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Sat. Oct. 10 to Fri. Oct. 16- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Bike riding, walk dogs, read, laundry…our usual. We worked on a new puzzle. It was generally a quiet day. We have the windows and doors open to get the fresh smog into the condo. LOL. In the morning, we worked on our ballots, which had arrived yesterday. We will drop them into a drop box on Tuesday, when the library is open.  From 2 to 4, I made 50 phone calls for Biden/Harris/Kelly. At 4, we had our weekly Zoom with Dr. Bob, Jackie, and Mary. We BBQ’d dinner and watched more of Travelers.

Sunday-  I do not exercise on Sunday, I give my body a rest. We did not turn the air conditioner on until 5 pm, when it finally reached 80 degrees inside. We kept the doors and windows open until then. We did more laundry. We BBQ’d chicken for dinner and watched 60 minutes, then the movie SWAT, which we had recorded from free Showtime/EPIX.

Monday- The usual, bike ride, walk dogs, read books, do puzzle. I did some ironing. I had to dust off the iron and ironing board, since I do not use it very much!

Around 9 AM, we went to the rig to put in the new mattress that had arrived on Saturday. Because we have a murphy bed, it folds up. So we purchased a custom mattress, for the area that folds. It is gel foam, so it needed to inflate.

New RV mattress

We arrived at the rig, and took out the old mattress. It was attached to the base with straps. We are going to have to see if a strap is needed. By doing the custom mattress, we have the short top of the bed that stays in place. So we need something for that area. I though maybe a body pillow, but they are only 54” long, and the bed is 60 wide. We have two bamboo pillows, which are queen size, on the spare bed, so we took those over. They fit well, so we will replace them on the spare bed, and purchase regular pillows for the spare bed.

We also hung the curtains. We left the slide open, which is actually not allowed, but we did it anyway. We went back in the afternoon to put the slide back in. The rig in the next site is a boat, attached to a truck camper. Actually, they have two sites. The slide stays inside our line, so we did not worry about breaking the rule for a short time.

New RV curtains

We now had the problem of what to do with the other mattress and foam topper. The mattress went in to the spare bedroom, temporarily, and the foam mattress is in the garage.

We ate dinner and went to the condo social. Only Sally, who is a healthy 90 year old, showed up. We all left after 15 minutes.

Tuesday- We went for our Posse interviews. Mine was at 8:30 and Bob’s at 9. There were 4 interviewers. They asked us different questions. We both passed the interviews, filled out the background check paperwork and an information card. We now wait about 2 weeks for the background check’s to return. Then we do a 2 hour ride along. Evidently they weed a lot of people out on the 2 hours tour! Finally, we have a class. We will be on probation for 6 months.

Here is a snapshot of the Posse.


We went to the library to drop off our ballots. Their drop box is not arriving until the 19th, so we drove to the Surprise City Hall, and dropped our ballots in the drop box there. Then we went to JoAnne’s to purchase some strapping to keep the new mattress in place from there, we went to Costco and Walmart.

We returned home, read and worked on the puzzle. We had our dental appointments at 2 PM. We returned and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- When I returned from my bike ride, Mary Ann pulled up in her electric cart. She said that she was praised for bringing in great volunteers. She was beaming. We talked for awhile and Bob had spotted us so he stopped with the dogs. Unfortunately, Mary Ann’s service dog wanted to play with them, but she is not allowed to….

We continued to work on the puzzle and read. I sewed the clip on the strap. and we had the Roadrunner Zoom. There were 15 people on it, including our friends Marvin and Marian from Colorado Springs. It was really great to see them! I almost did not recognize Marian. She had always had Lucille Ball red hair , but she had gone gray, like I did. We invited her to play Maj online with us, but she has had several strokes and she is not sure she will be able to play. She did say she had taught Marvin and her daughter how to play, and they have been playing in the evenings.

We finished this puzzle. For those of you in Charles County, if you went to Dr. Nesbitt, the dentist, I\we think this was the poster that was on the ceiling in one of her rooms.

Nesbitt puzzle

We ate dinner and watched a movie on Netflix.

Thursday-More of the same. Bob took the car to the Toyota dealer for its service and oil change. I stayed home and did assorted tasks. At 1:30 I played Maj online with MaryAnne.

We BBQ’d dinner and sat outside and read for awhile.

Friday-  Bob took the rig for a 7:30 appointment at the Cummings dealer, where he had the generator serviced, per its schedule. When he returned we went for our flu shots and our second shingles shot. This time they gave it to us. The Pharmacist asked if I wanted them both in the same arm. Remembering ( how could I forget) the horrible pain for two weeks in my left arm. I told him no, flu on the right, shingles on the left.

Both arms are sore. I played Maj with MaryAnne at 1. I ran to the library to pick up a book. We worked on a puzzle. We watched a movie on Netflix.

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