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Sat. Feb. 5 to Fri. Feb. 11- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I had a MRI at 10, actually 10:30, but they wanted me there at 10. They let me know that several times a day for the last week! The MRI was for my left leg hamstring. As a result, I had to lay flat on the hard table/ without any relief for 1 hour. I was in pretty bad shape when I left there. I returned home. Bob wanted to go look at a small refrigerator that I had seen at the estate sale on Thursday, so we went to look. It had been sold. Oh well, we felt it was overpriced.

We returned home and I spent the rest of the day relaxing in the recliner. We were supposed to go today to CarMax to look at the car, so Bob called to find out why they had not set up the appointment. First they told him that it had not arrived. He told them that we received an email that it had arrived on the 25th. Next they said that they must have found an issue, and were fixing that. Call the service department on Monday afternoon. Okay, questions to ask!

Sunday- I am still recuperating from the MRI, as my back is a mess, as well as my pelvis. So still resting and icing.

CarMax texted and set up the appointment to see the car tomorrow. That works for us, as we will do the 24 hour test drive, picking up the car, and taking it to our mechanic to look it over.

We had a quiet rest of the day.

Monday- We were home on Monday morning. At 1, I went to the Tangle Art workshop. I could not stay long, as I had a 1:30 NG appt. So I was off to that. I am seeing significant improvement from the treatments!

After, I ran home and Bob and I left for his Doctor appt. It was 22 miles away. I waited while he went in, then we left for CarMax, which was 26 miles away, in the other direction,  at the intersection of I-10 and I-101. We arrived, presented our drivers licenses and our insurance, and signed  a 24 hour test drive form. By this time it was 5:30, so we went to the Café Zupas down in Tollison for dinner. Bob drove the car. I was driving the Highlander behind him and immediately noticed that the right rear brake light did not work. Hmmm, so it went on the list to be checked. When we arrived home and I showed it to Bob.

Tuesday- We dropped off the Kia at our mechanics. They also do the Posse work and are big Posse supporters. Bob dropped me off at the Posse Grand Office and I opened it up. Mary arrived at just about 9. There were a lot of visitors. Joe and Mike stopped in, there were patrolling District 1. One guy stopped by to ask if we had heard about tires being stolen. Evidently, some- one had loosened both of his front tires, and the tire guy said that they were preparing to steal his tires. We have had a lot of catalytic converters stolen in the area.

Then a guy came in who is having rock delivered on Thursday or Friday. So he is going to need the Posse to deliver cones to protect the area. So I took his information and called it in. 

Then we had a nut job come in. He was complaining about the homeless. We told him to talk to MCSO. He gave the Posse a donation.

Bob picked me up at 12:15, after Koda’s class. She is still a rock star in class. As soon as we left Bob’s phone rang and it was the mechanic calling. The car was ready. This is a small, family owned shop, so we were talking to the daughter. We made a U-turn and went to pick up the car. There was no charge for the check. They found that the right front tire was down to the wear bars. So that went on the list. Other than those two items, they though the car was in great shape. Bob had checked the heat and air so we know that they work. When he had checked the “hill assist system”, and that did not work. So there are three items on our list. Also, the CarMax sheet had listed cruise control, and there is no cruise control. Bob checked and an aftermarket kit is less than $300, so we may see about adding one. We drove for years without one, so we can manage. It is really hard to find a 2019 manual transmission that is in good shape.

We took the car to CarMax and showed them everything. Arturo, who is our sales person, said he would call us in a day or two let us know about the repair of the items. We think that CarMax did not do their 125 point inspection. We think San Antonio thought Phoenix would do it and Phoenix thought San Antonio did it. Either way, it appears that it needs to be completed!

We returned home and had a quiet evening watching Reacher on Prime.

Wednesday- We had the Alfa breakfast at Tivoli Gardens. I love their omelets! Bob had pancakes. Linda, Mike, Gloria, Dave, Karen, John and Allen were there. Donna arrived late. It was nice to see everyone, who we had not seen in a long time. We had to leave by 9:30. We went straight home and Bob walked the dogs. Then we dropped the dogs off at the groomers. From there, I dropped Bob off at the Wood Shop for his next class. This is what he made. He has put it on his work bench.

Bob’s work bench sign.

I stopped at the Post Office to drop of Hoka shoes that I was returning.

I had embroidery class at 1. Jan, who was sitting next to me “lost” her needle. The entire class of 20 ladies were looking for it. Linda has a magnet with a light on the end. Someone else did also. Everyone was looking for this one needle, when Linda, who was on the floor, looked across the table and spotted it on Jan’s thread. We all howled with laughter! Jan is going to have to live that one down!

We had a quiet evening and night.

Thursday- I was off to the Calligraphy workshop. I had forgotten it was a class in making a folded card. That was a lot of fun. Here are what I made.

Birthday cake card inside.

From Calligraphy, I went to the Bell Craft Club monthly meeting. That lasted until 11:45 I returned home and ate a quick lunch. Then I was off to Mahjongg. Today it was at someone’s house, as the room was being used by someone else.  OMG, this house was something. It was overlooking a lake on the golf course. It was wide open inside, and the previous owner left very high end furniture. It was gorgeous. We all had a really great time playing Maj.

Bob was working on a wood project at home. He had purchased a file box to store his drill bits. So he had taken a piece of wood to put in the bottom of the box for the drill bits to stand up. He has not drilled the holes yet.

Friday- Posse morning. It was pretty quiet. We had 8 vacation watches. At one of them, there was an RV parked in front of the house and there was mail clipped to the mail box to go out. So Bob rang the doorbell to check to make sure they were home. The TV was also on. No answer. He did not hear anyone calling for help, so we moved on. We arrived at another house and there was an estate sale going on. We cruised the estate sale, buying 10 plastic hangers for $0.75. It was 25% off day. We called the son to check to make sure they wanted us to continue to do the vacation watches.

We finished the rest of the vacation watches; we returned to the one with the RV in front. Now there was a dog barking. They were home. They had been walking the dog. We always want to check, as someone could be unconscious on the floor. That happens more than you would think!

When we finished our shift, we raced home. We arrived to realize that one of my coffee mugs had fallen out of the bag and was still in the Posse car. Oops! So we quickly changed clothes and Bob took me to my NG appointment. While I was there, he ran back to the Posse, got the key for the car, and found the mug had rolled under the passenger seat. He returned to pick me up.

Jose was running late, the guy ahead of me was very slow. He apologized but as he said, it only takes 1. So I was running late. Bob took me straight to my Calligraphy class. The class applauded when I walked in, as I was the last person and they were waiting for me. Of course, I had to drop off my stuff and race to the bathroom!

This is class 3 of 4, and the focus was on dipped pens. The pen they gave us had a tip that was harder than I need, so they had me trying various tips. I will need a softer tip. Bob picked me up at 3, and I was exhausted. We had a quiet evening

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  1. Denise, what is the NG treatment you refer to in your posts? Thanks! Sharon Ritter

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    • Hi Sharon, it is Neurogenix. It is a treatment, approved by Medicare and insurance, for neuropathy. For some unknown reason, I developed neuropathy in both feet. I am not diabetic, so it is idiopathic. So far it is helping.

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