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Sat. April 2 to Fri. April 8- Sun City

Saturday- We had a quiet day at home. Nothing special.

Sunday- We did our usual shopping and had the weekly Zoom at 11. Another nothing special day.

Monday- I attended Caroline’s class. We made some boxes. Not my favorite, but still fun. This was in the Calligraphy room.

At 1 I went to Tangle Art.

Tuesday- We had the Posse General Meeting, with a funeral afterwards. It was for a gentleman we did not know, whose wife had been a Commander. We were all in uniform. We hung around to march in formation over to the funeral home. The Posse office is behind the cemetery.  We had an all-female color guard leading the way! We left before the funeral service.

I had PT at 1:30. Bob had the Astronomy club in the evening and he went to the meeting. This is the first time he has attended in person for a long time.  I watched a movie on Netflix.

Wednesday- It was pest control day, we one of us has to stay home. I went for a blood draw. They could not do the draw, as the Doc had written the order for after 4/16. I wish they had told me that! So I returned home and ate breakfast.

In the afternoon, I had card embroidery class.

Thursday- I went to the Calligraphy workshop until 10. Then I returned home, picked up Bob and we both went to our Neurologist appointments. He saw us both at the same time. Bob returns in a year; I return as needed.

At 2 I had PT. All week we have been packing to go on a “shake down” rv trip this weekend, to check to make sure everything is working.

Friday- Our usual Posse shift. The vacation watch numbers are slowly climbing, as people leave for the summer.

At 1, I had an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner for my medication renewals. He sent them in to our mail prescription company. I left there and went to Scraps of Love, which is a paper store. I took a class in how to make the following cards. The class lasted until 4.

Scraps of Love has an outlet store attached, so I had stopped in there first. Good thing, as I found what I needed. I could easily spend a lot of money at this store! The class ended at 4, and I went home exhausted from such a busy day.

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