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Sat Jul 9 to Fri Jul 15- Sun City

Saturday- I went to the pool in the very early morning. I returned and mopped the floors and cleaned the bathrooms. We did a few other tasks and had mostly a quiet day. Late in the afternoon, I suddenly had severe pain in my right side. I iced, used the massager, took Tylenol, and tried everything I could think of. Somehow, I must have pulled a muscle! I could not stand, sit, or lay down comfortably. It was awful.

Needless to say, I was unable to sleep very well and I was up a lot during the night.

Sunday- I was still in a lot of pain. Bob went grocery shopping and I stayed home. By the late afternoon, the pain had diminished, but was not completely gone, and I was able to fall asleep in the recliner for short periods. I thought I was pretty much over it, so I did not cancel my Posse training for the morning.

Monday- Well, I woke up during the night in excruciating pain, again. At 5 AM, I sent a text to the gal who was training me at the Posse at 5:45. I quickly made an online appointment at the Chiropractor.

Bob drove me to the office when they opened at 10 AM. Dr Gaylan took one look at me and went to work. I walked out with very little pain; of course, it came back. I continued icing throughout the day, even falling asleep in the recliner a few times. Finally, after the icing just before bed, I realized that the pain was mostly gone, but I still had soreness.  Oh, so much better. I slept through the night.

Tuesday- I took it easy, as I was still sore. I had a quiet day just watching Hallmark movies in the recliner, continuing to ice my right side. The Chiro did not open until 2, today, so I went at 2. Dr. Gaylen looked at me and said your walking a lot better!

Bob went to the rig and did some tasks he had wanted to complete, early in the morning before the heat got bad. Most days, it is at least 90 by 6am. By noon and into the afternoons, it was over 110. We spend most of the day inside the air conditioning.

Wednesday- I was so much better, with minimal soreness. Now it was Bob’s turn! He woke up with a large, oval floater in his left eye. He noticed it when he was walking the dogs. So he immediately made an emergency ophthalmologist appointment.  

They had him come into the office at 10:20 am. They have closed the office to anyone except the patients, due to the resurgence in Covid. All I could do was drop Bob off. The office is only 10 minutes away, so I returned home and waited for Bob to call me and let me know he was done. I had to drive because of course, they were dilating both of his eyes. This was not our regular Doctor; it was the one who had availability.

I picked Bob up, and we returned home. He was down for the day, due to the dilation. The Doc said he was at an increased risk of a detached retina. He told Bob the symptoms to watch for and sent him on his way, with another appointment n 6 weeks.

At noon, I went to my card embroidery workshop. When I returned to the car at 3:00, the car thought it was 118. The car was down to 116, by the time I backed into the garage. The rest of the afternoon was quiet.

Thursday- We were scheduled to take the rig into the Mercedes dealer for the “B” service. So we ran to the storage, Bob drove the rig and I drove the Highlander behind him. We arrived and Bob went in to meet with the service guy.

When Bob came out to the car, he said now he had lots of little floaters, all which had halos around them. He said about 500 of them. The big one was still there. So he called and tried to make another emergency appointment with the Doc. The office does that “call back”, if you press one. They called back in about 30 minutes. They sent an “urgent” message to the Doc’s assistant. We ran to Walmart while waiting. I would not let Bob lift anything. I told him no to eat or drink in case of emergency surgery.

An hour later, they still had not called back. At 1.5 hours, Bob called again. I had a Chiro appointment at 10, so I went to the appointment. They called back while I was gone. Both times they said that they sent an urgent message to the assistant. We still waited. I told Bob he could go ahead and finish his coffee.

After 12, Diane finally called. Bob said by this time his vision had improved. There were less of the floaters. The big one was still there. Bob explained all of this to Diane, and she said she would have to talk to the Doc. She called back in ½ an hour. She made an appointment for tomorrow at 12:30.

Bob continued to improve the rest of the day.

Friday- We had the Posse in the morning. 40 vacation watches again. Yesterday afternoon, the Posse had sent an email. Our DO on Friday, Courtney, had been exposed to Covid. They needed a DO for our shift.

We arrived early, and Dave Miller, was in front of us, opening the gate for the day. Dave was the prior Commander. We thought Dave was the DO for the day, nope he was doing an emergency shift in Dispatch. Rich Nanoni, the Commander before Dave, was the DO. He is usually the DO on the last shift of the day on Fridays. The newest DO, Arlene, who trains in CPR, and does Patrol, took over for Rich on the evening shift. There had been a lot of trading shifts to do coverage for today!

We finished our Vacation Watches at a little past 9:30. We were more organized today. We ran through the car wash, then stopped at Grand to visit with Theresa, for our break, then we patrolled until called in for the end of the shift. No medical calls, which is unusual! There had been one earlier, while we were doing the VW’s, but Rich took the call.

We raced home, changed clothes, walked the dogs, ate lunch, and I took Bob to the 12:30 appointment.  The first thing that they asked Bob was did he see any flashing lights. No, he has not, just the halos. The Doc did not see anything different, but he was still concerned. The Doc called a retinal specialist in Goodyear, not close to us, and made an appointment for the 20th. He made this appointment himself, not having the assistant make the call!

Bob called me and I went to pick him up. Poor guy, he spent another afternoon with dilated eyes. While I was home, I was checking with “Uncle Google” as to what they do for detached retinas. I now know more than I ever wanted to know about detached retinas!

We had a quiet afternoon watching Netflix. They called that the rig was ready, but with Bob’s dilated eyes, we could not pick it up today. We will pick it up in the morning.  

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