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Sat. Aug. 4 to Fri. Aug. 10- College Park

Saturday-  We dashed out of the motor home at 9 having forgotten that we wanted to go to the Farmers Market. Plus we needed gas. We picked up a cantaloupe and six ears of corn  at the farmers market. Then stopped at a Shell station to add some gas to the car, $ 3.71, so we only added enough to get to Virginia and back.

We took the beltway ( ugh!) to Tyson’s Corner to meet with our financial planner. After reviewing our portfolio, and making one change, we left at about 11:20. We went to Macy’s at Tysons II. They did not have anything I wanted, as this upscale Macy’s doesn’t carry the designers that I like. So we went to Maggiano’s for lunch.  Bob had spaghetti with a huge meatball and I had Ziti. We each took home a lasagna. Maggiano’s has a special where you buy one pasta and take home a second all for $12.95. A pretty good deal!

We stopped at the kitchen store, Sur La Table. We could have spent a lot of money there! We managed to get out only paying $4 for a small bottle brush for me to use to clean my coffee mug. ( the opening gets icky). We returned home; the dogs had a quick walk, then we took a nice nap. It was 97, hot, humid degrees!

Bob works today from 4-10. They had asked him yesterday when he went in to pay at the desk. They also asked him not to pay this week, to wait until next week to pay for both weeks, so that they can ‘pay’ him at the same time. Works for us!

I dropped Bob off a the office, as Dan had the golf cart, since he worked 10-4. Bob dropped him back at his trailer and took the cart. I continued on to the Sunoco station near the shopping center in our area of Silver Spring. $3.51 for gas. I went to Petsmart to pick up a new recoiling leash. One of ours broke. Then I wandered into Kohl’s and bought a new pair of pants. I finished the trip at the Shop Rite, picking up a piece of chicken for Bob for dinner ( I am having left over ziti). Then I stopped at 7-eleven, as I was really thirsty and had a small, sugar free Slurpee. YUM, cherry-limeade!

Bob stopped in for dinner at 6PM. So far he has made ice and picked up a recycling bin that had fallen over. Exciting huh! He drives the tractor at 7, until 8:30, then back just cruising around in the golf cart and maybe having to fix something.. He should be home at 10. Here is a picture of him in the golf cart.


Sunday- We did our usual Sunday morning, checking the bank accounts, doing the budget, and paying bills. We left at 10 AM to head to Annapolis. I wanted to stop at the Macy’s, but it did not open until 11. There was  a small farmers market in one of the parking garages. We wandered through and bought two small cookies, which were very good. I had a cranberry and Bob had chocolate chip. We also bought four small biscuits for dinner on Monday evening.

We left there and went to old town Annapolis. We were meeting John and Lorrie Anderson for brunch at Harry Brown’s, located at 66 State Circle, directly across from the Capitol building. We lucked out and found a parking place directly across from the restaurant. We wandered up the street, looking at a few stores. We also saw this historical marker.


We did not know that the Maryland State House had such a place in history. Here is the State House:

003-001                      005-001

They also had a this bell from Pearl Harbor:


We wondered through Annapolis pottery, which had some very nice, but expensive items.

At 11: 30 , Lorrie and John arrived. Brunch was very good. The buffet had an omelet bar,  and other items. The food was excellent and the company even better! Here is my plate, a fresh omelet, hash browns, a slice of bacon, and the mushy item in the front is cinnamon roll bread pudding, which was unbelievable. They also had some mini-croissants, with either chocolate or peanut butter and jelly. Too bad they did not sell them separately, they were soooo good!  Breakfast even came with white wine, a Bloody Mary, or a Mimosa. All for $19.95.


We had a wonderful time catching up with Lorrie and John.

We left at about 1, and went back to the mall to Macy’s where I bought three tops on sale, while Bob took a nap in the car. We returned home and Bob went to work at 3.  As we were driving into Cherry Hill, he noticed that Dan was driving a different golf cart. Dan works until 4 and Bob starts at 3. So Dan stopped by and picked up Bob. The old golf cart had broken down on Dan and they both think that the old golf cart has done it’s last drive around Cherry Hill, and now they will be sharing a newer, old golf cart!

Bob works until 9, but there are thunderstorms with heavy rain,  so he is not going to be able to drive the tractor. He played lifeguard again this afternoon until the thunderstorm started. The sky turned really black, and the temp dropped from 98 to 79 degrees in a very short time.  

Monday- A quiet day. That was unexpected! The census is down. I was kept steadily busy though.

Tuesday-  I am sending a patient home to Puerto Rico, so I was pretty busy making sure that I had everything done for him. I had a problem with the ambulance transport to BWI, so that was nerve racking. He had a non-refundable ticket!

In the evening, after dinner, I went out to sit in the recliner. Roxie was with me. I went to go back into the motor home to grab my cell phone and caught my left foot on the fencing around the motor home. I fell flat on my face, in gravel. It was pretty bad. I bled all over the place. I was afraid it was my nose, but the blood was coming from my lip. Fortunately, I did not break anything, but my nose, lip, right knee, and right hand hurt like the dickens. In fact, I could not use my right hand. So I iced everything.

Wednesday- I woke up at 3 AM, got up and iced some more. Since I could not breathe through my right nostril and my right hand was still pretty sore, I decided that I wanted to stay home from work to ice all day. That worked, as the swelling went down and I can now breathe through my right nostril and the lip looks much better. No pictures, I look too bad! I did enjoy the rest though, I took a 2 hour nap in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Thursday- I went back to work. Everyone on the trauma unit told me I should have gone in yesterday so that they could take care of me! I look like I really fit in on the unit, unfortunately, as a patient, not as a Case Manager! It was another very quiet day at work with the census down.

We went out to dinner at Don Pablos in Laurel.

Friday-  Another quiet day I keep telling myself to enjoy the quiet, as it will pick up again pretty soon! It was the PA, Rebecca’s, birthday, so we had a nice cake and torte from Wegamens. That torte is out of this world! Too bad it costs so much, $29.99!

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  1. Can’t believe they served Alcoholic Beverage for breakfast…Interesting…

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