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Tuesday July 16 2013- Wasilla/Palmer to Eagle River

We left the Elks Lodge, after loading up with water, and drove south to Eagle River and the Chugach State Park. We stayed in site 42, boon-docking for $15 per night. What a beautiful place! Asphalt roads and sites, mostly flat. The park is located on a fast running river, only one mile from Hwy. 1 and 12 miles north of Anchorage.

We set up camp, walked the dogs, and left to go downtown into Anchorage.


We went straight to the Visitor Center, which is located in this log cabin.


The cabin was built in 1954, on this location using logs cut in Homer. Each of the cabins round logs is saddle notched at the corners. The gable roof supports the sod growing on the roof. The cost of building was $8,000.

We went to the Town Hall and looked at their little, free museum, giving the history of Anchorage.




From there we went to a couple of gift shops and I bought an Anchorage pin. We added more money to the parking meter and went to lunch at Glacier Brewery.

The last time we were in Anchorage we attempted to go to Glacier Brewery, but the place was packed and we could not get in. So we went to another brewery which appears to longer be there.

The restaurant took so long to get out pizza and Bob’s beer, that I ran back and moved the car, as we could only stay in that parking space for 1.5 hours. I found a parking space with 42 minutes on the meter! Our Reindeer sausage and blue pizza( without the bleu cheese), with caramelized onions arrived finally.

We wandered some of the shops then went to the Alaska Wild Berry store. They had a lot of berry products and chocolate, including the worlds largest chocolate fountain.


We left there and went to the Ulu factory, where we bought an Ulu.



This Ulu has a block to keep the knife in and a bowl/cutting board. It will be nice for onions, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs.

We stopped at Baskin Robbins for an ice cream scoop and Fred Meyer for milk and a few other items.

We returned to the motor home, ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed. We would have sat outside, as it was very nice, but there were too many mosquitos. This is the first time that the mosquitos have bothered us!

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