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Sat. Oct. 3 to Fri. Oct. 9- Sun City AZ

Saturday-Happy birthday Bob! We went over to the rig and tried the curtains we had bought at Costco. Then to Home Depot to get a pole to put up the curtains. We returned and had lunch. Bob had a free cheeseburger from Habit for lunch. For dinner he had a free sub from Jersey Mikes.  At 2 we went to Brusters for ice cream, where he had a$3 coupon for his birthday. We are working on a very difficult puzzle. We watch Morning Glory on Netflix.

Sunday- The weather in the morning has improved so much, that that we opened all the windows and doors to air the condo out. We had to close up at 10, but that was okay. I still sat out on the patio until lunch.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. We started watching Travelers on Netflix.

Monday-  We stopped at the Library. They have changed their format. They have set up the self checkout kiosks, you pick up your own books on hold, and they had some books to choose from, on shelves. I grabbed several books, plus the one on hold. They also have CD’s, DVD,s, and the puzzles.

We went to the rig and worked on changing over to the curtains. Bob hung the bar, and took down the current bar.  I checked the length of the curtains and took them home to shorten them.

Bob curtain

When I arrived home, I realized that I did not have any thread that matched them, so I need to purchase some thread.

We read and worked on the 1000 piece puzzle. We ate dinner, then went to the condo social.

Tuesday- It was 72 this morning.  Bob took a toilet seat back to Home Depot. We had purchased toilet seats that self drop, and this one stopped doing it…the company said to return it to Home Depot and they will give us a new one.

It was so gorgeous this morning. We had the windows and doors open. Bob returned, we closed up the condo, and we went grocery shopping. We returned in time for lunch.

At 1 I played Maj with Allen, Donna, and MaryAnne, online, until 3. It became very embarrassing, as I won 3 games in a row, missed one game, then won again! That was just my lucky day

At 3:30, I went to the walking pool at the Bell Center and walked in the pool for 30 minutes.I forgot to put on my Fitbit, so I do not know how far I walked. The water felt so good!

Bob had been reading and we worked on a 1000 piece, very hard puzzle. It is taking us a long time to finish this one. We BBQ’d pork chops for dinner.

Bob had a West Valley Astronomy Club Zoom meeting from 7 to 8:30 pm. I watched a movie on Netflix. Then we moved back to watching  Travelers on Netflix.

Wednesday-  It was 68 this morning.  Monday and Tuesday I wore a short sleeve shirt and shorts. This morning I moved to a long sleeve shirt and Capri length yoga pants to ride my bike. I need to start looking for warmer clothes for when the morning temps drop further.

On the first Wednesday,every other month, the bug guy comes. This is included in our Condo fee. So we had to wait until he arrived before we could close up and leave. Then we went to Total Wine for some beer for Bob, Costco, and Fry’s for the Senior Day. We arrived at around 11, and it was not super busy.

I sewed the hem on the curtains. We had picked up chicken tamales at Costco, so Bob took them and split them up. I took some to MaryAnne, as there are 15 in the pkg. Bob kept 8 and we gave( she paid for them) the other 7. Bob repackaged ours and put them into the freezer.

At 3 we had our Roadrunner Zoom. There were 16 people on it today. We ate a quick dinner, and went to the Condo social. It has been moved from 6 pm to 5:30, because it is getting dark so much earlier. It is social distancing, but because of the VP debate, there were only 5 people there. We have started taking the dogs with us. They really enjoy going!

Thursday-  I rode my bike, Bob walked the dogs. Then we did the dusting. The Shark Ninja runs on Thursday and Sunday, so it will vacuum today. Bob worked on a wood paper towel holder that came with the condo. It had water stains, so he sanded and re-finished, primarily the base.

I read sitting outside. We have all the windows and doors open, airing out the condo, while the weather is perfect. We finally closed up at noon! It was 11 yesterday. Our temps have been dropping daily. Today only reached 101, later in the day.

I played Maj with MaryAnne at 1. At a little after 3, I went to the walking pool. Bob took a nap. I walked for 1/2 hour. There were a lot less people at the pool today. Everyone has to walk wearing masks.

We ate dinner and continued watching Travelers on Netflix.

Friday- I rode my  bike in the early morning. Yesterday, there was one hot air balloon traveling across the area, today there were about a dozen. It must have been a good flying day. Fun to watch them as I was riding.

We had the windows and doors open as long as we could.I read outside for several hours, enjoying the cooler weather. It was 68 this morning and the high is 96.

We worked for several hours on finishing this 1000( should I say 998, as there were 2 pieces missing!) piece puzzle. It has taken us over a week to complete. Whew!

Birdies 1000

We ate dinner, then went to the condo social. The dogs are so funny, they let us know when it is 6:30 and they think it is time to leave!  They had a good time sniffing the other dogs. We came home and watched more of Travelers.

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