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Sat. Mar. 6 to Fri. Mar. 11- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I went early to Costco for gas, leaving as Bob was leaving, around 7:15. My tank was a little bit below half a tank. The gas was $3.95 and I put in $49.90. Whew! A big jump from the low $30’s for a tank.

Bob assisted the Posse with the Antique Car Show. He chose to do this, as he thought he would get a chance to see the cars. Nope, he was very busy directing traffic, and standing on his feet for 5 hours. They did feed him doughnuts in the morning and a burrito for lunch. Unfortunately, he did not get to see the cars. The show was a big hit for the attendees. While this was going on, they had the Pickle Ball tournaments going on, so the Posse was very busy. The Pickle Ball tournaments were Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Bob was exhausted when he returned home from the car show. I had worked on cards that I am going to sell, so I had a very busy morning. I have a lot of cards made, but I needed to make the calligraphy inserts. Then I had to put them together, put them in bags, and put the price tags on them.

Sunday- We did our usual trip to Walmart for groceries. There were no bottles of distilled water. It is really interesting what you cannot find. We could not find our usual low fat butter or low fat cream cheese.

We returned home and had a quiet day.

Sunday evening was the first concert of the season. We did not attend, as it was too cold for us to sit there. We heard that most of the people, who did attend, thought the concert was great, but when the wind kicked up, they left as it just got too cold to sit outside. The temp dropped overnight into the low 40’s.

Monday- We did an extra Posse shift as they needed help on the morning shift. We were covering Division 3, which is where we live, and it was busier in all three divisions, than usual. We had 3 medical calls, two of which we beat the fire trucks too. There were a lot of falls.

At 1, I had Tangle Workshop. Bob had gone and brought the RV over to the condo, so he could take the bike rack off, as they are going to need to get to the trailer hitch on Friday when we take the rig to the Blue Ox dealer. We take the Kia in on Thursday.

Bob could not find the key to the bike rack. It turned out it was in the Highlander. So I returned home with the key.

Bob was then able to get the bike rack off the rig. When he took the rig back to the storage facility, he returned with the Kia and parked farther away from the condo. I had to set my alarm to make sure that I moved the Highlander out of the garage before 7 in the morning. The condo is having the alley’s and parking lots re-paved over the next several days. We did not want to leave the Highlander outside, with the high number of catalytic converters being stolen. So we kept it in the garage overnight.

Tuesday- I moved the Highlander out of the garage at 6:30. Good thing I did it then, as they were already putting up the barriers. I just got around them in time!

Bob is still working on his wooden projects on the computer. Gary, who is teaching and testing him, called and set up the date for tomorrow for him to complete his next project.

I am practicing calligraphy, as I am taking an online class and I am trying to keep up.

I decided not to go to Maj this afternoon. I was just too busy getting cards finished for the sale this weekend.

Wednesday- I had April’s card class. We made 3×3 cards. These are nice little cards that you can give to a waitress, your mail carrier, or newspaper carrier. Lots of folks to say thank you too… I gave the black one, with the daisy, to Jose, the employee who did the NG and Oxygen Therapy for me. We also made the envelopes for these little cards. They cannot be mailed, as they are too small.

I had my PT evaluation at 11. The PT is married to a Chiropractor who is also in the office (not my chiropractor). All the billing goes through the doctor office. She says I can bike ride and wants me to walk in the pool.

Bob had his class at the Wood Shop. He passed the test and can now use the CNC Router machine independely. I had my card embroidery card workshop at 12.

Thursday- We dropped off the Kia at an RV facility in Surprise. They are putting on the baseplate and setting up the Kia to tow. I dropped Bob back at home.

Yesterday at the Bell Craft Club I purchased a packed of donated paper for $1. So I took that to the Calligraphy room and cut up the pieces of the paper to useable size.

I had to leave early to go to the Bell Craft Club spring luncheon. I had baked some brownies last night so they were traveling along with me this morning. We had a short meeting, then we had the party. The club supplied fried or baked chicken, and you brought a dish. It was a typical pot luck with way too much food!

They separated the foods. There was a salad table, a side table, the meat table and of course the dessert tables, all seperately around the room. After we ate, there was a comical fashion show. It was fun.

I had my nail appointment at 3. I have finally given up and did dip nails, as my nails are so thin, they end up breaking and painfully splitting. The thin nails come from both sides of my family.  

At 5, I had a chiropractor appointment. I returned home and collapsed for the evening. We had leftovers for dinner.

Friday- We had the Posse this morning. It was a little bit less busy. We had 3 vacation watches, finished all our drive by’s, and we attended two medical calls. At about 10:45 we had a call to go to a home where a strange person had been in and out of the home. We arrived and introduced ourselves. The person who had been in and out was a Family Nurse Practitioner. It was a wierd situation. The guy had been sent out by a Home Health Agency, but he seemed strange with going in and out of the house. He left a kit in the home, which had a prescription pad in it and some medical equipment. We called the company and he no longer worked there. We told them we were taking the items to the Posse headquarters and that if he wanted them back, he was not to return to the home, but to pick up the items at the Posse Headquarters (base). The company confirmed who we were and said they would pass the information on. We asked the residents to call back MCSO, as they had also called 911. I neglected to say above, that the couple were both blind! They were scared. We told them to not open the door to him if he came back and to send him to the Posse to pick up his items.

By this time our duty was ended and we went back to base and wrote up the information. Bob did the writing and I wrapped the container in paper, labeling it with the information. I dropped it off in dispatch and explained what it was, in case he called. I do not expect it to ever be picked up, but we solved the situation.

The other Bob on Friday Posse, had been walking around one of the shopping centers when he heard someone cuss. It was a man who had tripped on a curb, and fallen. Bob went over, checked him out, and helped him up off the ground. It was a busy day for all three divisions. 

We stopped at McDonalds and picked up lunch. We returned home, changed clothes, ate lunch, and took a nap. Neither of us had slept well last night.

At 3:30, we left to go pick up the car. We stopped at the storage unit, dropped off the Highlander, and took the RV to the RV facility. Bob met up with the sales person who took us around back, in the RV, to show us how to set up the Blue Ox tow bar. The guys were very professional. The bar is a bit different than the one we had on the ALFA. But it was the same basic idea. We set up the tow bar, and took off, returning the Winne to the storage unit.

Bob disconnected the Kia and he drove that home and I took the Highlander home. By this time, it was almost 6. We were exhausted, so we ordered coconut shrimp dinners from Georges’. We ate dinner, and settled in for the evening, watching recorded shows, falling asleep in the recliners.  

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