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Sat. Feb. 26 to Fri. Mar. 4- Sun City AZ

Saturday- It was a fairly quiet day for us. I worked on cards. Bob worked on his wood projects

Sunday– We did our usual Sunday grocery shopping at Walmart. We were able to by distilled water at Walmart this week. It is very interesting to see what is missing from the shelves. Some things are there and some are not. I am guessing this is happening everywhere.

Monday- I had my Mammogram this morning. Then I went to my new Chiropractor.  I no longer have any pain in my shoulder after his last week’s treatment.

I had my last NG appointment. I did not realize it was the last one. After the appt. I stopped at the front desk to ask them to check on my PT order. The gal said that the insurance said that they did not have to approve it. I did not believe that! So I asked them to double check. They had sent the request in for the Neuropathy. It is not for neuropathy, it is for the torn hamstring, so I asked them to re-submit for the approval.

In the afternoon, I picked up Maryanne and we went to the Tangle Workshop. She had a great time.  At 4, I went to have a nail fixed. The left thumb nail had torn. My nails are extremely thin. I take after my mother and grandmother with thin nails, and a split on the left thumb from my father!

Tuesday– It was the 1st Tuesday of the month, so we had the Posse General Meeting. It was the usual meeting, with reports from MCSO, the Fire Dept., and RCSC. The speaker was AJ, our real estate agent! He is the President of the Sun City Museum, which is located in the first house built and sold. He told us a lot of history of Del Webb, His tale was very interesting.

After the meeting Bob and I talked to AJ awhile. Then we left and returned home.

I had a 10:30 hair appointment. Bob has been working on getting the Kia set up to tow. He has been calling various Blue Ox dealers, trying to find one who will do the set up.

In the afternoon, Maryanne and I went to Mahjongg at Dorothy’s building. Dorothy is teaching Maryanne Maj, and she is hooked on the game. It is very addicting!

Bob had the Astronomy Club meeting in the evening. He attended via Zoom. I watched the State of the Union address.

Wednesday- In the morning, Bob had his Dermatologist appointment. I had several areas on his back that I was worried about and I circled them with a pen. He came back with several spots that she sprayed and two on his face. He had one biopsy.

I had April’s card class. Here are the two cards we made.

In the afternoon, I went to my embroidery class, then to the chiropractor.

Thursday- Bob stayed home waiting for the annual air conditioner check. Because we do it as a group, we get a really good price for the check. It went well with no issues.

I went to the Calligraphy room and worked on some cards. Before I went, I had put together some cards, choosing colors and ideas.

Canasta was cancelled this week, so I had signed up to monitor at the Bell Craft Room. Bob was monitoring at the Wood Shop at the same time. My shift was 12-3 and his was 12-4, so we drove separately.

Friday- We had our usual Posse shift. It was very busy. We had 6 vacation watches. Only one had returned home. We had 6 medical calls. We would have had 9, but three occurred when we were already on calls. Other people took our calls. In addition, we had a call for a wellness check. We arrived to find the man not answering the door. The front door was unlocked, but it is illegal for us to enter the home.

Bob walked around back and did not see anyone in the home. The neighbor came over. She went in and checked the house, finding that the man was not home. While speaking with her, the man arrived home. He was driving his car. He was not wearing any shoes and had trouble walking without his walker. He had huge blisters on is feet. He had returned from his trip to the Urgent Care, as he had forgotten his hearing aids. When he realized he had forgotten them, he returned home to get them.

He wanted to put his shoes on, but we suggested that he not put the shoes on, with the blisters on his feet, and suggested that he go to the ER. The neighbor spoke with a family member and drove the man to the ER.

In the afternoon I helped John with his Calligraphy class. Trudy was out of town, but will be back for the rest of the classes. The class went really well.

We had a quiet evening at home.

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