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Saturday, August 17, 2013- Haines AK to Whitehorse YT

We left Haines-Hook-Em-Up RV park at around 9:45. We drove north on Hwy. 3, very slowly as the road twists and turns. There was also a bike race going on, but we only saw 10 cyclists. At mile 30, Bob was able to start driving at 55 mph. Just after this a multi-colored black bear ran out into the road. I was not able to get a picture as I was screaming BEAR, BEAR. It finally clicked with Bob and he slammed on the brakes. Fortunately, the bear did a quick turn, and ran up the side of the road, then back into the bushes. Whew, close call! We were within about 5 ft. from the bear, doing 55 mph….

We continued the 44 miles to Canadian Customs. The gal came out of the cabin and asked if it was just us in the motor home, what alcohol we had( the same two bottles of wine and bottles of beer), and if we had any firearms. We were quickly on our way!

Alpine scenery

We stopped at a rest area for lunch, then continued on to Whitehorse.

Alpine scenery

Alpine Scenery

Between Haines and Whitehorse

Between Haines and Whitehorse, Dezadeash lake

We stopped at mile 965.6 to view this wooden bridge. “In 1903 a gold strike in the Alsek River drainage brought a stampede of miners to this area. A wagon road was built from Whitehorse to the strike area. The bridge survived heavy traffic and high spring floods until the 1920’s. The bridge was rebuilt, in the same style, in 1942.”

Canyon Creek Bridge

Canyon Creek Bridge

No we did not use this bridge, although you could walk across it. Soon after this a coyote crossed the road in front of us, but again, I was unable to catch a picture of him. He looked like a tall, very thin dog, but you could tell he was not a dog.

We continued north to Whitehorse and could see this rain storm in the distance. .

Rain storm in distance, Haines to Whitehorse

Our goal was to stay at Wolf Creek Yukon Park. We stopped for diesel on the way through town. When we arrived at Wolf Creek, we disconnected the car and went through the campground. There was no site large enough for us, so we returned about 4 miles to Pioneer RV Park, where we stayed on our way north through Whitehorse.

We parked and set up camp. We quickly ate dinner, as we had switched time zones( we were back in Pacific time) and were ready to eat! We watched TV and went to bed.

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