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Saturday August 10, 2013 Chintina to Tok AK

We have officially started our trip home. Well, I guess we have been traveling home since Valdez, but in Tok we are back on the Alaska Highway.

We drove out of the free campground at around 9:20 and drove the 33 miles on the Edgerton Hwy. ( Hwy 10) back to the Richardson Hwy. ( Hwy. 4). It was a slow ride due to the frost heaves. We turned north and drove to the Tok Cutoff. We turned northeast on the Tok Cutoff, Hwy 1.

About 2 miles in we stopped to look at the Gakona Lodge, one of the roadhouses on the Valdez to Fairbanks trail.

Gakona Lodge between Chitina and Tok

Gitkona Lodge between Chitina and tokGitkona Lodge between Chitina and tok

Everything was closed. We ate lunch in the motor home in their parking lot.

The road was fine for awhile, then we started having frost heaves and gravel patches.

Scenery between Chitina and Tok

We saw one large female moose, watching the cars and RV’s going by on the highway. We did not get a picture as there was an 18 wheeler relatively close behind us and we did not want to slam on the brakes.

We arrived in Tok and returned to Tundra RV Park ($35/night, FHU 50 amp.). We had considered staying at a different park, Sourdough, which had a Pancake Throw, but they do not have 50 amp and are more expensive. Since we have been off the grid for over two weeks, we decided to go for the luxury!

We pulled in and paid, then stopped at the car/RV wash. I washed the CRV and Bob washed the motor home. When I was finished, I helped Bob with the second side of the motor home.

We set up camp and started laundry. By now it was 4 PM, so we just relaxed. The weather is better here, in the 70’s, so we BBQ’d some ribs. We watched some TV ( rural Alaska, only one station) then watched a DVD before we went to bed. The temp was 69 when we went to bed! So much warmer than the 40’s and 50’s we have been having. Plus, we are able to use our furnace here!

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