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Tuesday June 11 ,2013- Dawson Creek BC

The folks next to us started their engine at 6:25, so that woke us up. We got up around 7 and ate breakfast. We worked a little on the computer, but we are having a devil of a time with the WiFi. We cannot seem to remain connected long enough to do anything, even when most of the folks have left to move on. This is our last day in Dawson Creek.

Dawson Creek and Dawson City were named for a man named Dawson, a famous Canadian Geologist.

At 10, we went to the information center to view the little museum there. It cost $2 each to enter. I did not think it was going to be much of anything, but is was pretty interesting. They had a lot of stuffed animals and birds. In addition, they had many interesting items from the past in Dawson Creek. Since this is the beginning of the Alcan Highway, there was a film on the building of the road. It was interesting, but Bob had seen it before on the History Channel. I had never seen it. It is a PBS film from before 1992, when they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the road, so it was a little outdated.

Info Ctr. Dawson Creek

Info Center Museum, Dawson Creek

We left there and went to the Alaska Highway House,which is another museum, just about the Highway. It was interesting, but their movie had started about 1/2 hour before and would not start again until 1PM. So we looked at the exhibits then left.

We went to lunch at White Spot, a nice restaurant. Started as a “roach coach” in 1928, it has been a Canada institution since then, with restaurants around BC. Bob had their signature dish, Chicken Pick’ens, fried chicken with french fries and coleslaw. The chicken was really good. I had the Eggs Benedict which was possibly the best I have ever had!

We left there and went to M & M meats again. We bought two more of the beef dishes and one of chicken. Plus some Korean short ribs.

We continued to a liquor store, where I bought a bottle of Arbor Mist Mango Strawberry Miscato. We went across the highway and stopped at the Canadian Liquor store and Bob bought some Raspberry beer and I bought another bottle of Miscato, this time Naked Grape, a Canadian brand.

We stopped at the local bakery and bought some rye bread. Next we stopped at the local No Frills grocery store. We bought a nice steak, some fruit, and chicken. We looked for my Kashi cereal, but it was $4.29 a box.

I dropped Bob off at the motor home and went to Safeway where I bought some deli meat and cheese for sandwiches. My cereal there was $7.99 a box! Forget that, I will just eat eggs!

I returned to the motor home where Bob was asleep. I laid down with him and we both napped. When I awoke, I went over to the office where I was able to get a little bit better internet. I was able to download the blog, go on Facebook and look at email.

When I went to return to the motor home, both dogs were sitting in the front seat watching for me. They had been very upset that I was gone.

We ate the steak for dinner ( yum!) and went over to Margie and Wayne’s rig to decide where we are stopping over the next few days.

Canadian differences, Eh!

Esso instead of Exon

Signs, most are the same, but some are different

Prices, much higher

No 911 service in BC

Roads are better

Clearings on sides of roads much wider

Money- no pennies; Loonies and Toonies ( one and two dollar coins instead of paper)

Flags flown at same height, they fly the country flag in the middle, then the Province flag at the same height and the town flag at the same height

More A&W root beer stands and Tim Hortons

Metric system

All new TV shows, which are our re-runs


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