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Sat Jun 25 ABQ to Fri Jul 1- ABQ NM to Sun City AZ

Saturday- We left ABQ early and continued west on I-40. We stopped in Winslow AZ and stayed at a PA park for $19, FHU. We went into town and went to an ice cream shop. They had sweet crepes. I had a chocolate one and Bob had a blackberry. Both were excellent. There was a brewery next door, so we stopped in and Bob had a flight of beer.

The ice cream and brewery were both near the “corner in Winslow AZ”. We have stood on the corner several times. Since it was a Saturday, downtown Winslow was very busy. We returned to the rig and relaxed.

Sunday- We left later, as we were only driving for 2 hours. We continued on I-40 west to Flagstaff. This was the first time that we had ever driven through this area where there were no winds! Usually it is extremely windy. Also, there was no smoke from the northern fires.

We stopped in Flagstaff, at Sam’s Club, for diesel. $5.79/gal. Everywhere else it was $6.19.

We turned south on I-17 and drove to the Camp Verde TT. We checked in and found a nice flat site where we could get satellite. We spent a quiet evening.

Monday- We left at 7:30 and continued south on I-17 to Sun City. The temp went up the further south we traveled. We moved the Highlander out of the garage and we quickly unpacked the rig. The temp was in the high 90’s and humid, as we are in monsoon season.

We returned the rig to the storage facility and Bob dumped the tanks. We parked the rig, stopped at Good Cents for subs for lunch and returned home.

I went to the Chiropractor, as my left shoulder has been very painful. We spent the rest of the day putting items away. We bought dinner from Georges Café.  

Tuesday-.I went out and rode my bike. A very bad idea. It felt good to ride, but it was very hot and humid. I returned, took a shower and relaxed as it had taken a lot out of me. We continued to put items away.

Bob ran over to the rig to put on the tire covers and pick up a few items we had forgotten.

We discovered that the refrigerator freezer ice maker, in the condo, had broken. Water had dripped and frozen. Thankfully, Bob had turned the water off to the condo before we left. Unfortunately, there was a lot of ice in the freezer on everything in the freezer.

We cleaned out the freezer area. This is not fixable, as this is an old refrigerator with no parts available. A new refrigerator was on our to-buy list, but we had not planned to purchase one yet.

Wednesday- I went to the walking pool instead of riding my bike. It felt so good to walk in the pool. I spent ½ an hour.

Bob has been walking the dogs and he is checking the temperature of the concrete and the asphalt, so we do not burn the dog’s paws.

Bob worked on blowing the leaves out of the patio. He also went to Petsmart, Lowes and Costco.

I started looking for new refrigerators online. At noon, I went to the Bell Center for the Card Embroidery workshop. Linda was teaching a class today.

The car thought the temp was 112, just in the car, as the outside was 106, when I left at 2 PM. Whew, it is getting hot!

Thursday- I have been going to the walking pool every morning at about 5:30 or 6 AM.  I have been walking for ½ hour each day. PT had suggested that I do this exercise.

We both decided to go look at refrigerators. We left around 9, and went to Lowes, Home Depot (we stopped at the Chiropractors on the way by, as he is on vacation next week) and Spencer’s. Spencer’s is a local store which is employee owned. While at Lowes, we decided on the brand and model that we wanted. Home Depot’s selection was very limited, and the price was high.  Spencer’s had the best price, so we decided to go with them. They had exactly what we wanted, in the warehouse and they could deliver it tomorrow. We have the Posse in the morning, so we asked for it to be delivered on Saturday. So much for adding money to the savings account this month!

We stopped for lunch at Café Zupas, both having salads for lunch. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon, as it was very hot.

Friday- We were at the Posse at 5:35 am, and we had 40 vacation watches. We put the addresses into the program that we use on Bob’s iPad. Tina was the DO for today, as she and Courtney changed days. We were out the door by 6:10, and off to do our vacation watches. Because of my legs/feet, Bob does the walking and I do the paperwork. He drives and I do the writing and setting up for the next visit. The DO takes all of the medical emergencies, while we are doing the watches.

We finished the watches around 10, and stopped for our break, at the Sundial Center to check in with Calligraphy. The room is only open on Mondays and Fridays in July. It is closed in August. I said hi to everyone, and a call came in for our area. Even though we were on break, we were closer to the call, so we took it. It was at the high priced Life Care Center, and the person was transported to the hospital. We stayed in the car, watching the fire engine and the ambulance. I was now driving as Bob was exhausted.

As soon as we finished that call, we received a call at the Core PT facility, where I had done most of my PT. We beat the EMS folks there. Again we watched the equipment from the car. A guy, who looked familiar walked up to the fire engine. We both realized at this point, that he was the Fire Chief. He had been picking up his wife at PT.

By the time we left this call, it was almost 11, so we ran to the gas station to fill up the car, as it was below ½. While there, Posse Members, not on duty, stopped by to say hello. It was Danny and Fay. Fay schedules Dispatch and Grand Ave. We set up for me to train in dispatch starting on Tuesday evening. I have to do dispatch on each shift as part of my training.

Just as we were leaving, it was not 11:10, we received a medical call. So we started to go there. Tina requested that the afternoon DO take the call for us. We were told to go back to base to check in and head home.

We returned home, changed clothes, ate a quick lunch, and dropped the dogs off at the groomers. This was the groomers last day of work, before they went on vacation!

We picked up the dogs at 2. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon. Bob decided to grill dinner. We binge watched Castle on TV.

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