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Sat. Jan. 12 to Fri. Jan. 13- Sun City to Quartzsite AZ

Saturday-  I had a hair appointment at 10. Bob took the sheets and towels over to the laundry at 9:30, he returned and I took off for the hair appointment. Bob rode his bike over and moved the items from the washer to the dryer. When I returned, we went to the Shoppers Paradise, the vendor fair in the park. I purchased some lotion,as the guy was there. Then we retrieved the sheets and towels and returned. We made the bed and ate lunch. We had a quiet afternoon.

After dinner, we met up with Donna and Allen and played Pegs and Jokers. Since we were going over there, I took my Maj set with me, and the table covers, and put them into the new cabinet in the room. I have a key for the cabinet.

Sunday-  I woke up at 3:30 and could not go back to sleep. I went back to bed at 6, and slept until 8:30. We ate breakfast and had a quiet morning. We did our usual checking accounts and went to lunch at In N Out Burger. We stopped at Dollar Tree and stopped at Costco for gas.

We stopped at Fry’s for some bananas. We need some ripe bananas as I am going to make a Hawaiian bread for the Sherriff’s Dinner Pot luck in Quartzsite. The dinner has a Hawaiian theme. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Monday-  I had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with MaryAnne and Donna. We had a great time. When I returned home, Bob and I went to the Chiropractors and then on to Target. We purchased more of the Tequila Lime Chicken wings, some low fat cheese and toilet paper.We have to make sure that we have everything we need before we go to Quartzsite, as there are no grocery stores there. Well, there is one, but it is useless, it is so small. Mostly the people there drive to Parker to shop at  Safeway or Walmart. Its about 30 miles away.

We dropped off a book at the Library, then returned home. We had a quiet evening. It started to rain, right after Bob took the dogs out.

Tuesday-  It rained last evening, but stopped during the night. It is supposed to start up again this afternoon. We have one more storm, then hopefully, we will have nice weather for Quartzsite!

I went to get something out from under the kitchen sink, and I found water under there. So we took everything out and Bob realized that the area around the faucet was leaking. He thought we needed a new faucet. That would be a big job, so he called Allen to assist. Meanwhile, I cleaned the rubber mat that I have under everything (in the bathroom sink) and cleaned off all the bottoms of the bottles.

Allen dropped off Donna at Maj, and Bob went to drop me off and we passed Allen. We let him know Bob would be right back. Bob dropped me off and he and Allen went to work on it the problem. It turned out that all they needed was an 84 cent O-ring, which he purchased at Ace Hardware. So an easy, cheap repair. Wahoo!

We played Maj and I won 3 games. The most that I have won this year. We have a gal, Jill, who has a heart/ chest vest, which she has used for years. Last year she had a massive stroke. She attended. She plays poorly, but what can you say, at least she is still here and able to play. The problem was that she started bleeding from her gums. So we had to call her husband to come and get her. Bob picked me up and went to Café Zupas for lunch.

Bob went to make the reservations to take Rusty and Marilyn to dinner at Rosie’s, and they had no reservations available. It is the season…

We worked on our plans for this summer. We decided that we are going to go to the Maritimes. ( Canada eastern islands/provinces)

Rusty picked us up, and we ended up going to the Streets of NY. We like their pizza, but this time we all had pasta. It was excellent and inexpensive. We paid for their meal, since Rusty had helped Bob to put up the shed.

We came back home via flooding on Union Hills Dr. It floods from 107th to 99th. They fixed the flooding on our part of the road. Hopefully they will fix it further to the east.

Wednesday- The storm has cleared out, but we still had dew on the car. Unusual for AZ! We left at 8:15 for the Alfa Monthly Breakfast at Tivoli Gardens. It was excellent as usual, although the waitress got all the checks wrong. She had to fix those… There were 7 of us there. Linda, Mike, John, and Karen are already gone to Quartzsite. We leave on Friday.

We returned and Bob went to the office to turn in a form that the park had left in our mailbox. We had to designate a person in the park who will watch our site over the summer. We had asked Rusty and Marilyn, as they are right behind us.  Bob decided to walk back to the rig. I went to Maj. I won 4 games today. It’s  just the way that the tiles fall…

Jill was there today, playing, but no bleeding gums. She said that they got her Coumadin back under control.

I returned, we ate lunch, then left for grocery shopping. We started at Costco, then went to the Library to pick up some books on Canada. We continued on to Walmart and Fry’s. We ended up purchasing our 3 bundles of firewood at Fry’s, for $5.99 a big bundle. It’s on the list of items we need to take with us to Quartzsite.

We returned home and I started to bake two “Hawaiian Breads” . They turned out okay. We have a Hawaiian Pot Luck next Saturday night, so I baked the bread and put it in the freezer. We had also purchased a roaster chicken at Costco, which Bob took apart and we froze the chicken for the chili dinner. We have a chili cookoff, so we are making a white chili.

We ate leftovers for dinner and watched TV.

Thursday- I woke up realizing that I had a doctor appt., but that I had not received a phone call from the office reminding me of the appt. Hmmm,before I called, I went into the portal and found no appointments listed. Then I went in to Bob’s portal and found that his 2/15 appt. was not in his portal either. So I called at 9 AM and was 4th in the cue.

At about 9:15 I was able to speak with someone. She said I did not have any appointments scheduled. So now I have an appointment on Feb. 8. Then I worked on Bob’s appointment. She said that they had to cancel his appointment on the 15th, and had notified him yesterday. Well, that did not happen! He never received any message. So I made him another appointment also. We think that their system crashed and they did not let everyone know.

We ate lunch, and at 2 I went to my nail appointment. I arrived to find that they thought I still had an appointment at 9 :15 and had been a no show. Hmmm, not my day for appointments. At my last appointment I had made the next appointment for 9:15 today. When I arrived home, I realized I had the Doc appointment at 10 AM, so I had called right back and changed the appointment to 2 pm. Fortunately, the pedi gal remembered that yes, I had called and made the appointment, as the gal who answered the phone had told her the lady who had just left had called right back to change the appointment. Unfortunately, she did not make the change in the book! Oh well,,,,,

I arrived back just in time for the 4 PM Resident Council meeting. It lasted until 5. We returned, ate dinner and continued to prepare to leave in the morning.

Friday-  We got ready and left at about 9:45. Bob was unable to get Arizona Propane to deliver before we leave, so we left so we went to Orangewood RV to purchase propane. We filled the tank, then had to exit, turning right and go around the block.

We turned  west onto Bell Road, and traveled about a mile to turn right onto El Mirage Rd. Right at the corner, there is a very wide place in the road, so we pulled in and hooked up the car. We continued north to Loop 303, and headed south on the 303 to I-10. We turned west on I-10. We stopped at the rest area and ate lunch. We continued on to Quartzsite. We pulled into La Posa North and stopped to disconnect. Normally, we have to stop and pay $40 for the 14 day pass on the BLM land. The building was closed and locked-up. I did not see any sign, but evidently there was a small one attached to another sign. Due to the furloughs, they are not collecting the money. There are 38 rigs in our group, 38x 40= $1520 that the government has lost for this stupid shut down! AND that is only our group! There are thousands of RV’s here! So anyone can enter the paid area to dump and take on water for free….the town is still picking up the trash.

We arrived and were greeted by our Alfa Roadrunner Family! We picked a spot and parked. We have no hook-ups for 10 days. We can do this though, we did 14 days in 2016.

We had a social time and a welcome dinner of Sloppy Joes with coleslaw, chips and cookies. We sat around the campfire for awhile in the evening.

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