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Sat. May 21 to Fri May 27- Hilton Head SC to Ashville NC

Saturday- We returned to Bluffton to pick up the dogs. They were very happy to see us. We did not see Kim, the Rover person, as she was positive for Covid. Her husband let the dogs out the door and they ran to us. We attached them to their leashes. He brought out the items that we had left with them, and he put them in the car. All of us were wearing masks.

We returned to the rig parked at Hunter Army Air Base in Savannah. We unpacked the stuffed car. We ate lunch, then went to Costco. Bob’s hearing aid was not working well. The gal there replaced some items and turned up the volume. She said that since Bob had gotten the aid in 2017, it needs to be re-programmed. So Bob needs to set that up for when we get back to Arizona. He will need another hearing test at Costco.

We went to Walmart and Target. We returned to the rig and relaxed. We wanted one more seafood dinner, so we ordered from a restaurant very close to the base. They did not get the order right, so Bob had to take it back and have them correct it. The food was good.

Sunday- We left and drove up I-95 to I-26 west. It was a long drive for us to Ashville. We are self-quarantining and not visiting our friends until we have a negative test, since we might have been exposed to Covid. Our friends have a very busy week. Dave is having shoulder surgery on Tuesday. Our other friends, Lorrie and John are on a cruise, but will be back before we leave on the 30th, so we should get to see them.

We arrived at Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park. We knew our site number, 25. We parked and it started raining. We settled in, but this site is very uneven. We could do well with leveling right to left, but not front to back. It is pretty awful. I left a message at the office, as no camp host was in the park. We are able to get satellite. It rained hard all night.

Monday- No Covid symptoms today. It was raining again today. The rain would pause for about 5 to 20 minutes and Bob would rush out to walk the dogs. They would come back drenched and we would dry them off with a towel.

We stopped in at the office on the way out of the park, as there are a lot of open sites. Unfortunately, they will be filled during the week. It was still raining hard, and it is to rain hard all day.

The GPS took us through little, narrow, city streets to the UPS store. Bob had purchased a new CD player for us online. We could not get it to hook up to the blue tooth, as it was supposed to. So we were returning it to Amazon.

We went from there to the Twisted Crepe restaurant in downtown Ashville for lunch. We easily found a parking place at a meter. I have to say, the crepes were lousy, even though they had good ratings on Yelp. They were more of a burrito, than a crepe. That is what you get when a Hispanic couple are the owners of the restaurant now. I gave them a poor review, as they were not really crepes.

Then we went to French Broad Chocolate. They mainly had truffles. They also had ice cream, but it was cold and rainy. So we had a $7 piece of chocolate cake which we split. It was delicious!

We drove through another RV Park in Ashville, and we plan to stay there on our next visit. We will not go back to Wilson Riverfront RV Park due to the leveling issue and it is extremely noisy, as it is too close to the interstate. Plus it is very close to the river, and with all the rain we are watching the river closely to make sure that we don’t have to evacuate.  

Tuesday- No covid symptoms. It was still raining. We went to lunch at Hillman Brewing. Bob had a flight of beer; he liked all the beers, but said that the Stout was very good. Our lunches were also very good. I had a patty melt and Bob had a club sandwich.

Wednesday- No covid symptoms. The CDC had said that unless your are in contact with someone, in a closed enviornment, you would not test positive. The website also said that we could not catch it from the dogs, so we knew we were going to be negative.

It was still raining. Bob went and picked up his medicine at a Walgreens and the new CD player that he had ordered from an Amazon lock box.

I stayed home and worked on some card embroidery. Each morning I have been practicing my Calligraphy. After lunch, we went to Walmart.

Thursday- It was still raining! We did laundry. We went to Ingles grocery store and Sam’s Club for gas $ 4.25/gal. That was all we did. I worked in the afternoon on more card embroidery while we had some old TV shows running in the background.

Bob took the Covid test and it was negative. Neither of us have any symptoms.  Here is the river. You can see how the steps to the river are covered with water.

Steps to high river

River from the rig

Friday-Our first stop was at Vortex Doughnuts. They were different and very good. They have each of their doughnuts in cake or yeast/raised and they have some interesting flavors. We would go there again….

Bob had the blackberry and I had the chocolate cinnamon

In the shop they had a linear clock. We both thought it was pretty cool. So Bob looked it up online. Depending on the wood, they start at $1400 for maple or walnut and $1925 for olive inked maple!

Linear clock

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