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Sat. Mar 26 to Fri. Apr. 1-Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had lunch with MaryAnne and Ray at Wildflower Restaurant. They have really good food and we could sit outside. We said good-bye to them as we will not see them again until September.

We stopped at Total Wine for Bob to pick up some beer. While Bob was shopping for beer, I stopped at Macy’s and purchased three tops. Then we stopped at the Farmers Market they have in the parking lot at the mall. We purchased a nice blackberry muffin for Bob and a lemon scone for me. We will have them for breakfast in the morning.

We had a quiet rest of the day.

Sunday- We did our usual run to Walmart. We had our Zoom at 11, then we ate lunch. I did laundry all day and Bob cleaned up the patio, as it gets a lot of leaves when the wind blows.

At 4:15 we left for the 6 pm concert at the Sun Bowl. Free of course. The band was Back Stage Crew. They are billed at “Arizona’s Premier Classic Rock/Variety Cover Band. One of the guitar players toured with the Monkees. He said the Davy Jones was the same height as he is, very short!

The last song was Sweet Caroline. That was fun, we danced it and looking back up into onto the grass seats in the Sun Bowl, and lots of people had their phones out and were waving the phones in rhythm to the song. It was lots of fun. The band next week is supposed to be the best of the season.

We had forgotten to plan ahead for dinner, so we both had quesadilla from one of the food trucks at the Sun Bowl.

Monday- I worked on my calligraphy and when it was time to get ready to leave, I tripped on the carpet again. Bob took the carpet out and it is in the garage, to be donated somewhere. I was pretty sore, but no broken bones. I spent the rest of the day relaxing. At least I can get up from the floor by myself.

At 3:30, we picked up Mary Ann and went to Costco with her. She cannot reach items as the shopping cart is taller than she is… she wanted a big flower pot like we had purchased on Saturday. Luckily they still had a few.  

Tuesday- I had the Grand Avenue office for the Posse. We had a quiet morning. I had PT at 1:30. They were gentler with the workout since I was so sore. I am pretty bruised on my left arm and left knee.

At 4 pm, we left with Carol and Mary Ann, to go to the Wild Horse Café out in the desert. It is a biker bar type place, with excellent hamburgers.

We had a nice time visiting with condo members. The Canadians are leaving next week, so this was our last time to see them until the fall. I thought I had a picture, but evidently not!

The food was really good, and everyone except Bob was happy with it. Bob had ordered the chili and he said it tasted like Hormel! I had a patty melt which was excellent and I will order that again!

Wednesday- Bob had his appointment with the surgeon for his arm. I stayed home and worked on cards. We both had our Endocrinologist appointments at 1. She sees us together. We are both good for another year.

Thursday- I went to the Calligraphy workshop and worked on a few items. At 11, I went to my nail appointment. At 1:30   I had PT and the Chiropractor right afterwards. Bob has been working on some items for the motor home.

Friday- We had our usual Posse shift. We were busy most of the shift. At 2, I had a hair appointment. It’s been a busy week for both of us.  

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