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Sat. May 19- Fri. May 25- College Park Maryland

Saturday- We went to the café in the park for breakfast. Still good! Then we drove to Riverdale to a nice farmers market. Picked up tomatoes, oranges, cantaloupe, and chocolate croissants. Bob dropped me back at the motor home, and went to his CPR class. He had chosen a CPR for the public and was surprised at how dumb downed it was. But he has his card. The class was from 10:30 to 1. He was back at the motor home by 1:40, as the class had started late.

After cleaning and vacuuming,  I had taken a nap, as I had awakened at 3:30 this morning.

So after he ate his tamales from Thursday ( he was not impressed with them) we went to Target and ShopRite in Silver Spring, just up Cherry Hill road a few miles. The grocery store was okay, but I really would like to find a nice Giant. The local Giant and Shoppers are not very good. The ShopRite was okay….

We returned and grilled some nice lean pork chops. We had been able to get some pasta salad at the ShopRite. That is unusual, as pasta salad is usually made with bell pepper. We really liked this salad, so we will be buying some more! We sat out until it became chilly, then moved into the motor home to watch some shows we have recorded on the DVR.

Sunday- we puttered around. Bob sold the old GPS holder on Ebay, we paid bills, and updated the budget.

We left around 12:30 to go to Seven Corners in Virginia to the Dogfish Head Ale House to meet up with Jackie, Dr. Bob, Beth and Mary for a late lunch and some beer. Beth and Mary have just returned from Myrtle Beach. This was a celebration, as Jackie was just voted Professor of the Year at Georgetown University! Take that GTU!!! They have laid her off right after she and Bob return from her running the GTU Oxford program in Oxford England this summer. She will be starting to work at Georgia Southern Univ. where her husband, Dr. Bob works. No more commuting! Congratulations Jackie for this spectacular honor!

My Bob enjoyed the beers and came away with 4 new favorites. We had an easy drive home on the beltway, with only slowing down here in Maryland. The drive to Virginia was terrible with the traffic from  the Nationals Game and the Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base.

Monday- Bob dropped me off at work and picked me up, every day all week. At lunch time I was supposed to have a conference call with the HEDIS people, but they are still not ready.

Tuesday- more work. Still no HEDIS conference call. I had asked Bob to please vacuum and clean the stains on the carpet. He is also doing laundry every day. So far he has not been able to find a bartending job close by.

In the evening, when he was walking the dogs, he walked out on the dock on a pond here in the RV park. The dogs followed him. For some reason, Roxie decided to walk on the lily pads. Plop into the pond she went!  So he brought her back to the motor home and we dried her off. We ended up giving both dogs a bath and washing harnesses to get rid of Roxie’s pond smell. This is the first time that we have washed them in the motor home. It went really well, doing them in the shower. They tolerated it much better than doing it in a sink or in the shower at the house.

Wednesday– Just more working!

Thursday– Bob refinished the bottom cabinets in the kitchen. They look great!

On the way home from work, we stopped at the Farmers Market in Riverdale. No strawberries this time. We did not buy anything.

It was a beautiful evening so we took a nice walk with the dogs.

Friday- TGIF!!  OMG I forgot how awful the Friday before a holiday can be for discharge planning. While waiting for a phone call I emailed Bob that I needed “chocolate, IV stat”. The day was extremely busy and frustrating. Oh well, a three day weekend!

We went to the ELK’s Lodge on Kennelworth Ave in Riverdale for dinner. Dinner was ham or fried fish. I had the ham, very good, and Bob had the fried fish(tilapia), excellent. We both had tomato soup, salad, baked potato and fresh green beans, rolls and bread pudding for dessert. Bob also had coleslaw. You could also have coleslaw and applesauce, included.  All for $10 each. Can’t beat that!

The people at the table next to us invited us to sit with them. We sat talking until almost 9PM. That was fun! They also gave us the Lodge newsletter, so we know the ‘happenings’! Crab feast coming up in July!

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