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Sat. Feb. 19 to Fri. Feb 25- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We looked at cars again on the internet. There were none with a manual transmission. We looked from New Mexico to California. We found the perfect car on Carvana. It was in Florida. We actually tried to purchase the car, up until I looked at the sticker. It said automatic transmission. We ended up calling Carvana and having them check on the car, as the pictures showed a manual transmission. Darn, this car was an upgraded model with everything we wanted, except the transmission. Sigh…

CarMax had called last week and said that the car did not come with the hill assist. Everything else was fixed. We told them it was on the sticker AND on the Kia website, it says that ALL 2019 Kia’s have the hill assist. So it is currently at the Kia dealership having the hill assist repaired. We had a weekend plan for a shakedown trip in March, but we cancelled when the Posse asked us to do an extra day. We don’t think we will be able to get the car set up to tow by then.

The rest of the day was quiet. I now have Hallmark Now on the TV for the year, so I have been watching the shows while practicing calligraphy and doing puzzles.

Sunday- We ran to Fry’s and Walmart for groceries. Some of the shelves were empty both places. We had discount coupons for some items at Fry’s.

We worked on our usual budget and travel plans. We also looked for some other manual transmission Kia Soul’s. We could only find basically what we already have lined up. There was only 1 other one and it had more miles and was not as nice as the one we are waiting for…so we are still waiting.

Monday- I had my 8:30 NG treatment. Jose apologized for not being able to do it on Friday. I stopped in at the Bell Craft room and talked to some of the gals. I signed up for more monitoring, as there were some openings in March. No one had signed up for March 17 and I could not. I have a party at Calligraphy, as we did not have one at Christmas. That is in the morning and I have Mahjongg in the afternoon.

Bob has been busy working on his next wood shop project. He has to complete 3, before he can be certified on the machine. He is working on the computer part of the project.

CarMax called and said that the dealer said the Kia did not have the hill assist. So Bob called Kia, and spoke with a mechanic. No, the answer was that only the automatic’s have hill assist.

Tuesday- I had the Grand Avenue Posse office duty today. It was pretty quiet. Mary was sick, so I was called and asked if I did not be alone and if I had a key, which I do. I did not care if I was alone! I actually prefer it, as I get more done. I always take projects with me.

The Posse patrol from the area always stops in to use the bathrooms at Grand and to keep us company. It makes a nice break. Maria, who has been out with a hip fracture from a fall Christmas morning, came in, using her walker, to clean out her office at Grand. She does the Neighborhood Watch seminars for the home owners associations. So I helped her to pack up and take the stuff to her car. Someone will assist her when she arrives at Base, to set up her new office.

At about 11:30, a guy came in with a set of car keys. I got this name, address, and phone number; also where the keys were found. I called in to Base and one of the patrol guys came in to pick them up and take them to the dispatcher. I guess I will never know it the person got their keys back!

Bob arrived to pick me up. Today was Koda’s last class in Manners 3. Bob now has to get her tested to see is she can go into training to be a therapy dog. Here is her certificate!

We returned home, ate lunch and went to CarMax to buy the car. We used their financing, knowing that we could change over the next 7 days. On the way home, we celebrated by stopping at Creamery, a nitrogen ice cream shop. We split a chocolate brownie item. OMG was it awesome! We have had nitrogen ice cream before, in Indianapolis. This was the creamiest ice cream we have ever had!

We returned home and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday-I went to April’s card class. It is so nice to have two cars again!

I drove April home and checked out her craft room. She lives in one of the duplexes, and had turned her master bedroom into her craft room. Actually, it is more like a “she den”. She has thousands of dollars worth of tools and paper. It was really something! I picked up some Nanaimo bars. Straight from her freezer to ours. We don’t want to eat them now!!

Bob checked the Kia over. When he checked the oil, he found that it had too much oil. So he called and made an appointment with them to fix that. Also, he worked on getting a different loan. We had already been approved by Bank of America, so he set up the loan with them. The guy he was talking to, put it only in Bob’s name. Bob took the info down to CarMax. They would not take it, because it was not in both of our names. I raced back home, ate a quick lunch and went to my embroidery workshop.

At 2:30 I went to my next NG session. I returned home and we had a quiet afternoon. The temperature has dropped here. The mornings are in the 30’s and today the high was 60.

Thursday- Linda was having an “intro to card making “class in the Calligraphy room, so I did not go today. I worked on organizing the craft room. I needed more boxes, so we went to some of the estate sales. I found several and returned home to continue working on organization. The room and cabinets look much better, but I am not done yet!

Bob had a 1:45 appt. with the surgeon for his arm. He is in pain again, and will need more surgery to remove the tumors. They keep growing back. Fortunately, they are not cancer. Bob thinks, having done some research, that they are from some sort of trauma to the arm. He doesn’t remember how or when. Unfortunately, the surgeon got called into an emergency surgery, and could not be there. She called later in the evening and apologized to Bob and they talked about the tumors. He has an appt. on the 15th now for her to see him.

At 3:30 I went to a new Chiropractor, who Maria had recommended. I was very impressed. He did a lot of X-rays, then did some treatment. I have an early appointment on Monday to do a good review of the X-rays and see how he can help me.

We worked on the Bank of America loan again. I had to put in a lot of information, again, and we had to wait for the underwriter to approve the loan as there were two, to close together. So now it was just waiting.

Friday- Posse morning. We were busy. We had 1 vacation watch. Posse always goes one day after the people leave, to check for unlocked doors and windows.

During the morning, I received an email that the loan was approved. So Bob made an appointment for us at 2 PM to sign the new paperwork at CarMax.

We had 5 medical calls, 4 for falls and one for a confused person. One they did not transport to the hospital. They spent a lot of time with the person, so we think they might have refused to go.

We were late returning to base, because our last call was after 11. It was a fast one, so we were able to go straight to base. We turned in our 1 vacation watch form. I took the ice pack back to the refrigerator in the kitchen area. There was a fresh chocolate cake there from the New York Bakery. There went the diets! I told Bob and we went back to have a piece. Bob said, whatever they charge for the cake, it is well worth it. It was delicious. These cakes are donated by the bakery to the Posse.

We left the kitchen and down the hall was Joe, on the floor. We raced down. He said he was okay. He has been using a walker since he had Covid, and a leg gave out. We tried to get him up but couldn’t. I went to the briefing room and called for help. All the guys came and they assisted him off the floor. They put him in a chair, to relax and regain his balance. I was not happy, as it was a chair on wheels, but that was the closest chair. We let him relax and checked on him before we left. We think he was the “officer of the day”, who hangs out and answers questions for the receptionist and dispatcher. Needless to say, he is no longer doing patrol.

We returned home, ate lunch, and walked the dogs. We were off to CarMax for our BOA signing. What a pain! Had we known, CarMax does BOA loans and we could have just done this there in the first place. Anyway, we had to return the car, and they re-sold it to us. It moved along, at a turtles pace, as there was so much paperwork. They also had to look the car over. They had also taken care of the too much oil issue.

We finally left and returned home. It was after 5 by this point. Bob fed and walked the dogs. Since the mask update by the CDC, we decided to go out to dinner for the first time in two years! We went for a romantic dinner at a local Italian Restaurant we had been wanting to try. We even had a candle on our table. We saw our neighbor, Rosie there on a date! The restaurant was very crowded.

Here is a picture of Roxie just hanging out and of Bob’s painted workbench.

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