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Sat. Nov. 30 to Fri. Dec. 6- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We moved very quickly this morning. We went straight to Costco for gas, arriving at 8:44. As a result, we drove straight into the gas pumps. We purchased the gas, $2.89 gal, and left. We went straight to grocery shopping from there. We were in and out of Walmart in record time, with no one ahead of us in line.

We returned home, ate lunch, and Bob went to a metal place for a piece for under the bedroom slide. I stayed home and rested my ankle, which had been bothering me. We ate lunch and it was a quiet afternoon..We had a vet appointment for Roxie, who has been having an upset tummy. The Vet gave her a shot and medications.

Sunday- Roxie was better. We did our usual Sunday tasks. It was a quiet day for me. Bob put on the piece of metal, under the bedroom slide. 

Monday- I had a 9:30 appt. at OT. I go three times a week to OT along with my 4x a day exercises. I am doing really well, so far. At 1 PM, I had an appt. with a Dr. Gillespie  at Arizona Ankle and Foot. My CORE Doc had sent me there for a stem cell injection. Bob and I were both skeptical about this, but when we med with the Doc, he explained that the stem cells come from amniotic fluid, taken from mothers who are having scheduled C-sections. The fluid is with drawn immediately prior to the C-section and there is no danger to the mother or baby. The mothers have all been screened prior to the procedure, so there is no risk of Hepatitis or HIV. We sure have come a long way…I will have the injection next Tuesday.

Tuesday-  Roxie was still having issues, so we went back to the Vets for more medications. I had a Chiropractor appt. in the afternoon. and at 4, I had my OT.Bob had the Astronomy Club mtg. at 7, and I stayed home and watched Hallmark movies.  It was a busy day!

Wednesday- I played Maj this morning. In the afternoon, I had PT to strengthen my legs for the ankle surgery in January.

Thursday- Back to OT again at 9AM. I have really been busy with appointments! The rest of the day was quiet.

Friday- I had a quiet morning. At 1:45 I had an appointment with the PA to have my stitches removed from my thumb. I had 5 stitches on the thumb and 2 on the arm, where they removed the tendon. They came out easily. The PA had me move my fingers, touching my thumb to my little finger. He was impressed, as that was a 6 week goal, not a two week goal. He also apologized for the fact that the 1st OT appt. was so early, it was not supposed to be until after today’s appointment. Oh well, I am really ahead of the game!

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