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Thursday, September 5, 2013- Prince George to Thompson River PP

We bid farewell to PG and drove southeast on Hwy. 16/TransCanada Hwy. A few miles out of town a black bear crossed the road in front of us, but it was so quick I could not get a picture. The road was great and we had minimal traffic.

After lunch, we turned south on Hwy. 5. Immediately, we noticed more traffic. This is the beginning of having more cars on the road. We are really going to miss the lack of cars that we have had all summer!

The drive was through the Rocky Mountain Trench, which had ranch and farm land. We saw a few deer, some horses and cattle. We also saw the mountains on both sides. Banff and Jasper National Park are off to the east. Wells Gray Provincial Park and the Caribou Mountains are off to the west.

Our plan had been to stop in Valmont, but it was only 1 PM and the weather was warm and sunny, so we continued on. We were able to see the spectacular Albreda Glacier from the road.

Albreda Glacier, between Valmont BC and Thompson River

Around 3 PM, we stopped in Thompson River at the Thompson River Provincial Park. Another beautiful British Columbia Provincial Park. This time it cost a little more, $21.

We settled into site 48, a nice long site.  We sat our reading our books, drinking our wine and beer.

While we were cooking dinner, the rangers came by and collected our fee and delivered a bin of firewood. We sat out with a campfire for the evening. It was just what camping/RV’ing should be! So quiet, except when a train went by across the river. We could just hear the noise a train makes, no whistles thank goodness.

Finally we went inside and watched The Terminator (Christian Bale) on DVD. The temp was 70 degrees with clear skies.

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