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Sat. May 26 to Fri. June 1- College Park Maryland

Saturday I woke up early, as usual, and did 45 minutes on HEDIS, before Bob woke up. We went to S & J restaurant in Riverdale for breakfast. We thought this was the restaurant that the folks at the Elks Lodge last night had told us about, but it was not. Breakfast was okay, and we may go back in the evening to see how busy the bar is , to see if Bob can get a job there.

Next we headed over to the College Park Farmers Market and bought corn, oranges, cantaloupe, and chocolate muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning. 

Then we were off to the Giant that the Elks people directed us to. This is the first time we have ever gone to a grocery store inside a mall. Weird, but okay I guess. We were able to find a lot of items we have been looking for, and the cost was not too high. Still need to pick up a few other items, but staying within budget.

I worked on HEDIS for two hours, ate lunch, then I took a nap, as I really needed one.  Bob found a job opening in Rockville, and applied for it. He had also applied for one in Bethesda this week. He is finding these on Craig’s List.

In the evening we went to Chevy Chase to meet up with Lorrie and John for dinner at Maggiano’s. I had wanted to go there in Denver, but we could not get reservations. Bob made our reservations on Tuesday evening, so things worked out this time. I was great seeing our long time friends! An awesome dinner and wonderful companionship.

Sunday-  We had a nice breakfast, we paid bills and updated the budget after which we drove to Bowie to the Bowie Farmers Market. This is a nice, larger market. The homemade bread was $5 a loaf! Too much, so we passed by. We saw some of the same bakery items. Hmmm, looks like someone is selling the same stuff at all the markets! Different sales person though… we bought some more strawberries.

We cruised over to the Wallyworld in Laurel to pick up Bob’s prescription and some items that were too expensive at Giant. Then on the way home we stopped at Shop Rite for some more of the pasta salad.

By the time we arrived home, it was almost 90 degrees with the  three H’s, hazy, hot and humid!  We ate lunch, then took naps. I must really need sleep, because I have taken two, two hour naps in two days! 2-2-2!!

When we woke up, we decided that ice cream was in order. We have 99 cent coupons for Baskin Robbins, so off we went. The Mother’s Day coupon expires on May 30th, so we used that one. Bob had a scoop of Chocolate Peanutbutter and I had a scoop of Toffee Pecan Crunch, which is  chocolate with caramel and pecans. Yum!

Cherry Hill has really filled in for the weekend. Almost every site is occupied. Many sites with motorcycles for Rolling Thunder. For those not in the Washington DC area, Rolling Thunder occurs each Memorial Day as a remembrance for  those who served and /or were prisoners of war. In this area, the cyclists ‘stage’ at the Greenbelt American Legion for breakfast. They are then escorted by the Park Police, down 295 (the BW Parkway) to the Ellipse for the gathering.  Many more cyclists converge on the Pentagon North Parking lot for their escorts. 

For dinner we grilled a steak.

Monday- Memorial Day. Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving our great country!

Cherry Hill started emptying out early in the day. The folks across from us left firewood, which we happily picked up. No sense in wasting it! By the afternoon, the park looked almost like a ghost town! Okay with us, it makes it quieter, although, other than the loud motorcycles, the place was pretty quiet all weekend.

Bob took the duvet over to the laundry room to wash it, while I did laundry in the motor home. We took it and squashed it into one of the vacuum bags to store it until the fall.

At about 11, we headed to Rockville. Our first stop was at the Harry and David. We were not planning to stop there, but since it was on our way we stopped. We really like their cherry salsa. They have stopped making it, but we stopped in and checked to see if by some chance they have started making it again. We keep requesting it, so maybe someday…

Then we stopped at the Container Store. The containers we had for the freezer where just not working out. There was too much wasted space, so we bought different ones. Our next stop was at Bed Bath an Beyond to pick up a square pillow cover. Bob sits in one place on the couch, and his belt is wrecking one of the leather pillows. We have been putting a towel over it to protect it, but that was not working very well. The cover barely fits, but is much better than the towel.

Lunch was at China Taste, a cross between a take out place and a sit down restaurant. You know you have made a good choice when the restaurant is packed, and in this case with people of oriental origin! The food was excellent.

We stopped at Trader Joes’s and picked up some salmon. Yum! Grilled salmon is awesome!

Tuesday- Back to work! A very, very busy day! Lots of people to discharge, who did not go home over the long weekend. Plus getting caught up on the reviews.

The job has two components. One is Utilization Review. I have to document the admission and hospital stay for patients to show the insurance company why the patient was admitted and why they should be staying in the hospital. The second part is discharge planning and facilitating discharges. Everything from getting medications for the patient to arranging transportation. Not to mention getting a Nursing Home or Acute Rehab facility to accept the patient. It is a very busy job, but interesting.

I was really tired by the end of the day.

Wednesday- Bob went for his Nuclear Stress Test and to see the Sleep Apnea doctor. I don’t think he has sleep apnea anymore, so maybe he will be getting rid of the CPAP machine. He follows up with the cardiologist next week and has a sleep study scheduled.

At work, today remained pretty busy, but not as bad as yesterday.

When we arrived home, Bob walked the dogs quickly, then we went over to Margie‘and Wayne’s 5th wheel. They had arrived today, and were able to park fairly close to us! It was great to see our friends. We stayed and chatted with them until 6:30, then returned to the motor home for dinner. They came over to talk after dinner and we stayed out until we were being eaten by bugs!

Thursday- A pretty normal day at work. BUSY! Bob put another coat of varnish on the kitchen drawers, and cleaned the carpet, again. He has purchased a handheld Bissell spot carpet cleaner, as the carpet just get soooo dirty, soooo quickly!

Wayne and Margie had invited us to dinner at their 5th wheel, so at 5:45 we headed over there!  They grilled a London Broil, which was really good. Margie says she learned from her daughter to marinade meat by starting the marinade when she freezes the meat. Then it marinades when freezing and again when defrosting. What a great idea!  Thanks for great meal Margie and Wayne!

Friday- Another really busy day at work. Lots of discharges. I had driven myself to work as Bob went with Margie and Wayne to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Chantilly.

Entrance to Advar-Hazy Museum

The building entrance.

SR-71 BlackbirdT

Above, The Blackbird, a reconnaissance plane.

Below is the space shuttle Discovery


Ejection Seat External Handle

Behind this panel, is the ejection seat initiator on the space shuttle. 

Below is more of the space shuttle.

Discovery Wing Root

Space Shuttle Control Satelite

This is one of the space shuttle control system satellites. They have satellites just to control the space shuttle!



Obviously, the famous Enola Gay which dropped the first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima to end WWII.

Below is the Clipper Flying Cloud, a Boeing 307 passenger liner. Cira 1935.  When Boeing introduced this plane, they sold 5 to TWA and 5 to Pan Am. Howard Hughes decided he wanted one, so he went to Boeing and they told him that they could not sell him one for two years, causing him to buy TWA, so he could get one!



Above is a WWII Spitfire. Spitfire’s saved Britton in the Battle of Britton.

Below is the view of the museum.

When walking around you have to look up

Modern military aircraft

Above, modern military jets.

Below is a YP13, the workhorse of the navy.



Above, a joint strike fighter.

Below is a amphibian. The wings can be taken off and it can drive down the road.



Above, the front of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Below, is an Air France Concord. ( I got to see one of these fly over George Mason University, landing at Dulles, back in the 1970’s, while walking across the quad to class! )

The Concorde

Bob, Margie and Wayne went to see a movie about  the Hubble Telescope in the IMAX theater. Lunch was at the only restaurant there, an expensive McDonalds!

I  left work 1/2 hour late because I was so busy. We were under a thunderstorm and tornado watch and warning. Traffic was awful. It took me almost an hour for the 18 minute drive!

Wayne, Margie and Bob left the museum at 3:30 and arrived home at 6:30! It was bumper to bumper traffic from the time they left I-66 onto the Washington Beltway to Maryland.

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