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Sat. July 21-Fri July 27- College Park

Saturday-  We didn’t have anything ‘special’ for breakfast, so we decided to go to IHOP, on the corner of Cherry Hill Rd and Rt. 1. The food was mediocre. I had the “fitness” whole wheat French toast, with egg beaters and turkey sausage, and Bob had the ham and cheese omelet with hash browns. We wished we had gone to Bob Evans!

We stopped at the Walmart,  the Dutch Country Market, and finally the awful Calverton Giant, as it was on our way home. It rained all morning, sometimes ‘cats and dogs’ and sometimes just ‘kittens and puppies’!  The temp was a whopping 63 degrees when we arrived back home. A real difference from the high temps we have been having. We felt really sorry for the folks here in tents.

While there are families who come to Cherry Hill and camp out in tents,  there are people here on a tenting adventure. The tour company “G Tours”  has groups here weekly. The folks pay about $100 a day to “tent” from New York,  to Washington, Nashville and New Orleans in 10 days.  They arrive in vans and stay in pup tents, eat their meals and go sight-seeing. We think they are crazy, but hey, each to their own. With the heat and humidity, I am really glad to be in my condo on wheels!

At 4:00 we left to go to game night at Kathy and Bill’s house in Swan Point. The traffic on the beltway was awful, slowing down near Rt. 50 so everyone could read the traffic sign. Then Rt. 5 was a parking lot from Brandywine to the Charles County line. We had two stops, first at Bed, Bath and Beyond, then at Catherine’s for socks for me.

We arrived right on time at 6 PM. just as Al and Carol were taking items out of their car . Kathy served a great dinner of Texas Ribs chicken and pork BBQ. Yum!  We played games until almost 10, then headed home. Traffic came to standstill on Rt. 5 just south of Woodyard Rd. It took us 40 minutes to pass by the accident. We arrived home after midnight.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday morning chores.  Since the temp was in the low 70’s, at about  11: 30 we turned left out of Cherry Hill and went to Colesville for lunch. We stopped at restaurant called  El Napolito Grill , an upscale Mexican Restaurant. Bob had a combo with an enchilada, taco, and tamale.


meal with a taco, enchilada and tamale. I had the chili relleno.


Both were different than we expected, but they were very good.  They also came with family style bowls of rice and black beans.

After lunch we went to the National Capital Trolley Museum, $ 7 each. We arrived right in time for the first tour. It was crowded with about 20 people. The docent, Wally, took us in to see the trolleys’ Having grown up in the Washington area, I remember riding the DC Transit Trolley each week with Nana when she went downtown to have her hair done.

We saw the following Trolleys:Entrance sign to Trolly Museum

1890's snow plow trolley

Above is an 1890”s snow plow trolley.


A boat trolley

Above is a ‘boat’ trolley.

A trolley

A DC transit trolley

This final one is one of the DC Transit Trolleys, that has not yet been restored. They have two of them that they use for the trolley ride, but neither was being used today.

“The Electric Railway President’s Conference Committee, brought to the Nations Capitol years of design work to create a standard of modern excellence in for street cars in the United States. The service started August 27, 1937 and ended January 28th, 1962.” They only lasted 25 years in DC ,before converting to diesel buses.

After looking at the Trolleys, we went for a trolley ride. The trolley they were using today was one from Ontario.  they have two of the Ontario trolleys at the museum. The ride was about 20 minutes, taking us for a ride on the museum land. We saw deer and a red fox. Half way through the ride, just after we turned around for the return trip, the driver gave us a little talk about the trolley we  were riding. Basically he told us a little history of that particular trolley. When we arrived back at the building, we went to a short movie about the time that trolleys were the primary transportation in large cities.

The museum from the trolley 

The Ontario Trolley

Our Trolley driver

We wandered through the exhibits, which to me was trip back to my childhood. Not only had I ridden the trolley; the trolleys had gone to Glen Echo. Part of the exhibit showed pictures of the amusement park. Having gone there many times as a child, it brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

Glen Echo history.

We returned home in time for Bob to go to work here at the park. I made potato salad for dinner. Bob was supposed to work from 4-7, but at a little after 6, he called to let me know he was working until 8. So I cooked our chicken and ate, holding Bob’s chicken for him, although he arrived just as I sat down to eat, taking a quick dinner break. 

Monday – a usual day at work for me. Bob went to work at 3PM, so I had driven myself to work. They had someone check him out on the tractor and off he went. He really enjoys doing the evening tractor ride.

Tuesday- I had taken today off since Bob has his cardiologist appt. today.  I scheduled my Gastroenterologist appt. with Dr. Gage and now have my colonoscopy scheduled for August 24th at 7AM. I had to fight to get a date before Labor Day, when we leave here.

After the appointment , I scurried over to Silver Spring to  visit with the folks at Professional Services Network. I have worked for them for years, doing different contracts. I had not been to their new office, and they have been in it for over 8 years! They gave me several of their PR items, such as a grocery shopping bag, a umbrella and bag, highlighters, and a clip.

I went to lunch with Robin, the manager, who I email and call frequently. This was the agency that was sending me to Oklahoma, had that worked out.

I ran back to the motor home, changed clothes, and we headed to the College Park Metro station. The Cardiologist is at GW. So we took the Metro to the Foggy Bottom station.  We walked over one block and found the office building. Since we were early, we wandered through an awesome Whole Foods. This one was so different than the tiny one in Westminster CO.

The MD office was very organized, and extremely busy. We checked in at a kiosk, then we no more than sat down and they called Bob’s name. He went up and signed paperwork, then they sent us to a different seating area to wait to be called in. We sat there for about 3 minutes, when they called his name. He had to hop on the scale, then they took him to the blood pressure room, then on to the EKG room, then the exam room. Dr. Katz came in a few minutes later.

We really, really liked Dr. Katz. He introduced himself, then reviewed all the paperwork that Bob brought with him. He discussed the A-fib, then called in Dr. Lisa Warsinger Martin. She has just published a paper on A-fib and is a nationally known expert on the problem. We discussed our concerns. our first concern is that Bob has to be on a blood thinner for the rest of his life, then of course the fact that he cannot ski.  We were asking about an oblation, which is procedure to get rid of the A-fib. Evidently, 25%  of people who have one, have to have a second one, as it does not work the first time. We found out that even if he had the oblation, they would keep him on blood thinners anyway. So no oblation, since he is asymptomatic.

We took the Metro home. Funny, it cost $20 for the co-pay to see the doctor,  but it cost $17.80 for the train and $4.30 for parking. So it was less for us to see the doctor than for the transportation!

Wednesday- Whew, another quiet day at work. Bob drove me today, as he is not supposed to work, but Dan, our next door neighbor has been out of town so Bob had been driving the tractor. He is having too much fun at work!


Thursday- A very hectic day at work!  In the evening we decided to go to Plato’s Diner for dinner. I nice dinner in downtown College Park. We could go there again!  When we arrived back at 6: 35, one of the workers was waiting for Bob. They wanted him to drive the tractor again this evening. He said he was glad that he had not had a beer with dinner!

Friday- Another very hectic day at work. We had a quiet evening at home. 

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