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Sat July 2 to Fri July 8- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I went to the pool early in the morning. Bob takes the dogs for long walks in the morning before the pavement gets too hot. I was back in time to take items out of the refrigerator, as the guys arrived at 7:20 to install the new one and take the old one away. 

At 9:30, I picked up Mary Ann and we went to Walmart and Costco for fruit. There is a “breakfast” potluck tomorrow, with the NextGen group, strangely from 2-4:30 tomorrow afternoon.

We returned and had a quiet afternoon and evening. With me doing laundry.

Sunday- No pool today, as I am not sure what time it opens. One place it says 8 am and the other it says 9. We went to Fry’s, with some awesome coupons they sent us. Then Walmart and Bash’s. We had to stop at Bash’s because there was no distilled water at Walmart, again. Fry’s had plenty, for $1.29 / gallon, and Bash’s had plenty for $1.19. Walmart would also be $1.19 if they had any! We pass Bash’s on our way home anyway. We also had to pick up shredded carrots for the dogs and cereal for Bob as Walmart did not have either of those either!

We returned home, completed our Sunday tasks, and started to cut up a seedless watermelon and some cantaloupe. We quickly realized we had way too much fruit. So we are going to be eating the really delicious fruit this week!

We picked up Mary Ann at 1:40 and went to the Sundial Center for the pot luck. There were no cars in front of Sundial, so we went around back. Everyone was parking in the shade from the solar panels. We parked and carted our stuff inside. There were about 40 people attending.

There were new people at our table, along with Diane and Jim. The club served OJ and Champagne (Mimosas). Bob had a bit, but I don’t like Champagne, it gives me a headache. I just drank water.  

The fun started with “cooking eggs”. Some folks signed up to cook; they had to use solar power to cook the eggs. They also could not cook them just on the pavement, they had to be in something.

The guys who were cooking, had come up with some unusual ways to cook the two eggs they were given. One cooked on aluminum foil, one cooked in a covered pan, one used a magnifying glass to direct the sun and one cooked just in a pan.

We voted on the best egg at the end of the program. The thought by the folks who organized this event, was that the eggs would cook in 3-4 minutes. Nope, it took almost 2 hours! 

So we started to eat our “breakfast” at about 2:45. On course, there was a lot of food, as always happens at pot lucks. Many egg casseroles, another bowl of watermelon, besides our grapes, watermelon, and cantaloupe.

There was a 4 layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, homemade. What was left of it, finally collapsed near the end of the party. The most unique item was halved strawberries and angel food cake squares, alternated on shish kebab wood skewers. There was also strawberry sauce to put over the skewers. They were delicious! Everyone was impressed with the idea! There was also a can of whipped cream, but I never saw anyone use the can.

After we ate, they told some “Dad” chicken jokes, which were pretty bad. Then they had folks dance to the Polish Chicken Dance song. It was a fun afternoon. We were all very glad that we were inside! 

Chicken dance, on right are Mary Ann, Bob and Diane

We left at about 3:45, dropped off Mary Ann and returned home to happy dogs. We did not eat dinner, but of the course the dogs let up know when they wanted to be fed!

 We finished watching the latest season of Mrs. Maisel. That went straight into Lucy and Desi on Prime. It was really a very good documentary.

Monday- Happy 4th of July! I went to the walking pool again this morning, increasing my time to 45 minutes. The pool was not crowded, but I am starting to recognize a lot of people who visit daily. One man uses an oxygen tank, in a backpack.

I returned home. We have ice finally. The directions told us that it would take 72 hours for the ice maker to make ice. Bob dumped it all out, and we are now going to be able to use the ice maker.

We went over to the Bell Center for lunch. They had BBQ sandwiches, Lays potato chips in individual bags, water and a cupcake. There were 3 choices for the cupcakes, chocolate, carrot, or vanilla. We both had chocolate. All for $8 each, $1 of which goes to RCSC.

A Republican woman, Susan Black, came over to the table. She put her flier down and said she was far right, I said we are far left (not that far left more towards the middle), and she politely took back her paperwork and moved on.

We returned home, I worked on cards and Bob worked on his iPad. We watched some TV.

Tuesday- We had the Posse General Meeting this morning. We stopped at the nail place, as the nail on my right thumb had partially come off. The gal repaired it in about 5 minutes.  Bob had waited in the car with the air conditioner running.

We returned home, eventually ate lunch. Bob left to go to his 3:30 hearing aid appointment. His hearing aid had not been working very well. We had stopped on the road at a Costco, and at that time he had made an appointment with our Costco.

Bob had an updated hearing test. The aid had issues, so it was sent for repair ($150), which is a lot less expensive than purchasing a new one. This will be the last repair, as they will no longer be repairing this model, but Medicare is starting to cover hearing aids, so we are hoping that will start by the time Bob needs a new one.

I went to the Posse at 4, to train for Dispatch on the evening shift. I have to do one training on each shift.   I came home at about 9:20, and we went to bed.

Wednesday- I worked on cards in the morning and went to the card embroidery from 12-2.

Thursday- we were contacted by the new area Democratic guy who is running our division. We went to a local restaurant for a meeting at 1 pm. The gal sitting across from us, we knew from the Sun City Democratic club and square dancing. Due to my leg/feet issues, we have stopped square dancing.

Terry told us that the Sun City West club was disbanded. They had too many folks from out of Sun City West attending the dances. We used to go all the time. That is a shame it was disbanded.

She also told us that the Sun City Club had fired the dance instructor. They felt that he was cheating the students by having too many classes in each level, as they paid by class. We both admitted that we thought that was true. They have a new instructor who also calls the dances.

The meeting was interesting, and we signed up to phone bank next weekend, to get Democrats out to vote in the primary. We received our mail in ballots, and found that there are not a lot of Democrats running for office.

Terry talked us into attending the Sun City Democratic club meeting in the evening.  We sat with Jim, Diane, Terry and her husband. The speaker was a gal running for the Corporation Commission. The Corporation Commission regulates the water and electric. They also work on the horrible air pollution we have in the valley.

She was very interesting. Our electric company, APS and the Water company have managed to get the laws regulating them overturned. This means that we are not saving water and of course with the lake levels so low, we are going to have electric issues due to the hydro-plants.  APS literally got the solar energy initiatives cancelled. We had noted that there are less solar power advertising, because it is not in APS’s interest.

They stopped the solar and water assistance on the reservations, which means that many of the native Americans still have no running water, as the water company took the water from the reservations, and they now have dry wells. Many of the homes do not have electricity, as APS doesn’t find it lucrative to set up electric to the reservations. They have also made it harder for them to get solar energy. Obviously, with so many days of sunshine in AZ, we should have more solar energy everywhere!

Because we live in a condo, with continuous roofs, we cannot have solar. Out association allows solar, but it would cost us $8k every 5 years to remove the solar, and re-install it, when they recoat the roof.

Friday- We had Posse this morning. We arrived, set up our Vacation Watch schedule, and hit the road. We didn’t finish until right after 11.

On our way back to Base, I was driving. Suddenly, a siren blared behind me. There were 3 MCSO vehicles (cops) racing to a call.  We followed them, as we knew the emergency call was going to come in. It did, right as we arrived at the scene.

A woman had been hit by a car and was on the ground in her driveway. Her husband might have backed into her, backing out of the garage. The fire engine was already there, but no ambulance.

Courtney, the DO, called the morning crew, in over the radio, to come in to base.  When we did not signify that we were coming, she called us on the phone. We told her we were on the call and needed to be relieved. She contacted the next shift supervisor, and he came. He arrived at about 11:35, (our shift ends at 11:15), right as the ambulance was leaving. It had taken a while for the ambulance to arrive, get the patient on the back board, and onto the stretcher.

We arrived back at Base and still had to organize the vacation watch cards in specific order, all 40 of them! We left the Posse at a little past 12. We ran home, ate lunch and Bob walked the dogs. I worked on cards in the afternoon. We have been watching the Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix this week.  

Sunday and Friday were the only days that I missed going to the pool in the early morning! I did check with the folks at the desk. The pool opens at 8 on Sunday!

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