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Sat. May 5 to Fri. May 18 College Park MD

Wow, two weeks got away from me. So I am going to just do a narrative update.

Our first Saturday here we drove out to Manassas for dinner at  friend Beth’s new townhouse. We had a nice evening with Beth, Mary, Dave and Becca. Dinner was very good! Thank you Beth!  It was so nice to see friends we have not seen in two years!

The return home was complicated by Virginia closing three lanes of the beltway, so we drove through the city.  On Sunday we  went over to the Star Café, here in the park, for breakfast. Bob had biscuits and gravy. I had a ham, cheese and egg omelet with toast. Both were delicious and reasonably priced. Since it was drizzling a bit, we had driven the car, and went straight from there to the Laurel Super Walmart to pick up a few items.

We returned and I  checked, there was nothing new to do for HEDIS, so I started laundry and ironed clothes to start work tomorrow.

Monday through Friday Bob drove me to work , and picked me up, at Prince George’s Hospital Center, where I was welcomed back with open arms. Really, lots of hugs! It was good to be back where I used to work, seeing my old friends. Walking into a familiar environment was a lot easier than walking into a strange one… I know a lot of people think I am crazy for working at PG. I really like it there! The staff are so nice! No like INOVA Fairfax, where they were so nasty to me!

Every day, I worked early in the morning and for 2-3 hours each evening on HEDIS. Do I need to tell you I am very tired! Bob worked on items around the motor home.

Saturday we went to Laurel for their Main Street Festival. That was fun. It was a large festival, about 8 –10 blocks long.  We also found that they have the Laurel Meat Market, a nice little store whose meat prices were competitive. Sunday we stayed home. I continued both days to work on HEDIS.

Monday through Friday it was the same, with Bob dropping me off and picking me up. I am “floating” around the hospital, doing the Critical Care Unit, medical/surgical, and trauma floors. I would be doing well if I could get a computer and phone that work! The first computer that they gave me, blew up.  It was the same laptop I had before I left two years ago. Then the second computer, mid sentence, booted me out, and the Case Manager software disappeared. IT could not find it and had to re-install it.

Thursday afternoon on the way home, we stopped at a Farmers Market in Riverdale. It was larger than we thought it would be with about 10 vendors. We picked up fresh eastern shore strawberries,freshly baked bread, and two tamale’s. We also ate some homemade ice cream, YUM!

Friday at 12:30  I found an email from the HEDIS people requesting my presence at an 11:30 emergency conference call. I immediately emailed them. They are having so many problems with the new software vendor, that they are changing vendors. I needed to do a quick orientation, but their software went down, so I have the weekend free! YIPPEE!! I can use the rest!  The next 3 weeks are going to be even worse, as we are going to have to go through all of the charts, again!

Friday evening, Bob went to a TIPS class. This is required by the State of Maryland if you want to work as a bartender. The class is about dealing with intoxicated individuals and how to stop them from over-indulging. The class was from 6-10pm. What a joke! Bob was home by 7pm. He was the only person in the class. The instructor ran a video, then gave him the test, which had the answers circled, then erased. So all he had to do was re-circle them! He should get his certificate from the state in three weeks, but he has a letter authorizing him to work. Tomorrow morning he attends CPR class.

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