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Sat. Jun 4 to Fri. Jun 10- Williamsburg VA to Lorton VA      

Saturday- Other than grocery shopping we had a quiet day. We sat outside reading, as the weather was nice. We started watch Bosch on Prime.

Sunday- Another quiet day for us. There were activities on the weekend in the park, but nothing of real interest for us. Most of the activities are for the kids.

Monday- We went grocery shopping at a Publix. Nothing else exciting. We are still able to sit outside enjoying low humidity and temps in the low 80’s.

Tuesday- We went to lunch again at Honey Butter. The food was just as good as last time. Bob had sausage biscuits this time, with scrambled eggs. I had the same as last time, scrambled eggs, the really good cornbread with honey butter, and the awesome grits.

In the late afternoon, Bob had received a message on Messenger, while walking the dogs that a friend of ours from the Ski Club in Maryland had died in a car accident. We freaked out, feeling sorry for him and for his wife and daughter. It was on my phone also. We both went to his FB site and someone had asked if it was a hack. We went to his wife’s FB site and she had been at a birthday party 6 hours before. So now we were thinking it might have been a hack. So I contacted Nancy to see what she thought. She had received the message also, so she texted the wife. Thank goodness it was a hack. So we both changed our FB passwords. Turns out this was the second time this had happened to us. We had received a message that one of the Roadrunners had died. That was on FB. Then I saw that he was driving somewhere. At least our passwords are changed!

We had a quiet evening sitting outside reading and watching Bosch on Prime again.

Wednesday- I worked on the blog, as I have been having a lot of problems with the pictures. I have not been able to do a “gallery” with the pictures. I had a lot of trouble getting them from my phone to my computer, also. I finally gave up and put the blog out with individual pictures.

At 10, I had a dip mani and a pedi. I dropped Bob off at the laundry and he did some laundry when I was gone. I picked him up on the way back. Bob ate lunch and I had some cheese and crackers, as I am having lunch in Colonial Heights with Nursing School classmates.

I was meeting up with the gals at 2, so I left around 1 to get there. We had lunch at Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant in Colonial Heights, north of Petersburg. Hannah, Valerie, Brenda and Debbie were there. We had a great time reminiscing. I am so glad that I went to a 3 year program, then went back to get my BSN. We had much more clinical training than the nurses get now. The school is still there, but is now a 2 year AD program. I forgot to take pictures!

I returned and we had a quiet evening watching more Bosch. You might notice that we did not do any of the historical places in Williamsburg while we were there. We have both been to Williamsburg numerous times and “have been there, done that”!

Thursday- We worked on our travel plans for the next 2 weeks. Some of the places that we had planned to stay were booked, so we had to make some changes.

We left around 10:30 and drove north on I 64 to I 295 to I 95 north to Lorton VA. We arrived at about 1:15 at Pohick Regional Park campground. We have water and electric.

The sites are nice and big, with plenty of room between the sites. We paid $52 a night to stay here. We could not get satellite due to the trees. So we tried for local TV. The only channel we could get well was PBS. We watched the January 6 Committee hearing on PBS.

Friday- Bob took some clothes and towels over to the laundry and did those two loads. A little while after he returned with the laundry, we found that we had no water. We switched on the RV water pump. Bob walked up to the office to let them know that there was no water. He was told that the whole park was without water, as the construction guys had broken the pipe. We are supposed to have water by this evening.  

We worked on some tasks and left at 12:15 to go to Jackie and Bob’s new home in Fredericksburg. Before we left, Bob turned off the water pump, in case we had a leak or that the pressure when they turn the water back on is too high.

Traffic was horrible on I95 south. We took Rt. 1 for part of the time. We stopped at a Walmart in Fredericksburg to get a new water pressure monitor, as ours had broken. We had just bought a new one, so he is returning that one and getting a new one.

Bob’s college roommate had lived in Fredericksburg years ago, so we drove past the house and took pictures for Carl and Juanita.

We arrived at Bob and Jackie’s at about 2:15. We had the tour of the new house, which is very nice. They have a huge basement and his and her offices!

The dogs had a big fenced back yard to run around and a doggy door to go in and out. Roxie and Trixie had no interest in running, but Trinity and Koda raced around running and barking at each other. They got their energy out.

We had a nice afternoon. We finally met Alan and Nancy, who many years ago, had taken over our Redskins tickets, back when only family could use tickets. I suspect we could be very good friends with them if we saw them often enough! They had brought their two grandsons, and they played with Bob H’s pinball machines in the basement.

Everyone bought something to munch on and Jackie ordered pizza for everyone. I went with Jackie to pick up the pizzas. We had a great time visiting. The drive back was not as bad as the drive down, but it still took almost 2 hours to get back. I think next time we will stay nearer to Fredericksburg, if we can find a place. Jackie and Bob have a trailer and a 40 ft. motor home, so there is not room for us to stay with them.   

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