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Sat. Oct. 4 to Fri. Oct. 10 2014- Westminster CO to Raton CO

Saturday- We were lazy getting up and left around 10 to go to the storage unit to swap items and pick up more of my clothes. We went to Walmart, Best Buy and Target to look for a new electric skillet. Our current skillet has rust in the bottom and we need a new one. We could not find one that was immersible. So we might have to buy one online.

We stopped at Total Beverage and Bob picked up some beer. We stopped at a Farmers Market and purchased some tamales and apples. We went to Honey Baked Ham for ham salad sandwiches for lunch. 

We returned and went to happy hour, then to the Lodge for a nice spaghetti dinner, with salad and garlic bread for $5. A pretty good deal as I had leftovers for lunch.

We took out the duvet and added it to the bed since the temps at night have been dropping to the 40’s.

Sunday-  We had a quiet day around the MH.  I washed towels and took them to the Laundromat to be dried. Our washing machine is washing but is not drying. Bob has talked to Splendid, the manufacturer and we have been waiting for a repair guy, who had returned Bob’s text, told him he would call and never did.

We went to happy hour and went to Maggianos  for dinner. We brought home lots of leftovers and the extra meals in the 2 for 1 to put in the freezer.  The temperature was in the high 60’s today.

Monday– We were out the door  to our Primary Care Physicians office for our 9:45 appointment. All went well with our appt. and our cholesterols were both lower than last year! We stopped at the Post Office to mail off two packages and returned to the MH.

Bob had his cardiologist appt. in the afternoon and I stayed home, doing laundry. His appointment went well. We went to the happy hour and had a nice time. We ate left overs for dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Tuesday-  We had our dentist appt. at 11:00. My visit went fine; Bob needs a new crown which we are going to have to have done in Phoenix. We stopped for lunch at the Smiling Moose and had great sandwiches.

In the afternoon, Bob hung out at at the MH and I went for my mammogram. After I returned we went to happy hour. We ate dinner at home, watched TV and went to bed.

Wednesday- Bob took me to my Chiropractor appt. and dropped me off, then he headed back to the Primary doctors office as he noted that they had the wrong dosage on one of his medications. He returned and we went to Costco to pick up a few items.

We stopped at Walmart and supplemented our groceries and returned to the MH for lunch. Then I went to my hair appointment. I returned in time to go to happy hour. It may be our last one while we are here, because the storm is coming through with lots of rain. The temp is going to drop and they are expecting lots of snow in the mountains. The weather has been delightful for the last few days with temps in the 60’s to 70’s with nights in the 50’s. 

Thursday- The clouds are here but the rain was still to the south in the morning. We stayed home until we had to leave for my orthopedic appointment at 1:30. We met with the knee surgeon who said I am having a Arthritic Flare. He would not do surgery now, which is okay, since I can’t do surgery until the spring. Turns out he interviewed at CORE at Del Webb hospital and graduated from Johns Hopkins. It’s a small, small world!

We stopped at Goodwill and dropped off some donations, went to the  storage unit one last time, stopped at Walgreens and returned to the MH. By this time the rain had started. Bob checked all the spots where we had leaks and we ate dinner, watched TV, and went to bed. The poor dogs had to wait to go out until we had a break in the rain.

Friday- We woke up really late and did not get up until almost 9AM. That is really late for us. We ate breakfast and Marianna and Fred came over to see the MH. They are buying our old refrigerator so I have been texting Megan to set it up for shipping, here to the Lodge. Marianna and Fred are going to stay here to collect it.

I went to Walmart and they had gotten in some new electric skillets so we were able to purchase one that we can put in water! Bob stayed at home as he is waiting to hear from John at the Lodge. He spoke to John about being the Camp Host for the park next year as the current host will not be host next year. We are planning to be at the Elks all summer due to my knee surgery.

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  1. If you ever need another skillet, I have found them at Sears.

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