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Sat. July 28 to Fri. August 3 College Park

Saturday- We were off doing our usual Saturday morning. Gas station $ 3.41; farmers market, Walmart, Dutch Country Market.  We returned home and took the dogs for a quick walk and cruised over to Silver Spring. We quickly found a parking meter ( free on Sat and Sun)  and stopped for lunch at a nice little Café and Crepe place for lunch. It had been a long time since we had crepes. Bob had a mushroom, cheese, and tomato. I had the ham and cheese.


We moved on to our real reason for being there, a nice little used book store. We both picked up some books. There is a book exchange here at Cherry Hill, but it is meager pickings. I keep taking books over there,they always seem to be gone, bur never replaced. What a shame!

We ate a quiet dinner, and Bob went out to drive the tractor.

Sunday- We caught up on chores, including a bath for the dogs. They weren’t really happy, but did not protest. We sat out with them while they dried off. We celebrated by going to Cold Stone for some ice cream. The ice cream was okay, but to be honest, we prefer Rita’s. It is just as good, and much less expensive.

Bob is working 3-9 on Sunday’s, so he went to work. They issued him a really nice golf cart, to cruise around the park, looking for items to fix. One call was for him to escort folks to their site. Another was to assist someone with connecting their cable. They have a little TV in the office, he had to pick it up, and take it with him. Then he can show the folks that it is not outside at the cable box, it is inside the coach or trailer. Usually, it is just a hook up problem. So he assists with that.

He returned at 6 PM for dinner, which I had cooked. There was a call that went out for a black snake, who had returned, and was on the golf course ( miniature golf, not miniature snake. The snake was 3 ft. long! ). He did not have to go to that call.  His next major task was to be the life guard! He thought that was a hoot! The requirement was that they asked him if he could swim. it was only for about an hour, as the first life guard had to leave and the second one did not arrive until later.

He was home at 9.

Monday- The census is up at work, so it was a frantically busy day. Lots of discharges. Sabbina and I had help, as they sent one of the float Case Managers, Nia.  But, it was still extremely busy.

While driving home on the beltway, we were “Googled”! It is hard to see in this picture, as I had to get my cell phone out pretty quick and then bring the car closer using Picasa,  but this is the  “Google” car, cruising the beltway!  The car takes street view pictures for Google Maps.


Bob drove the tractor this evening.

Tuesday- Since the census is still up, it remained very busy at work. We had help for half the day. Bob picked me up and when we returned home, his golf cart was gone, and there was an old, beat up one in its place. AND, he is sharing it with Dan from next door. The nice one goes to one of the full time workers. Dan said that he was amazed that Bob had gotten a new one.  The ones that the staff use are gas, the ones that the guests rent  are electric.

Wednesday- Another really busy day at work. At 3, I decided that I just was not going to get everything done, so I left Bob a message to pick me up at 4:30. Good thing that I did, as I would not have been able to get out on time anyway. I had 45 minutes of overtime, meaning Bob ended up waiting an extra 15 minutes anyway!

Thursday– Still really busy at work. Last week was 90’s week, where I kept having ladies and gents in their 90’s. This week was international week, where I have had( for awhile now) a patient from Puerto Rico. Now I also had one from Canada and one from Santa Domingo.  Tourists, who end up in accidents. Whether it is a fall , an assault, or a car accident, since we are a level 1 trauma center, they end up on our floor. It is funny to watch the news and know, if it occurs in PG, Charles, Calvert or St. Mary’s counties, the person ends up at PG hospital. So I will go in to do an assessment on the patient and they will tell me what happened, and I will say to them, oh yeah, saw that on the news. Take my word for it, the news never has the real story! They just take some facts or make them up, then embellish them for ratings. It is fascinating to then get the real story and try to compare it to what I saw on TV.

For dinner, we decided to drive the back way to Laurel where there is a better selection of restaurants. We chose CJ Ferrari, as it had a good rating on Yelp. It is a locally owned Italian Restaurant. The bread was wonderful. Bob asked the waitress about bell pepper in the tomato sauce, She was not sure, but thought they might, so he ordered Mac N’ Cheese, which was rated highly on Yelp. He thought it was good,  but not the best that he had ever had. I ordered the Dijon Scallops. I have to say I was disappointed. There were three large scallops, which were very good, in a Dijon mustard and brandy sauce with cream. The sauce was really watery, and was not on the noodles. I was very disappointed and told the waitress when she asked. They took $5 off the bill. Too bad, as it seemed like a nice little place. We decided that we are going to keep going to Laurel for dinner until we leave, since it really was not all that far, taking the back roads. Not a lot of traffic that way either. The worst part was turning left out of Cherry Hill RV Park!

Friday- Since I had worked so hard on getting people out all week, it was a nice, busy day. Not frantically busy, like during the rest of the week.  At least being on the trauma floor has meant that I am in one place, not floating, and I have never had a boring minute! The census is down, so uh oh, the beds are empty, meaning it will fill up over the weekend. Look out Monday!

Bob went to do our  Saturday shopping today at the Walmart and Dutch Country Market. Well, he had too good a time! It was customer appreciation weekend at the Dutch Country Market, so they had specials and lots of tastings. He bought more than he would have due to the tastings.  Sorry I missed it…

Four more weeks here, before we move on Labor Day weekend! That is actually 19 days, as I am off one day to have my colonoscopy! Not that I am counting…..ha ha!

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