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Monday June 10- Dawson Creek BC

We ate a nice breakfast this morning. I probably drove the neighbors crazy, as I cooked up some bacon( I cooked the whole package and I froze most of it for the future).  That’s okay, the people on both sides of us left today!

When Bob went to put up the TV antenna last evening, he discovered that he could not get any of the three stations locally ( 2 English, 1 French). He thought, that maybe they were still analog, but while walking the dogs, he noticed that the cable was off. So he climbed up on the roof and discovered that it was sheared off. This morning, he was going to go pick up some coaxial cable.  He went over to the office to check with the park owner as to where he should go and to find me a chiropractor for my neck. The chiropractor said come right over, so Bob dropped me off while he was heading to the store for the cable.

I had an adjustment and Bob purchased the cable that he needed. We returned to the motor home and I started laundry. Margie and Wayne had done their laundry yesterday at the local Laundromat. They paid a fortune! We are paying more for our site, $40 ( with the Good Sam discount). They are paying $31 with the discount. Each load of laundry cost $5( the small washers, big ones cost more) to wash and $5 to dry, so in all, they paid more than we did, since we can do the laundry in our coach.  Plus we have 50 amp and are closer to the lousy WiFi.

Meanwhile, Bob was climbing all over the roof changing the cable, which worked, as we now have TV. This is the first time we have put up the antenna in days! We have been watching either Downton Abby on the I-pad or Dexter on DVD.

We took a nice nap after lunch, while waiting for the glass guy to arrive. Right when we left the Walmart this morning, a rock flew up and hit the windshield on the drivers side. The road was nice and paved. This could have happened anywhere, so we are not blaming it on Alberta roads. It is just a chip. They guy arrived at about 3 PM and quickly patched it, so that it should not turn into a full crack.

We cooked dinner for the four of us, having Margie and Wayne over. I cooked turkey picata, yellow rice and a nice salad. We had found a Kraft Mandarin Orange dressing. Wow, is it good! We are going to have to buy another bottle. This is not something we have seen in the states!

It was nice to have a quiet day!

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