Then we went to the local library, as they were having a book sale. We also checked on whether we could get a free library card. We can!

So we returned home and took a nap. Then we returned to the library. My first paycheck was on paper, before they switched over to direct deposit. So we took that in and I was able to get a card. Bob is going to have to wait until our next mail arrives to prove that he lives here.

We went grocery shopping and to Costco for gas, $2.99 a gallon! We stopped at Boston Market and picked up a chicken meal. We returned home ate dinner and watched TV.

Sunday- We woke up and did our usual Sunday tasks. I worked on 3 more articles before we decided to go to In-N-Out burger for lunch. We stopped at Joannes, but they are having a sale and the place was mobbed. I have to look for my coupons….

We returned home and took a nap . Then I updated another article. I finally went outside to read one of the library books, then we both went for a bike ride around the park. Seems everyone else had the same idea, as there were a lot of people either walking or bike riding.

Monday- I went off to work. Nothing exciting there!

Tuesday- I had the half day Cerner orientation. This is the Electronic Medical Record software, that I have been using for the last 4 weeks. Anyway, I had to travel all the way south to Mesa , about 50 miles each way.  When the class was completed, I ran back to Del  Webb to work.

Wednesday and Thursday- I had the two day Case Manger orientation in downtown Phoenix at Good Samaritan Hospital. This was a much easier drive. Poor Bob, all three days he has not had the car, as I had to have it for all my running around. He continued working on the re-skin/repaint proposal.

Thursday evening, we had the Johnny Cash tribute show, starring C Steve. The show was very good, especially for a $6 each show!

C Steve, Johnny Cash Tribute Show

Friday- I was off, so  I attended a Card Making session from 9-11, then we ran around getting things done. We went out to dinner at The Twisted Italian. Bob had purchased a $20 coupon for $10 on Groupon. The food was very good. Bob had the penne pasta and I had the chicken marsala, half of which I bought home for lunch tomorrow.

Bobs penne pasta Chicken Marsala

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