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Sat. May 11 to Fri. May 18 Westminster CO

Saturday- A busy day! We started out by running to Quest to have our lab work done. From there we went to breakfast at Gunther Toodys. We had a Groupon certificate which Bob had found on Groupon a few weeks ago. He purchased $10 certificate for $5, so breakfast cost us a total of $5.95. Not bad for the two of us!

Next we were off to the storage unit. We moved everything from the 10 x 10 unit to a 5×10 unit, saving us $40 per month. We got rid of a lot of ‘stuff’ with lots more to donate or trash. We made two trips to Goodwill and two to the trash bin.  This took about 4 hours.  We returned to the motor home and took a nap!

I completed the four placemats this afternoon. Not bad, as I did them without any pattern.

There were thunder storms, so no happy hour today. We went to the Elks Lodge for dinner, meeting friends Jeanne Porter and Dave Paul, who came by to join us. The dinner was salad and chicken pot pie, $5. Yum! We sat talking until they closed down the dining room, then moved into the bar. We finally left at 9:15, saying good bye to our friends until next fall. Jeanne and Dave are leaving Tuesday for Alaska, flying to Vancouver, taking a cruise and eventually picking up a motor home in anchorage for two weeks. We won’t be in the same area for any period of time.

Sunday- Happy Mothers Day- we went to the Lodge at 8:00 for the Mother’s Day Breakfast. $ 8 for Bob and I was free. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, a fruit cup , biscuits and gravy, served by the Lodge officers. We arrived before the crowd with Thelma and Mel, and their kids/grandkids joining us.

We returned to the motor home, started laundry, and did our budget/bills. I was even able to do the e-deposit on one of my residual checks for my articles! Wahoo! Doing e-deposits is great for us on the road!

I borrowed Marianna’s iron to put designs on a t-shirt and sweatshirt. My iron only goes up to 250 degrees and I needed  350.

We went to Best Buy and dropped off the TV from under the motor home for recycling. Then we continued along I-70 to Camping World to purchase a second freezer for under the motor home. They only had two models, one too big and one too small.

We returned to the motor home, stopping off to have ice cream at Baskin Robbins along the way. Once we arrived home, I started researching freezers. I found one, less expensive, a good size, and Bob ordered it. We hope it arrives before we leave!

At 4 PM we went to happy hour. The dogs are so funny. As soon as I took the wine glass out of the cabinet and poured my glass of wine, they started getting excited. When Bob opened his beer, they were bordering on hysterical! Bob went to take the chairs down to the pavilion and they went into hysterics, crying and begging to go out. Instead of waiting for Bob to return, I ended up putting on their leashes and taking them down to the pavilion. Bob returned and picked up our drinks. At that point we let them off the their leashes so that they could run and play. They did  several laps around the pavilion, letting off some energy before they settled down to just sniff and get petted by everyone.

After happy hour we returned to the motor home to read, I crocheted, and watch TV. Bob also downloaded the requirements for dogs going into Canada, as the vet appointment is tomorrow.

Monday- another busy day! Our dental appointments were at 9AM. I had a good session. Bob has a cap which is failing, due to age, so he has to have that replaced. Plus he has one small cavity that has to be filled.

We stopped at Wells Fargo and withdrew $200 in cash, then went to the organic market to pick up some Calcium Carbonate for the dogs food. Then it was on to Costco. We had borrowed Marianna’s Costco card, and $280.12 later, we left there.

In Colorado Springs, they had the Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette, our favorite salad dressing. We wanted to pick up a few bottles, but they did not have any in Arvada. Oh well. Bob bought two new pair of jeans and two pair of shorts. Plus we purchased a double pack of chickens and other items.

We returned home, ate lunch, then took the dogs to their vet appointment at 2 PM. We stopped and picked up meds at Walmart. I realized that they had only given me 30 days of my generic Singular, so I returned to ask for the 90 days. It turns out, the insurance will only allow 30 days. They want you to go through Express Scripts. Walmart is going to try to get me a vacation supply.

From there I went to the Chiropractors. I returned about 4:30 and happy hour was well underway. I met Bob and the dogs there. They just love the happy hour since they can run free.

We returned to the motor home, cooked dinner, then baked one of the chickens. We cut it up and put it into three freezer bags for casseroles.

Tuesday- After showers, Bob went to his dental appt. at 10AM.  We have to do really fast showers, as we have to turn on the Hydro-hot and we don’t want the diesel to make the neighbors sick. The 30 amp sites are very close together.

I had rec’d an email from the Travel Nurse agency, so I had to do yearly competency tests. So I worked on them over the internet.

We went to Walmart and bought more stuff to take with us to Alaska; returned to the motor home for lunch, then went to the storage unit. We cleaned out 6 boxes. They were all very short boxes that we had clothes in and kept them under the motor home at Breck. We donated a lot of heavy winter clothes to the Goodwill, along with our hard sided cooler. We had found a 72 can collapsible cooler at Camping World, so we now have more room in the back of the CRV. We also took some clothes back to the motor home. Still lots of clothing transfer to complete!

We went to happy hour at 4 PM, then returned at 5:30 to cook the second chicken. We ate some of the chicken for dinner, then deboned the rest and put two packets into the freezer.

Wednesday- Bob was out the door at 9AM to go to his Endocrinologist appt. I worked on our trip to Alaska while he was gone. I also did some cleaning. Bob returned at 10: 20, and I left to go to the Chiropractor. Much better today. I can’t just have appointments every six months!

We ate lunch, and I drove Bob to his diabetic ophthalmologist appt. as he was not sure if he was going to be able to drive after the eye drops. We returned home, went to happy hour, ate dinner and watched the movie  Lincoln.

Thursday-  We had our Dermatologist appt. Mine went find, not even having to freeze anything. Bob had 30 sites which had to be frozen and they are getting permission from our insurance to do a blue light treatment in the fall when we return.

Next was my mammogram. Bob did some stuff around the motor home. We delivered more stuff to the storage unit, taking winter clothes over there and bringing back some summer stuff.  Ernie stopped by to let us know that we had a big package at the Lodge. We ran down with the car and brought the new freezer back to the motor home. Bob put it in the basement and plugged it in. It is working well!

New Freezer

The new one is the one on the right. We wanted more freezer storage since we cook the dogs food. Also, we wanted more room for all the fish Bob is planning to catch! LOL

Happy hour of course, then dinner, and watching the movie Guilt Trip.

Friday- I had an 8:45 Chiropractor appt. Bob had a 10:30 dental appointment. He dropped the dogs off at just before his appointment. While he was gone, I worked on our insurance. We had renewed our car/auto insurance and I had problems getting the cards downloaded. While speaking with them I discovered we had to have some different cards for Canada. So they sent those to us also.

I had read an article in one of the RV magazine’s stating that our storage unit is covered under our full-timers rider. So I got that straight also. It is in the policy, but of course it is in ‘legalese” so they had to show us where it was in the policy. So we took the policy over to the storage unit office and they made a copy. Bonnie also deleted the $8 per month that we were paying for the insurance that we did not need to begin with!

We returned and went to happy hour. We were there about 20 minutes when Bob looked down the sidewalk and said to me, gee, that looks like Tom Braum. 30 seconds later Marian appeared! We were surprised!

I had emailed them, as they are the second couple we are going with to Alaska. They had not replied, they had just shown up! We sat talking,then at 5:45 we went to the Lodge for dinner. Meanwhile, the vet/groomer had not called that the dogs were ready. So we called to find out when we could pick them up. Another hour. So we ate dinner, chicken cordon blue, rice pilaf, corn with green peppers! Needless to say that Bob did not eat the corn!

At 6:15, an hour and a half after the last call, I called and they said yes they were ready. They had forgotten to call us. So Bob left to go pick them dogs up. He was reprimanded for calling. Huh? They had the dogs since 10:20 this morning!

We sat talking with Marian and Tom until 8:30. Returned to the motor home. Karlie was definitely traumatized. We also do not think they were given any water or taken out to relieve themselves. Karlie was just a mess. She was glassy eyed and nervous.

We comforted both of them and cuddled as much as we could. The groomer is in the vet office, so they should have known better. We will not be returning there again to either the vet or the groomer.

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