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Sat. Dec. 17 to Fri. Dec. 23 Bradenton FL to Venice FL

Saturday- I still felt awful, so we stayed home again today.  We watched more TV and I took another long nap.

Sunday-  We ran over to Walmart, early in the morning, for groceries. The Walmart is at about 1/2 mile from the park. We returned and put away the groceries. We left and went to brunch at Katie’s Café, a highly rated little restaurant in a strip mall. The reviews were correct, it was a great little restaurant with good service. 

We returned and I took another nap. We ate leftovers for dinner. We watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- We slept in a bit, then Bob went to the Pilot up the road for a new breaker for the breaker box. The Hydro Hot was still not working . So he is replacing the breaker, because we think that is the issue. That fixed the problem!

We went to lunch at Motorworks Brewery. They serve food from a different food truck each day. We had some very good Stromboli’s. Bob had a flight and liked their Porter.

We returned to the MH and walked the dogs. Then went to Bealles and Bealles Outlet. I bought 3 tops at Bealles.

We returned home and had left overs for dinner.

Tuesday- Moving day. We packed up the motor home. Bob went to the office to check on the mail as he had medications arriving. Good thing we are not going very far, as they are arriving today, but the mail had not come. Bob asked if we could stay a little later and was told that he could check the mail on our way out at 11. Most places will let you stay in this situation!

Oh well. We left and traveled south to Venice. We are staying at Ramblers Rest, another Encore park. We left a very nice, 50 amp FHU site and arrived to a not so nice 30 amp FHU. The roads are narrow and so far we are not impressed with the park. I wish I would have known, as we could have made the reservation at the last place which was much nicer! This reservation is one that I made in January.

We set up then went back to pick up Bob’s pills which had arrived. We were also looking for a place to meet up with friends Alan and Donna who are traveling through the area.

We went to dinner at Blue Tequila, a Mexican Restaurant. We had an interesting problem arise. They delivered two orders of tamales to the table. My order was for Chili Rellanos. Then they delivered two Chili Rellano orders. Bob noted that the tamales had no meat in them. The Rellanos were good.

They took back Bob’s tamales and put meat and gravy over them and returned them. The cooks had forgotten to put the meat in all the tamales. They never even apologized!

We returned home to watch some recorded TV.

Wednesday- I left and ran to Walgreens, about 5 miles away, to drop off the underwater camera from the John Pennycamp Barrier Reef snorkeling trip.  The gal at Walgreens apologized to me that the tech was not scheduled to arrive until 10 AM. I was surprised, as I thought they might have to send the camera out like Walmart does. Nope, I can pick the pictures up later!

I returned and we left at 10 to go to the office. We had to wait in line to sign up for the Christmas Dinner. We had to pay $3 each for the dinner, as the park supplies the ham and the plates/silverware.

We left and drove south to meet up with friends Donna and Alan Vore for brunch. Lunch with Alan and Donna

We had a great time catching up! We finally got thrown out the restaurant, and returned them to their motor home, which was parked at a Shell station at the interstate. We had a real problem trying to find a place for them to park.

We decided to drive back up the Tamiami Trail, Rt. 41, to Venice.

We rode our bikes around the park, then left and went to dinner at a local pizza place that had an all you can eat pasta dinner. Your choice of pasta, sauce, meatballs, salad and bread for $5.99 each. You can’t really beat that. The food was very good and we brought home leftovers for another dinner.

On the way to the restaurant, we stopped at Walgreens to pick up the photo disk. Here are the pictures from Dec. 7.

John Pennycamp Snorkle Trip

John Pennycamp Snorkle Trip

John Pennycamp Snorkle Trip

John Pennycamp Snorkle Trip

Above is a small barracuda.

John Pennycamp Snorkle Trip

John Pennycamp Snorkle Trip

John Pennycamp Snorkle Trip

Considering the pictures were taken with a throwaway underwater camera, the pictures are not too bad!

Thursday-  We went to Costco, arriving just as they opened. We bought OTC medications. We went to Yoders Amish Market and bought some cherries. We stopped at the Super Walmart on the way home for a few items.

We returned to the MH, ate lunch, and relaxed for awhile. Bob walked the dogs. He stopped at a park model, where he thought a man who he had talked to about a dog groomer lived. He was trying to get the grooomers phone number.

When he knocked on the door, it was the wrong house. A man came to the door. His German Shepard mix got past him and attacked Karlie. The dog grabbed her by the shoulder/neck area and would not let go. It took the man and Bob both to get the dog unhooked from Karlie. Needless to say, this was not a good situation. Bob and the dogs were rally shaken when they returned to the MH. The dog had even bit the owner. Karlie seems to be okay, the the man said that his dog had all of its shots.

I started cooking the chicken casserole for the pot luck dinner this evening. At 5:20 we went over to one of the several buildings that they have here for the pot luck. We had a very nice time. The people were very friendly and welcomed us.

Bob took the casserole back to the MH, and returned. We played Pay Me, a fun card game. I won back all of our money and won the third game.

We left at 8:45, returned home and watched some recorded TV.

Friday-  Karlie woke up with an upset tummy. Probably from stress caused by yesterdays incident. We had a quiet day, as I was still not feeling well. We ate lunch and dinner at home.

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  1. Hey that is cool. Never hear of taking dinner home at an All you can eat situation. Always a first.

    Sorry to hear about the dog episode. That must of been scarry.

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