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Sat. May 14 to Fri. May 20- Savannah GA to Hilton Head SC

Saturday- We originally were supposed to arrive at the beach today, but we had added a day, as Jackie and Bob had a memorial service to attend next Saturday. Since we did not have the chairs and umbrellas we ordered, we stayed and sat around the pool and enjoyed both, including the hot tub. We also went grocery shopping, early in the morning.

Sunday- We went to the beach today. Bob H had ordered chairs and umbrellas for all of us. It was worth every penny we paid, as it was a tough walk to the beach with down and up over the dunes.

Beth cooked dinner and we had chicken tacos. We went out for ice cream, and Sage had two scoops of Superman.

Sage 2022

Monday- We went to the beach again today. We went out to dinner at Poseidon Restaurant. The food was awesome. Beth and I both wanted the scallops. Dinner was expensive, but everywhere in Hilton Head is very expensive.  This was a seafood restaurant. Then we stopped for ice cream on the way back.

Sage.Beth and Mary
Posiedon Resturant L to R me, Sage, Beth, Mary, Bob H and Jackie

Tuesday- We were off to the beach again. Today was our day to cook dinner. Bob grilled a pork loin.

Wednesday- Another day enjoying the beach, the pool and the hot tub. The house was very nice, we three large master suites and one room with twin beds. All of the beds were comfortable this year.

We went to play miniture golf. That was a lot of fun, but it was very hot and humid.

Beth, Sage and Jackie
Sage age 5

It was Jackie and Bob’s turn to cook dinner and we had beef tacos. All the meals had been excellent.

Thursday-Bob and I went to breakfast at the French Bakery and Restaurant. We had stopped by another day, and found the place mobbed. This morning, it was quiet. We had crepes for breakfast.  Another beach day. We were all very glad the Bob H had ordered the chairs and umbrellas for us. It was so much easier! Dinner was leftovers. We went for ice cream at a different place.  The Bob’s went to a shop which was still open and they both had beers.

Friday- Unhappily, Bob and Jackie had to leave today to make it to the memorial service tomorrow in Richmond.  The rest of us went to the beach. This was the first day that I stayed all day at the beach.

We went to dinner at a restaurant that was pretty awful. None of us will go back there. We originally went there because they had scallops, listed in the online menu. They were crossed off on this menu when we arrived. The waiter said that they had stoppd selling them a long time ago. Sage had a PBJ, which she hated and refused to eat.

We all went for ice cream. Sage was only allowed 1 scoop of ice cream. She liked the Superman flavor, which is blue. Basically it’s colored vanilla ice cream.

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