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Sat. Dec. 27 2014 to Jan. 2 2015- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Another nice day at work. There were two of us working and it was really  quiet.

Sunday- I had 1/2 a Social Worker, which worked out well, as we had some social issues with patients and she took care of them. I was pretty busy with the rest of the patients, but not frantic. I had to do the MDCC stuff again and I sent six. The doctor who was on call for MDCC called me to ask why the ER CM had not reviewed them first. I told him I was the floor CM and that this task had been thrown on me a few days ago without any training and that I had not idea why the ER CM had not completed the initial review. He asked who told me to do them; I told him and he said okay. Let the MD’s figure out between them!

Monday- A quiet day again, with two of us. It is Annette’s last day. I drove to work because we are going out after work to say good-bye to Heidi and Annette. After work, we met up at Olive Garden and had drinks and appetizers. Here are Heidi and Polly: Polly and Heidi

And all four of us:

Heidi, Polly, Annette and Me

From right Heidi, Polly, Annette and Me. We had a great time having a glass of wine and whining about the hospital! Heidi’s last day is Friday and Annette’s is Wednesday. I will miss them both as they are great case managers and friends! Polly only works when needed and she is really going to be needed!

Tuesday- Off today. We went to the Ford dealership to purchase the car. We decided on a car and returned home while they worked on numbers. We had the park cookie exchange at 11: 30 and we ate a quick lunch. We Google’d the car we were interested in to make sure we had a good price. We returned and they had the price ready for us. They had done a Carfax report on our CRV to find it had been in an accident. True, but the report said minor damage and that the air bags had deployed. Nope! Two weeks after we bought the car I was stopped for a school bus and I was rear ended. The air bags never deployed! That little error cost us the car! Now they offered 25% of what they had offered before. We gave them the copy of the accident report, but they would not budge.We refuse to finance, as we are paying cash for the car, so we walked out! No new car for Christmas!!

Bob took a nap and I rode my bike. We decided we wanted to go out to dinner, so we contacted everybody and went to Red Lobster. Since it was Tuesday, they had a special, a pick 3 shrimp, so we all had that in various versions. While we were getting the bill paid, the waitress cleared the table. She picked up the big  tray and dropped it. Wow, was that loud and what a mess! Flying food everywhere. She also cut her hand on flying debris. MaryAnne had the worst of it from our group with some flying food hitting her.

Wednesday-  Christmas Eve. We did our usual budgeting/bill paying and did an online complaint form to Carfax to get the report on the CRV corrected. Bob scanned in the info from the accident in 2007, including the bill, and the parts list for the repair. We have to get that fixed or the CRV is worth nothing to us in a trade in. Fortunately, it is not like we absolutely have to sell it. We can continue to sit on pillows.

I went to have my hair done. Another bad hair experience. This was two in a row!  I returned and we took a nice nap. We had a quiet dinner at home. 

Thursday- Merry Christmas. I was off to work. Since Annette had quit, they needed someone to work. Susan came in and worked half a shift with me, so we got through the worst of the day. The afternoon was quiet. They would have let me work half a day, but I have so many hours I have to work for my contract to get my bonus..

Bob came over to the hospital to have lunch with me. The food was very good. I ate for free and since Bob was with me, they gave him a discount. It was ham, sweet potatoes, green beans,  and apple pie for desert. We took the pieces of apple pie home.

I had worked 7-3:30, so Bob picked me up at 3:30  and we returned to the MH to put the green bean casserole in the oven. When it was cooked, we drove over to the Ballroom for the pot luck dinner. We had a great time eating tasty food and talking with our friends. We of course sat with the usual gang and some other folks we know.

Friday- Off to work again for another busy day. Polly worked with me so it was not too bad.

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