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Sat Jun 18 to Fri Jun 24- St. Joseph MO to Albuquerque NM

Saturday- I baked brownies and we cooked the potatoes and eggs that we had, in the InstaPot, to make potato salad.

We ran to a car wash in St. Joe. Then to Sam’s Club and Walmart. We stopped at Ultra for me to buy some hairspray, then we stopped at Bo Peep for lunch. We had never been there before and we had really good food.

We returned to the rig and had a quiet afternoon. Joe arrived, with Alanna, Bonnie’s granddaughter, in the evening and we went to dinner with him in St. Joe at Olive Garden. It has been years since we had been to Olive Garden and our last experience had been very bad. This time the food was pretty good.

Allana and Joe at Olive Garden in St. Joe

Sunday- Happy Father’s Day! We had a quiet morning. At about 2, Joe arrived as had Casey’s parents. By 3, many more people had arrived, they were all family, for a Father’s Day pot luck dinner. Our niece Brandy had arrived also, so we were able to spend some time with her. We started eating around 5. As usual, the food was very good.

All the dogs were out running around. Unfortunately, one of the kids let the Great Dane out. He immediately came to check out Koda. He terrified her, and she let us know by screaming. They had to corral the Great Dane and take him back into the house. Koda had fun with all the other dogs.

At one point Koda went behind the barn and we could not see her. Roxie barked, and she came flying back!

The little kids had a play pool to get wet. The older boys threw a football and later all the kids played volleyball.

Most everyone was gone by 8.

Monday- We left at around 8:30, heading through St. Joe to drive south on I-29. We turned onto I-229, then onto I-35 south.  Our destination was Wichita. Before we reached Wichita, there was a toll road, so Google took us onto Hwy. 60. We sailed down the road at 55-65 mph.

North of Wichita we moved back onto I-35. When we were in town, Google again took us off the interstate, due to another toll road. We easily drove through surface roads to McConnell AFB. We had changed our reservation from yesterday to today, so that we could attend the BBQ yesterday. So we had been moved from the full hook-up to the W/E. We stopped and dumped before we parked, since we only had 15 amp and water at Aaron and Casey’s side yard.

We dashed to Braum’s to buy some ice cream, then to Walmart. We returned and did 5 loads of laundry. We returned to the rig, ate dinner and watched some TV before bed.

Tuesday- We left McConnell AFB and stopped at Costco for diesel. Then we continued south on another surface road, into Oklahoma. Once we crossed over into Oklahoma, we went back onto I-35, as it had still been a toll road in Kansas. In Oklahoma City, the BW where we had stayed last year, was not available, so we stayed at another BW for the night. We had been in touch with the folks, as they were going to a movie for the afternoon.

We arrived and set up in their driveway, with 30 amp and water if we needed it. $10 for the electric, as we were using the air conditioning. It was very hot and humid, with the temp over 100.

We ran to the small town to Braum’s again and went to the small grocery store in town.

We returned and read our books. The folks, Stephanie and Dave came to talk with us and to see our rig.

We ate dinner and watched some recorded TV, as the house was blocking our satellite.

Wednesday- we left around 8:30 and traveled west on I-40. Our destination for the night was Amarillo. We stopped on the east side of Amarillo at AOK RV Park, as that is where we always stay when in Amarillo. We did not even disconnect the car.  We had a quiet evening with 30/50 amp FHU.

Thursday- We left early, driving out of the RV Park at about 7:30. We continued west on I-40 through town. The traffic was moderate, but there is a lot of construction in town. We were amazed, they had a newly opened Sam’s Club, where we stopped for diesel, at $5.07/ gal.

On the eastern side of town, the price of diesel was $5.49/gal. As we traveled west through town, the price went down. Sam’s was the least expensive. A short way out of town was the Cadillac Ranch. This used to be far out of town. The town is moving closer!

We continue west on I-40. As we drove into New Mexico, we had a time change to Mountain Time. We rolled our clocks back an hour.

This meant at 11 AM, we had an online hearing in Sun City, with the Maricopa County Board. This case has been going on for a while. The case is about a 96 yo. woman who has a 22 year old granddaughter and her 5 year old daughter living with the woman in her home, to take care of the woman.

This is against the Sun City rules. Everyone has to sign that they will not have any family members, under 18 years old, staying in their home for over 90 days in a year. The RCSC had told them last August that the people had to move out, so this had been going on for a while. We had both sent letters and had signed up to attend the meeting via a Zoom like app. There were over 1100 letters and I am not sure how many people attended. It actually got their attention. We won 2 to 1.

We then switched to the 1/6 Committee hearing. We continued on to ABQ. We arrived at the park at 1:15, after having to go to almost the farthest gate from the RV Park at Kirkland AFB. There was a sign on the door saying they were at lunch and would be back at 1:30. I grabbed the towels and we threw them into the washing machine, as we had not gotten them washed last time.

We requested to be in the open area so that we could get satellite. We pulled in and set up. We went out to dinner at Bosque Brewing Public House. Bob had two glasses of beer and I drove home.

Friday- I worked on my calligraphy and the blog this morning. A little after 9, we went to Rebel Doughnut, our favorite doughnut place in ABQ.

From there we went to the Kolach Factory to pick up lunch. Then we drove back towards the base. We stopped at Walmart and Costco on the way. We had a quiet rest of the day.

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