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Sat. Dec 26 to Fri. Jan1 1, 2016- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We left early to stop at Costco for gas, $1.79/gal. We continued to Tempe, which is in southeast Phoenix. We are staying in northwest Phoenix area. Our destination was “The Dump” a furniture store which was having a sale on rugs. We want to put in a nicer rug in the MH. They did not have anything. We stopped at a Penny’s which had exactly what we wanted, but the size was too small and I looks like the pattern is discontinued.

So we drove back, fighting wind the entire trip. We saw a lot of people in motor homes along the way and wondered what they were thinking. The wind was so strong, they were crazy to be driving in that weather! High profile vehicles are really hard to control in strong winds.

We stopped at a pizza place for lunch. The pizza was okay, but the price was high for only one topping. We returned home and hunkered down as the winds continued to howl all evening and into the night.

We took a nice nap in the afternoon, ate dinner, and we watched the Redskin game and happily they won the East Coast Division, beating Philadelphia.

Sunday- We finished off the last of the breakfast casserole and went to Costco when they opened at 10 AM. Definitely the time to go to Costco,, as there were very few people there!

We returned home, ate lunch, and then Bob worked on his design for where the old TV was located. I worked on our reservations for next winter. To stay in a Florida State Park, you have to make the reservations 11 months in advance, so I was working on making reservations for late September. I have to wait to make the reservations for next December. I was able to reserve the last 50 amp site at one of the September parks!

Bob also washed the towels over at the laundry. He is helping Ray with taking out his old TV in the morning so he can’t wash them tomorrow.

We ate leftovers for dinner and watched Downton Abby Manners. I am on the countdown to the final season of Downton Abbby. We also watched the Call the Midwife Christmas show.

Monday- I started the morning washing the sheets and cleaning up the MH. Bob left at 10 to go assist Ray with removing his old, heavy TV. He returned at about 11.  We went to the little contract Post Office to mail a few items, then we were off to In n’Out burger for lunch. We stopped at Costco and bought two runners for the MH. Not exactly what we wanted, but the dogs need a place to jump from and to land.

We returned home and settled in. The weather was nicer, sunny, with the temp in the low 50’s. The winds have calmed down a bit.

Bob is still working on the cabinet design; he is still drawing and measuring. We ate dinner at home, watched a movie on TV, read and played games on our tablets.

Tuesday- It almost feels like a heat wave. The temp this morning was 41. Yea! We did not have to take in the water hose or turn on the hydro hot overnight, to keep our water from freezing. This El Nino is not fun. Warm in Florida and cold in Arizona.

We were warned again that the electric is going out today, from 9-1. When they do this, they close the pool.  Again, it did not go out. For some reason, they can’t get the repair completed. We went to the WVGL to work on more Genealogy.

We returned home after 3 pm and continued to work on projects. T was busy putting items that I had found at WVGL into my genealogy program.  Through Ancestry, when I find something, I email it home, then put it into my Legacy program later  We ate dinner and watched more DVD’s.

Wednesday- It was a quiet day for us. I went to water aerobics. Bob made dog food. He is still working on the cabinet in the front of the MH. Linda and Mike left to go to Las Vegas to play with their grandkids.

We went to the library to pick up and deliver back the DVD;s.

Thursday- Another quiet day for us. I did water aerobics and Bob continued to do tasks around the MH. The temps during the day are remaining in the 50’s.

Friday- Happy New Year! We were up and watched the Rose Bowl parade. Then we went to lunch and grocery shopping. We returned home and took  a  short nap. Watched more DVD’s and generally had a quiet day.

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