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Monday, August 19, 2013- Whitehorse to Milepost 1042 Alaska Hwy YT

We were not going too far so we did not leave the RV park until 10 AM. We stopped on the way out and took on propane. We have not put in propane since Watson Lake in June. Normally we don’t use a lot of propane, but with it being cool, we are using more for heat.

We drove south on the Alaska Highway about 230 miles. The road conditions were very good, which made the drive nice. Our plan was to go to Teslin(120 miles) and stay at the Yukon government park there. We arrived about 12 and decided to continue on to the next open park. There was a closer park,  so that we would not have to go 230 miles, but it was closed. The weather was cool, low 60’s high 50’s and cloudy.

Whitehorse to Big Creek Campground

Whitehorse to Big Creek Campground

It eventually started to rain. We arrived at Big Creek Campground. We took site 1 and Margie and Wayne took site 2. Both large flat sites. It continued to rain off and on all night. ‘

It was pretty chilly with the a temp of 57. So I decided to make halibut chowder for dinner. It was awesome! Cooking warmed up the motor home and kept us nice and comfy.

Around 7, Margie and Wayne came over to chit chat! They stayed until about 8:45. Then we watched Starship Galactica on the SciFi DVD.

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