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Sat. Dec. 27 2014 to Jan. 2 2015- Sun City AZ

Saturday- It was an awful day at work. Frantically busy and I was alone on the floor. lots of really sick folks. Bob started taking down cabinet doors to take to the wood shop for him to repair, clean, and polyurethane them.

Sunday- another frantic day at work, although not as bad as yesterday. Bob watched the last Redskin game and made dog food.

Monday- I went to work and it was a quiet day working with Polly. I sent an email to my boss, Deb and asked to speak with her. Partially about the fact that I keep being alone on the floor and about having to send the MDCC information. It is a lot of extra work, especially since I have not been trained how to do it and I have had to figure it out and am now teaching Polly and Patricia how to do it.

Deb said she was going to talk to Susan the trainer and the hospital MDCC tomorrow. She also asked me about my contract. She was under the impression my contract went to March 31, which is what she requested. It is only 13 weeks, ending Feb. 7 and I have been debating on whether I want to renew. I told her that today, after the weekend, was not the day to be asking.

As the day went on, I started feeling bad. I made it home and ended up in the bathroom all evening and night. Not fun!

Tuesday- I had to cancel my hair appointment to get my hair fixed from the disaster last week. I spent most of the day either in the bathroom or asleep. I had a good nights sleep this evening.

During the day the car dealership called. They kept offering better deals, but we decided to wait longer so that we would not wipe out our savings.  Bob finally told them to stop calling.

Wednesday- New Years Eve-  I stayed in all day just trying to catch up on fluids and to rest. I still don’t feel well. Bob has watched me and said sarcastically, “ oh I am so looking forward to this!”. We watched the ball drop in Times Square at 10 PM and went to bed.

Thursday- Happy New Year back to work. I had half another case manager, so it was a busy but decent day. I started felling better in the afternoon.

Friday- I was at work, again I had half a case manager. We are starting to see some flu victims. Bob took the doors over to the wood shop and started working on them.

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