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Sat. Jan. 5 to Fri. Jan 11- Sun City AZ

Saturday- The weather has warmed up to low 40’s at night and high 50’s low 60’s during the day. It was cloudy today, but not too bad. Bob continued to work on putting the shed together. Rusty came over and helped. They got the whole thing completed today, which is good since it is going to rain tonight and tomorrow.

We had a quiet afternoon, going to the Library to pick up Season 7 of Game of Thrones, then to Costco for gas, $2.45.  We ate dinner at home and finished up Season 6 of Game of Thrones.

Sunday- It started raining last night and rained all night and much of the day. We did our usual laundry and checking our accounts. We ate lunch and settled in to watch Season 7 of Game of Thrones. The rain stopped in the late afternoon, and the sky started to clear up a bit. We ate dinner at home and watched some regular TV.

Monday- I had a Doctor appt. for my ankle. The Doctor ordered PT. He was gently able to move my heel, and commented, that’s very loose.  Bullseye RV Repair came to fix the Hydrohot. Bob did all that he could, as it may have to come out and he cannot get it out himself. They arrived at 10:30. they were scheduled for after 12. Good thing we were here! They re-did the electrical connection.

We had a quiet afternoon, with Bob going to the Library to pick up some books and to drop off Game of Thrones Season 6. I stayed home and worked on some tasks. We had lunch and dinner at home. We watched Season 7, of Game of Thrones, which was one 2 hour session. Then we watched the animated DVD on the history of the 7 families of Game of Thrones.

Tuesday-  I had my Retired Nurses Breakfast. I returned to the park and went to the office to pick up the sign in sheet for the Stamp ‘n Up card class tomorrow. From there I went to Maj. They were short one person, so I stepped right in. I did not win any games today, but that’s okay!

I returned home in time for lunch. We ate lunch, dropped Season 7 of Game of Thrones off at the Library,  then started moving the stuff from the storage unit to the shed. It took 3 trips. We managed to get everything into the shed moving from a 5×10 to a 5×8. It was tricky! Bob even checked to make sure we can get the bikes in there when we leave them here in AZ.

We ate leftovers for dinner and watched TV.

Wednesday- Bob dropped me off at the Activity Center and I made cards with Leslie Foley, the Stamp n Up demonstrator. There were only 4 of us. The fifth gal did not show up. Karen was at the table with me and we chatted the whole time. Karen also gave me a ride back to the rig.

Meanwhile, Bob had been off running errands around the area, including going to the self storage office to close out the storage unit.  Once I returned, we ate lunch, and did some tasks around the rig, including, me trimming Bob’s hair.

Bob put hold down straps across the top of the shed. He had to drill into the earth and place anchors, deep into the ground. During monsoon season there are very strong winds. Actually, here, out west, much of the time, there are a lot more winds than in the east. We have seen the straps on other sheds, so we think they will hold.

At a little before 4, Yvonne, who lives across the street, dropped off two beautiful lemons from her daughters lemon tree. At a little before 4, we left to go to the Ballroom for the Welcome Back party. The room was packed. Fortunately, Donna and Allen had arrived earlier and had held seats for us. It was literally, standing room only. The lines for food where very long! We think there were about 500 people there. They served cheese, crackers, fruit and veggies. Bob bought a beer and glass of White Zin for me. We stayed the entire time. We returned around 6,  ate dinner and watched TV.

Thursday- I was off to Maj in the morning. Bob went and ran some errands. I returned in time for lunch. Then Bob took a nap while I finished the book I was reading and went to JoAnne’s. I needed some supplies and I had two 50% off coupons on regularly priced items. I also purchased a pack of new blades for my trimmer, which were already 50% off. So I saved quite a bit.

I returned, we ate dinner, and watched TV.

Friday- I was off to the card making class. We had a card we were making and Patty, the gal running the session, was teaching how to use some of the punches. She was using my table and a few of my supplies. It was fun. We all ended up so involved, that we went almost to 11:30! The class is scheduled to end at 11.

When I returned, we ate lunch, then went to Total Beverage and Wine to stock up on some beers. I also purchased a cider and a Smirnoff drink. We went to Costco for gas which was $2.45/gal. We stopped in at Costco for a few items, then we cruised thru the Library, dropping off a book at the book drop. We went to Walmart for groceries and a few other items.

Then we stopped at Fry’s to pick up a few items. We returned home and put everything away. We ate dinner, then went to Square Dancing class. Nina ( who plays Maj with me) and her husband wanted to take the classes, so we went to Angel. I did not dance a lot, because my heel is definitely not where it is supposed to be…

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  1. Awe no pictures of the new shed.

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