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Sat Jan 2 to Fri Jan 8- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a busy day! I went to water aerobics. We used the harder CD for the class and it really wears you out! The weather was still in the 50’s, but the sun was out.

We did some running around and ate lunch. We worked on projects and generally kept busy.

We had a Square Dance this evening. So after dinner, we dressed up and went to the Sun City Bell Senior Center for the dance. $7 each. We had a great time and did fairly well with the dancing.

Sunday- I went over and did water aerobics by myself, using my Ipod. Bob joined me at 10 AM in the hot tub, as he had pulled a muscle in his back somehow while dancing last evening. We did our usual budgeting and watched the Redskins beat the Dallas.

I did some quilting while Bob put varnish on the interior of the cabinet for the front of the MH.

Monday- This El Nino is something! The winds arrived and it rained off and on all day. No water aerobics, so I exercised using our Wii and the fit program.

Bob washed the towels and I washed the sheets. Bob intermittently went in and out when it was quiet to check on the water valve for the hot water heater. The connection has an issue and he called Bulls Eye RV repair to come and fix it.

Tuesday- During the night, we were woken up by really strong winds that rocked the MH. It really rained hard for about 10 minutes, while the wind was howling, then the weather settled back down and we went back to sleep.

It was not raining this  morning so I ran over and did water aerobics. Then I went to Mahjongg. We had four of us today, so we had a nice morning.

I returned, we ate lunch, then continued to work on our projects. It started raining again, so it remains cold, in the 40’s at night, and 50’s during the day.

Bulls Eye came and fixed the water heater issue. It was a bad board. The board had been replaced last summer while we were in Westminster. Bulls Eye called to check on the warranty. It only had a 90 day warranty, so Bulls Eye replaced it with one that had a 2 year warranty

Bob also had the tech check the washing machine. I had noticed that it kept running and running. We were having to re-set it to get it to cycle. So the tech checked it. No error message had come up on the machine, but evidently it needed to be reset and he also noticed that the water was running too much. He discovered that the pipe was too far down into the water discharge pipe, so the machine kept refilling with water. He made both adjustments and things are okay now.

We are still watching the Call the Midwife DVD and The Newroom, with Jeff Daniels.  We had started watching this series years ago, and are  just now catching up with season 2. Unfortunately, the library does not have season 3.

Wednesday- I am running the Stampin Up card class this year, so I was off at 9:30 to the card room to set up the tables. There is a Stampin Up lady who comes and does the class, but I organize and collect the money for this year.

When the class was over,I returned home, ate lunch, then ran back to Mahjongg at 1 PM. We had three tables. I taught at one table and MaryAnne taught at another table. We had a really good turn out. We also had two people stop by who want to learn next week. I returned home and sat and read my book. We ate dinner at home, and started watching Game of Thrones, season 4. We had watched some of this when in South Bend in 2014, but had not finished the season.

Thursday- We went to the WVGL to work on more Genealogy. That was our last time there. Our membership expires at the end of the month, and we will not have an opportunity to return. We are not going to renew our membership, as we are not planning to return to AZ next winter. If we need to go there, we can pay the $5  per visit, which would be less expensive.

The sun started peaking out today. Most of the week has been windy and rainy. WE ate dinner at home and continued with Game of Thrones.

Friday- I had another card class this morning. Bob had some errands, so he dropped me off and he took off. I got a ride home and took the car to go shopping. MaryAnne and Ray picked up Bob and they went to an Engineering Seminar in Sun City West. This is a group of Engineers who meet monthly for lunch and have varying seminars on technical issues. Bob said that the seminar was interesting. He will not be able to attend next month, as we will not be back by then.

I ran to Sears to return a top I had purchased from Lands End. The material was lousy, and it sagged, so back it went. I went to Staples and JoAnnes then returned and ate lunch, which I had picked up at Zuppas.

I laid down and had a short nap. Bob returned and did the same thing. We cooked dinner, then went to the Square Dance lesson. We are going to continue to ‘angel’ the rest of the season.

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  1. Why do you wash the towels and Bob wash the sheets? Just curious. It seems like it would only take one to do both 😉

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