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Sat. Oct. 26 to Fri. Nov. 1 2013- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We tried to get out early but didn’t make it. Our first stop was at a uniform store. I need a new lab coat for this job. The first one was mostly for cops. So was the second one. The third one was the right kind of uniform store.

From there, we went to Costco, on a Saturday! Ugh… but it turned out okay. After Costco ( gas $3.07) and they have a car wash ( $7.99) we went to In-N-Out Burger again. Yes, they are that good! We continued on to Walmart, then back home. I ended up taking a much needed two hour nap. I have not been sleeping well, I guess due to starting the new job, so I really needed a nap.

We went to dinner at Murphy Haus, a German Restaurant in Glendale, a city south of us. Dinner was okay. Not the greatest German food we have had, but then again, not the worst. Bob like his Oktoberfest beer.  He had a mediocre brat with German potato salad and sauerkraut. I had the Jager Schnitzel. I substituted spatzle and red cabbage. The cabbage was excellent, but the spatzle was only okay. I thought the gravy was too salty for my taste, as I don’t put salt on anything. So we decided that yes, we would return there, but would have the Wiener Schnitzel and the potato dumpling.

We returned home and went over to the dance hall, as they were having country dancing. We did not dance, but we did enjoy watching the dancers and the music.

We returned home and watched the Tom Cruise movie, Oblivion, a pretty lousy movie.

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks, paying bills, updating our budget and laundry. We went to the Elks Lodge next door for brunch. Bob had a 3-4 egg omelet with fruit and toast for $4 and I had the short stack with two large pancakes and two slices of bacon for $3. Great brunch!

At 2:15, Ray and MaryAnne picked us up to go to the Arizona Winds concert. This its a symphony orchestra with the maestro who is the retired Air Force orchestra leader.   They were very good!

From there, we went to Cucina Tagliani, an Italian restaurant. There were eight of us. Two of the women played in the orchestra, and their husbands. The food and conversation were great!

We returned home, fed the dogs, and watched TV before bed.

Monday- Off to work again. Bob took the sheets to be washed. While he was washing the sheets over at the laundry, he started the washer /dryer in the motor home, and found that it was no longer drying, then it stopped working altogether.

I am still on orientation. This week we are concentrating on discharges. The basic process is similar to everywhere else, but it takes time to learn the various vendors and facilities.

I am still working 7:45 to 4:15, so at 4:15 Bob picked me up and took me to the Chiropractors.  That took until 6 PM, so we returned home and cooked dinner.

Tuesday-  Pretty much the same as Monday. Bob had contacted Splendid about the washer/dryer issue. He is awaiting a return call and to schedule someone to come out to the motor home to look at the machine. He also checked with one of the RV parks in Indiana to find out if we can stay at the park next summer, for two months, in one of their cabins, with the dogs. They said yes, so Bob is going to start working on getting a time for us to go to Indiana for the motor home to be re-skinned and painted.

Back to the Chiropractor again. We stopped on the way home at the activity center, here at the RV park for Oktoberfest. We sat with MaryAnne and Ray, and a new couple who have just arrived. They were Marilyn and Tom.. We had brats, German potato salad, sauerkraut, and apple strudel. We sat listening to the accordion player and talking.

Wednesday- The other Case Manager, Heidi , who is my preceptor, was not there today, so they put a social worker, Kari with me. things working out well, as the census was low and I only had a few discharges to do. We returned home after work, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Thursday– Happy Halloween! Heidi was back and it was a pretty routine day. At lunch, in the cafeteria, there had been a pumpkin carving contest and here are some of the pumpkins.  First the surgery pumpkin…

OR pumpkin

Then the baby pumpkin being delivered ( complete with a pacifier in its mouth!)

IMG_20131031_125025_699 (1)

Hospital humor!!

Heidi brought in a pointer so that she can show me items on the computer!

Heidi with pointer

Evidently her daughter has 10 of these pointer. On the flip side(inside the hand, there is blood dripping(red ink), again, hospital humor….)

Bob picked me up and we went to the Chiropractor.

Friday-  more of the same at work. I had a meeting with the supervisor, Joan, who says things are going well and they are happy with me. We set up my schedule. I have requested to work every weekend with my days off on Tuesday and Wednesday. there is a method to my madness! It is quieter on the weekends and this way I will have two days off, together, each week. Plus, the activities at the RV park are mostly during the week, with hardly anything on the weekend days. So this will work out much better. Case Management was delighted, as they are short on the weekends, so this is really good for them. The exception is for Thanksgiving day, as I will have that off, so my days off that week will be on Wed. and Thurs.

Then the Chiropractor office called, Donna the receptionists/office manager called to say that my appt.  today was cancelled. They are closing at 2 PM. I said, okay, see you on Monday.  She said they are closing every day at 2PM. Huh? I had just bought a package for care. This did not make sense, so it was pretty upsetting. She said she would have the Doc call me.

Bob picked me up at 4:15, we returned home and I rode my bike before dinner.

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