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Sunday, August 18, Whitehorse YT

We woke up, did our usual bill paying and updating the budget. We left around 10:30 to go to town. We stopped at Walmart, then The Real Canadian Store for groceries. We ate lunch at Tim Horton’s and returned to the motor home. Bob took the car over to the wash and washed it. By this time, Margie and Wayne had arrived. We happily greeted them and went to town again to finish our tasks. We had worn out the battery in our binoculars and were in search of a new battery. We also stopped at M & M meats to pick up some more of their great meals. We finally found the battery at Canadian Tires.

We returned to the motor home. Bob cooked dog food and I worked on the blog. We ate dinner, then went over to visit with Margie and Wayne. It was nice catching up with them. They had a great time with Margie’s cousin and her husband, who had flown in to join them for 10 days.

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