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Sat. Sept. 27 to Fri. Oct. 3- Texarkana TX to Westminster CO

Saturday- We left Texarkana and drove west on I-30 to Hwy 82 and continued west through rural Texas. Some of the road was two lanes and some four lanes. We felt like we were doing world wide travel as we drove through Paris, Berlin, and Reno.  We stopped at a picnic area on the way to eat our lunch outside, as the weather was nice. Our day ended at Wichita Falls RV Park, $34 FHU 50 amp with the Good Sam discount.  Another pull through site so that we did not have to disconnect the CRV again. 

Sunday- We left the RV park and drove west on Hwy. 287 to Amarillo. We stopped in a nice little picnic area along the way to eat our lunch. It was sunny and in the 70’s so we ate out at the picnic table. The RV park that where we had stayed in 2010 was no longer a Passport America park, so we stopped at AOK RV Park which is a PA park, $12.50 per night, FHU, pull through, 50 amp.  At one time, many years ago, it was a KOA and had just reversed the letters for their name.  They had no one at the desk and there was a sign to just park and leave the money. So I wrote a check, put it in their envelope and put it through the mail slot.

The park was pretty run down with only a few pull through sites, so we were glad that we had gotten there early. It was only a short 220 miles and we arrived at around 1:30.

We set up camp and went to Walmart for groceries. You may have seen on the internet some of the funny things about people at Walmart’s. This must be the Walmart they were talking about because it was pretty awful. All sort of odd people there. We wished we could have moved through the store faster, but of course, the paper ran out for the receipt  and they could not get a receipt to print. What a pain that was. Finally we got out of there, stopped at their gas station to wash our windshield which was filthy from riding behind the MH.

We returned to the MH and eventually went out to dinner. We wanted to go to the wonderful restaurant that we had been to in 2010, but it was unfortunately gone. So we went to Acapulco Restaurant, in the center of downtown Amarillo. The food was okay, but not that great. We returned to the MH, fed the dogs and watched TV.

Monday- We left AOK RV Park at around 8:30 and drove the Amarillo by-pass to Hwy 287 north through Texas. We stopped in Stratford for diesel, as it was 30 cents less per gallon than in Colorado, and 20 cents less than Oklahoma,

We drove 40, very bumpy miles, through Oklahoma, before entering into Colorado and Mountain Standard Time. OK needs to work on their roads! We stopped for lunch at a picnic area, but the wind was howling, so we ate inside.

Our original plan was to stop in Lamar at a Passport America park, but with the time change, it was only 12:30, and too early to stop. So we continued on to Limon and stopped at the KOA, $34 w/ the KOA card, for 50 amp, cable and water. We decided not to bother with the sewer, and saved a few bucks.

We arrived and quickly set up as we could see thunderstorms forming in the distance. Bob hooked the water and electric up, we put the slides out, and the dogs walked right before the storm started. Wow! One of the worst that we have been through. The hail came down and it rained really, really hard. The wind rocked the MH and we had the weather radio tuned to the area as we were under a tornado watch. During a break, Bob went out and picked up these pieces of hail.

Hail, Limon CO

No leaking roof, but the rear window in the big slide leaked a little so we are going to have to work on that issue. We think it had not leaked prior to this due to the wind direction. The water came through the window itself, not around the window.

We settled in, ate left overs and waited to wash the dishes until the lightening stopped. We watched TV until an early bedtime.

Tuesday- We left Limon at 9:30, driving west to Denver on I-70. As we got closer to town, we became stuck in traffic, and had to crawl along. Trying to move over two lanes was an issue, but some folks were nice and let us move over. We turned north west onto the by-pass I-270, to Hwy. 36 and arrived safely at the Westminster Elks, our Denver area home, about 90 miles.

We pulled into a 30 amp, FHU site and set up for our stay, $18 FHU 30 amp. It was almost 1 pm by the time we finished, so we went to the Lodge for lunch. They had a new menu. Bob had the hot pastrami sandwich with waffle fries and I had the club sandwich with onion rings. We both took home half of our sandwiches to have for lunch tomorrow.

We took a short nap as all this traveling was exhausting and went to happy hour at 4 pm. The dogs knew exactly where we are and were so excited. They got to play with Tinker, an old little dog of unknown ancestry. She is a dust-mop type dog. She remembered them also. Roxie of course wanted to chase the rabbits under the evergreen tree, so she was having a really good time! We ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed early.

Wednesday- We went to our doctors office and picked up our lab slips in anticipation of our visit next week. We also went to Camping World to pick up a couple of cabinet latches and a new wall soap dispenser for the shower. One of the bottles in ours had broken. We did laundry and went to happy hour, although that did not last long, as it was cold and windy.

Thursday- We were out the door early ,7 AM for a 7:45 appt., to see my new Orthopedic surgeon.  Before we could go anywhere we had to scrape the ice on the windshield. We are in Westminster a week earlier than last year and we are scraping the windshield? Time to get to Arizona!!

We both liked the ortho. doctor, but he was a Sports Medicine Doc, and he only does shoulders. I also need a knee doc, as my right knee has been bothering me. My right knee has gotten progressively worse over the last six weeks.

He ordered knee X-rays and looked at my shoulder MRI. He says that I will need surgery on the shoulder but it can wait. We all looked at my knee X-rays and we could see the bone on bone in my right knee. I need a knee replacement. My left knee is not good also, so that is going to need replacement in the future. No surprise there, I have been exercising my knees for years to strengthen my legs and it is finally time to get the replacement. He had the tech do a steroid injection, and we made an appointment  with the knee surgeon. Once we meet him, we can get lined up to do the surgery in the spring.

We returned to the MH and did some chores until 11, when we left to go to our Dermatology appointment. She said I was clear, but she found a mole on Bob’s side that she did not like and did a punch biopsy. So he as three stitches which I need to remove in 2 weeks. Other than that, Bob was clear, and no freezing this time! Yahoo!

We returned to the MH and I read while Bob took a nap. We left at 3:15 to go to Bob’s Diabetic Ophthalmology appt. . All clear there.  We returned around 4:30 in time to go to happy hour. It was still cool, but not as windy. Roxie was trying to go under the large Evergreen on the lawn and we were warned by everyone about Rabbit Fever. It seems that they have had a rash of this disease all summer and pets die. Several kids and adults have become very ill from the disease, so Bob had to put Roxie back on her leash.

Friday– Bob’s birthday.  We were off early to go to Quest for our lab work. No scraping the windshield this morning, but the temp as only 37.  Both of us had pulled out our gloves as it was so cold yesterday morning.

We arrived to be the first folks there and were out of there by 7:50. We went to IHOP for a nice breakfast, then returned to the MH to do some chores. Bob made dog food and since I had woken up at 3:30, I took a nap.

We cleaned out some of the items in the back cabinet, above the bed, and are taking items to be donated at Goodwill. We also went to the storage unit to start transferring items into and out of storage. We stopped at Baskin Robbins to celebrated Bob’s birthday with some ice cream on the way home.

At 4, I left for my Chiropractor appt. and Bob took the dogs to the happy hour. When I returned, we went to dinner at the Lodge with Ann, Paul, Marianna, Fred, Lorrella, and Tom. We celebrated Bob’s birthday. Bob had ribs, corn, baked beans. I had chicken picatta with carrots and rice pilaf. All of the food was very good, with a nice price, $9 per meal. The Lodge has raised the cost of meals, but that is understandable as everything has skyrocketed. We returned to the MH to watch TV and to go to bed early again.

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  1. Who is ortho drs? I go. To Panorama Ortho in Golden. They have Westminster office also. David Schneider did my shoulder and will do my right knee soon. MArk mills also good for knees. Take most insurance…do surg at StAnthony ortho hospital. We are on way to Philly…..home 10/14 or 15. Hope to see you before you leave. Jp

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