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Sat. Dec. 7 to Fri. Dec. 13- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a holiday craft fair today. We both went and looked around. We did not purchase anything. It was a quiet day.

Sunday- Bob did the sheets and towels. He also went to Target for their Gift Card sale. We picked up $30 worth of gift cards, at 10% off. We will use them when shopping at Target. I stayed home and relaxed .

Monday- I was off to OT at 11 AM. Adam changed some of the exercises, so I have more to do there. The OT office is very busy, but it moves like clock work.

Tuesday- I had the retired Nurses Breakfast Meeting this morning from 9 to 11. At 1:30 I went for the stem cell injection. It was a pretty easy injection, much easier than the steroid injections. Bob of course had to go also, as he has to help me get into and out of the ankle brace.

Wednesday- We had the Alfa Breakfast. Mike was having his colonoscopy today, so Mike and Linda were not there. Alan and Donna have left for Oregon, and MaryAnne is sick with a cold. Ray is back, but he stayed with her. 

So it was only John and Karen with us, but we had a great time catching up with them. I returned and set up Maj. Bob picked me up at 11:45. We stopped at Good Cents for lunch, then traveled on to our annual Dermatology appts. Bob had a couple of areas sprayed, but I was okay. At 3:30 I had my next OT appt. Another busy day!

Thursday- I had a pre-op appt. with the surgeon for my ankle at 9:15. We stopped at Costco and had lunch at Café Zupas. I had a 2 PM mani/pedi. I returned home and Bob put my brace back on. At 4, we had the residents meeting.

Friday- I had my OT appt. at 11 and returned in time to speak with Karen from Dakota Post, our mail service, about our car registration. We are still working on that. The temporary tags do not expire until the end of January, fortunately! Karen will take care of the SD MVA in Sioux Falls.

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