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Sat. Mar 19 to Fri. Mar 25- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I start out almost every morning riding the exercise bike, eating breakfast and practicing calligraphy. The online class that I am taking has left me weeks behind. It’s a good thing I do not have to keep up, as I am still on the beginning of the alphabet, small letters, and they are already starting the capital letters. Fortunately, the program is set up to move at your own speed.

Bob has been busy designing various wood projects on the computer. He completed this one, for one of the kitchen drawers.

When we moved in, he did these type of dividers for all of the utensil drawers. The one in this drawer had issues, so he redesigned the divider on the computer and created this one. It is much stronger.

He also built me a shelf for the laundry room. That was just a board that he painted.

At 11, we met up with Linda, Mike, Donna, MaryAnne, and Ray at Chompie’s. We were able to eat outside on the patio, as MaryAnne is still trying to quarantine as much as she can. Everyone else is vaccinated and boosted, but MaryAnne cannot take vaccines.

Chompie’s is a New York deli restaurant. They have indoor and outdoor dining. The food is excellent! Bob had a grilled cheese and I had an omelet. We left a little after 12, and returned home. The rest of the day was quiet.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday shopping, first stopping at Costco for gas for the Highlander, $4.36 gal. At 1, we had the Posse Spring Fling. That was fun. As we checked in, we were given big signs with our names on them. The object was to meet more people. We sat at a table with Mary Ann and several of the other dispatchers and front desk gals. Dick and his wife, also sat at our table. Dick was the Thursday DO, when we were still on Thursdays. Now he is the 1st Lieutenant of Operations. We had a good time. They served a lunch of the giant subs (of course divided), with all the condiments. Then they had cupcakes on the tables, with jars of frosting and various sprinkles, so you could decorate your own cupcake.

After the lunch, they had us play a bingo card, where you had to add the name of a position that people worked. Patrol was not one, but since I work Grand, lots of folks put my name down for that. Then they gave away some prizes. All attendees received a coupon for a free Posse Mug. We don’t know when they will arrive. They were supposed to be there before the fling!

The rest of our Sunday was quiet, except for the weather. It has become very windy, most days. The temperature is also creeping up. Today was in the low 70’s.

Monday- I went to Diamond Painting this morning. I am hoping to get the wall hanging done before Darlene leaves. Otherwise I will work on it at home. The ladies in this class have their cliques, and it is not fun like the embroidery or the calligraphy are…

Darlene gives us ideas on what to do with our extra beads. This week it was book marks.

From 1-3, I was at Tangle Art. That is so much fun, and very relaxing. On the way home, I picked up Bob and we went to the Dairy Queen for their free cone day. They did not have chocolate, but they did have the twist of vanilla and chocolate. That was okay, as the price was right!

At 5:00, Jim and Diane picked Mary Ann and us up and we all went to the Sundial Center for the Next Gen Murder Mystery Dinner. The cost was $15 and it was catered. The dinner was BBQ pork and chicken with rolls, macaroni salad and potato salad, with cookies for desert. No bell pepper in anything that the caterer serves!

The show was written and directed by the president of the club. We knew several of the actors. It was definitely amateur, but it was still a lot of fun! The theme was a 50th High School reunion, in a small hick town. There was no scenery, just a place you could get your picture taken. The actors did wear costumes. We were home by 8:30.

Tuesday- Bob had the wood shop monthly meeting at 8. Then he went to Costco. He purchased gas for $ 4.36 gal for the Kia. He also found a spinner for the back yard. The one we had, blew over in the heavy winds we have been having. It also broke the pot. Bob was able to glue the pot back together, but it is damaged. Fortunately, we can just turn it around and you can’t see the broken area.

Bob sent me a picture of the spinner, and I asked him to go ahead and buy it. It was made by the same company, so he could use the same extension he had made at the metal shop.

I had my shift at the Posse Grand Avenue office this morning. I embroidered a couple of cards. I worked with Mary again this morning and we did a lot of talking. Nothing special happened while I was there.

I had PT at 1 pm. My hamstring tear is improving, slowly. I still sit on a pillow most of the time.

At 2:30, I met with Theresa at the Posse office. They were looking for someone to assist with Publicity. So I had volunteered. There are a lot of projects to do. Sometimes we will be very busy and other times there will be nothing to do. Right now, we will be working on name tags, as everyone will need new tags. They are adding a bar code to the tags, so they know who is in the building at all times.

Meanwhile, Bob had a 2:30 appointment with the Cardiologist. The surgeon required it for his arm surgery.

A catch up! My Mammogram was negative and Bob’s biopsy by the Dermatologist was basil cell carcinoma. He has a follow up for that with the Dermatologist, where they will widen the biopsy area. This is not his first basal cell. This has nothing to do with the lumps in his arm. He now has one in the other arm. He is not sure what he is going to do about that!  

Wednesday- I had April’s last card making class until the fall. She leaves April 9th, to head for Oregon. She leaves early because of her mother’s birthday.

I was totally in a fog today. Evidently, the last increase of the Gabapentin hit me this day. I was having all sorts of problems. I realized it and did not take the noon dose of the medication. It took me all afternoon to recover. I was a mess! I sat on the couch and read, napping frequently. I see the Neurologist is April, but my feet are not really bothering me that much, so maybe he can decrease the medication or change it!

Bob made me a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, as I just sat.

Thursday- Early this morning, I ran vinegar through the dishwasher and Bob cleaned out the dryer vent.

I went to the calligraphy room to work on cards. When I walked in, April asked me how I was doing, as she had noted that I was in a fog yesterday. It told her it was the medication. She said she was really worried about me and that she would have called Bob, if she had his phone number!

I was okay today, back to normal. I was the monitor at the Bell Craft Club this afternoon. around 2, I went to the bathroom, and the two gals who were there said they would cover while I was gone. When I returned, they were trying to get the phone to work. It is an old land line phone, and green area for answer is no longer green and the red to end a call is no longer there either. I had to figure it the first time I monitored, but it is easy to answer the phone. Neither of them could figure it out! They also have to do their 4x a year monitoring, so I am not sure they could answer the phone while monitoring. Geez, it’s not that hard!

When I left at 3, I went to the Chiropractor. My back, shoulder and neck are doing so much better!

Bob went to the wood shop to work on a project. It was a quiet evening.

Friday- We had Posse this morning. It was our first day wearing shorts at the Posse this year! The temp today was 96!!

We had 6 Vacation Watches, one had left the front screen door unlocked, so Bob called the key holder and left a message for them to go over and lock the door. Also, there was a home that had cabinets in their carport. None of the cabinets had locks. Oh well, just waiting for someone to steal something. We had 4 medical calls. Only 1 went to the hospital.

We needed to assist in division 3 (we are patrolling division 2). The other Bob, had a person who was asleep in a car. So he had to call the DO and the two of them woke the guy up. He was visiting his mother at the house he where he was parked.  Evidently he made it back to the house (a scary thought that he was driving impaired), but he did not make it into the house. They escorted him into the house.  

At 1, I met with Theresa, back at the Posse office. They needed a volunteer to assist with Media Relations/ Publicity and I had volunteered. There is more to it than just getting info into the news paper. Theresa showed me how to take the photos of the members, resize them, and put them into a master file to get the name tags updated. I worked on that for a little bit less than 2 hours.

When I returned home, Bob and I watched Dolly Parton and James Patterson, live on an AARP video. It was sort of like Zoom. There was a question and answer section where people could ask questions that they then answered. It was about their new book together and a movie.

Since it was the yearly donation day at Jersey Mikes, we ordered subs for dinner. Once a year, Jersey Mikes does this and all the money from the sales that day go to Special Olympics. It was nice to know that the money goes to a good cause. Of course, I am sure they take a nice tax write off on the donation, but still, it publicity for both organizations and millions for Special Olympics. The subs were very good!

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