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Sat. Jun 11 to Fri. Jun. 17- Lorton VA to St. Joseph MO

Saturday-We went grocery shopping at Food Lion and picked up lunch at McDonalds, just because it was there. Jackie and Mary picked us up at about 4 pm. Jackie has an Easy Pass Plus, that when there are at least 3 people in the car, there is no charge. We sailed right up I-95 in the Easy Pass lanes. 

We went to Arlington to the Bronson Bierhall.  Jackie, Mary and Bob had beer. I had water, as I don’t drink beer. We also had appetizers. We stayed until about 5:45, then we went on a cruise around Arlington, visiting each of our childhood homes, other friend’s homes, and our high school, which has been totally redone. We would not have recognized the school, as it looks so different!

From there we went to the Knights of Columbus, where our 51st, high school reunion was taking place. We walked around to the back of the building, to look at the swimming pool. Both Mary and I grew up in that pool! It looked a lot different from when we were there.

The reunion was held in the KoC banquet hall. To be perfectly honest, it was a waste of time. The food was not very good and there was no one there that I wanted to see. None of my HS friends, other than Mary and Jackie, were there. The 3 of us decided we will not attend any more of the reunions.

Jackie dropped us back at Pohick Regional Park, then dropped off Mary, on her way back to Fredericksburg.

Sunday- we had a quiet morning. We stopped at Food Lion to pick up some chips, and went to Mary and Beth’s for a combination birthday party and Father’s day celebration. It was Jackie’s birthday and Billy’s is on Tuesday, and of course the Fathers who were there.

We had a nice time. I even had a tour of the house, given by Beth. We left around 3:30 and went back to the park. We stopped on the way for gas, at $4.59/gal. We sat outside with the dogs in the evening.

Monday- We left at about 8:50. We traveled across the Fairfax Pkwy to Rt. 66 W. We turned north on I-85. We stopped at a Shell gas station for fuel in Winchester. $5.49/gal for diesel. We traveled some back country roads through West Virginia. We arrived at the Elks Lodge in Morgantown WV. They were not open and did not have any electric sites that we could see.

We continued about 8 miles to the town of Core. This was our back-up plan. We arrived at the Mason Dixon Historical Park, which is a WV state park. Bob went in to pay. The gal who was at the desk was the new park superintendent. She had no clue how to check us in, so she just gave us the site for free for the night. It was 30 amp electric but that was all we needed.

We settled in for the night. Once everyone left, Bob ran Koda around the park, getting her energy out. After we went to bed, there were thunderstorms.  Lots of lightning and thunder. Very, very heavy rain! We were parked on grass, and were afraid we were going to get stuck.

Tuesday- It was still cloudy when we woke up. We were able to drive out of the grass without any issues. We hooked up the car, and drove back to Morgantown to the Sam’s Club for diesel. $5.59/gal.

We stopped at the Walmart next door. It was lightly raining, until we were back in the rig, then the skies opened up. We drove through heavy rain. Then the rain cleared for a while, then it rained again.

We traveled on I-79 N to I-70 W. At Columbus, we turned southwest on I-71. We stopped for diesel on the way, at a Speedway. This time the diesel was $5.99/gal.

We continued a few more miles south to the Wilmington TT. This is a very nice TT park. We were looking for a flat site where we could get satellite, when I noticed an Alfa. I looked at the car, and thought I had seen a Paradise sticker on the windshield. Sure enough, it is Donna and Allen.

Bob talked to them, as they were leaving to go to their son’s home for Allen’s birthday, today.

We did 4 loads of laundry and settled in for the afternoon. When the Vore’s arrived back at the park, Donna sent me a text and we went over to their rig. We sat and talked until 10 pm, when we returned to our rig and went to bed.

Wednesday- We drove only 132 miles to south of Indianapolis. We stayed in the driveway at a BW home. We arrived at noon, parked the rig, and drove about 10 miles north to Indianapolis, to our very favorite restaurant, in the city, The Tamale Place. This is a triple D (Diners, Dives and Drive-In’s). This is our 4th or 5th time there!

Bob had a red chicken tamale and a bean and cheese tamale. I had a red chicken one. We took some home with us, as we like them so much.

From there we went to The Tap, which has 50 beers on tap. Bob tried several, and finally purchased a Schlafly Hazy Punch IPA, which he really liked. He only had one, but I drove anyway.

Bob and his hazy IPA

From there, we went to Sub Zero ice cream. We both bought a small. Neither were as good as the one we had at the Creamery in Glendale AZ. I don’t think we will waste time (and calories) going there again.

We returned to the rig and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- We continued east on I-70 to East St. Louis, where we stayed at an Elks Lodge. We have stayed at this Lodge 2-3 time before. They were not open when we arrived, so we just parked the rig and waited for someone to arrive.

A little bit after 3, the bartender arrived. At 4, Bob went over and paid. He received a token for a free beer.

We went to Walmart for groceries, ate dinner, then Bob went over for his beer. He had a Kilian’s Irish Red.

Bob was walking the dogs and noticed that there was food next to the dumpster in the parking lot of the church next door. When we had arrived, there was a food pantry going on next door. Cars had been lined up to get the food. There was a lot left over. So Bob brought back two bags of potatoes and several sweet potatoes.

We watched the rest of the newest James Bond movie. We were not really impressed with the movie, but the ending was surprising!

Friday- We were awakened by the rig rocking really hard. Bob immediately checked to see if there was a tornado watch. There wasn’t, but we really rocked, the worst we have every rocked, from the severe winds. Finally, the rain and lightning started. When the worst of the storm was over, we packed up to leave. We saw that a large branch had fallen off one of the trees along the Elks parking lot. We were lucky a branch did not fall on the rig.

We drove out of the lot and turned east on I-70. We went one exit and went to a Flying J to dump our tanks, $5.

We turned back west and drove on I-70 to St. Joseph Mo. We are spending the weekend at our nephew’s house. We had only planned to stay 2 nights, but they are having a Father’s Day BBQ with all the family, so we changed one of our reservations and are staying 3 nights.

We arrived just as Aaron returned home from work. His wife, Casey, is a professional baby photographer, with quite a business. She was in the yard doing pictures when we arrived.

Casey doing a baby picture shoot.

Aaron showed us where to park, when Casey and her customers went inside to do some indoor pictures. This was Casey’s sixth session of the day!

The great chicken escape. The middle girl let the chickens out of the coop. The tall girl is my great neice Rory, who was corralling them back to the coop!

We set up and relaxed for a while. Aaron had some errands to run, so he took off. When he returned, they took down all the set up Casey had for the photo shoots. We sat and talked to them. At 6, we returned, fed the dogs, and ate dinner.

At 8:30, Aaron knocked on the door and we went over to the house to play Canasta with Casey’s sister Katherine and her husband Chris. Most of the kids were there, but Jack their son had gone to spend the night with a cousin. Their daughter Rory and foster child were there.

We played until 10, then we left and went to bed. Evidently they have game night,  every Friday night.

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