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Sat. Jan. 8 to Fri. Jan. 14- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to Estate Sales today. We found a few items to purchase. We returned home, ate lunch, and had a quiet afternoon. Bob worked on a project on his computer, setting up a sign to make at the Wood Shop. We had our Zoom with my high school friends.

Sunday- We did our usual dash to Walmart in the morning. Early Sunday morning is a great time to go to Walmart as no one else was there, although, they make it difficult to check out. They had the self-checkout open on one end, and two check-outs open, next to each other on the other end of the store.

We returned home to find that Koda had worked on trying to open the trash cabinet door. She managed to get out pieces of the trash bag. We did not greet her, we told Roxie what a good dog she was, and told Koda we were so disappointed in her. We showed her the door and told her it is a no-no. She seem to understand as she looked unhappy.

We discussed several options, and decided that Bob would put a heavy magnet on the door. We will see how that works.

The rest of the day was quiet with Bob still working on his sign and I was reading.

Monday- I had orientation at the Posse Grand Avenue satellite office from 9-12. I arrived just before 9 and opened up the office. The other gal, Barbara, arrived at 9:05. She does this every day so that she does not have to open the office. Seriously? All you have to do to open the office is call into Base to let them know that the office is open, open the door to the back office, move the flags outside the entry door, start the air purifier and check the mail box. You also start the sheet for the day where you write down who visited and why.

The other gal she usually with, usually opens up the office. I quickly learned that Barbara did not know how to work the phone. Guess that is why she doesn’t want to open the office! I had to teach her how to use the Android. She did not even know the pin code. Geez! She did know the password for the computer, although she was afraid to unplug the computer to untangle the cords. She still had a problem with the phone when she tried to call in to let them know we were leaving at 12. Now I know why she does not want to be at Grand alone. We had eleven visitors. According to Barbara that is a lot of visitors. 

Bob continued to work on his computer to build items he wants to make on the computerized equipment at the Wood Shop. I ran home, ate lunch and left for my Zentangle Art workshop. I arrived early so that I could sharpen my color pencils since I will need them on Wednesday morning for my card class.

I finished my third Zentangle Art piece. Here they are. I don’t know what I will do with the 2022 one, but the other two, I can reduce, color, and put on cards. Hmmm, I think I will color it, put it in plastic, and put it on the back gate!

I arrived home and read for the rest of the day. We ate leftovers for dinner and caught up on some recorded TV.

Tuesday- I had my next NG treatment this morning. It went well and I felt good when I left. The hyperbaric oxygen was also going at the same time. When the man got out of the machine, he said that he was doing the oxygen therapy because he had a huge scar on his bald head from cancer removal. When I saw him, he had a little bitty scab. Wow, it must have really worked for his scar!

I returned home and worked on cards. Bob read, then took Koda to her first Manners 3 class. It would have been nice if the instructor taught the Manners 3. When it was over, Bob was talking to Mary about the plans for Koda. Mary said to him, then you should be in Manners 3. Bob said to her, you called my wife and had me switch to this class as Manners 3. She looked startled and realized that she had taught the wrong class! They had not had enough people for the Monday class, so they moved Bob and Koda to Tuesday. Oops!

He returned and I went to my manicure. I returned and Bob went to Walgreens to pick up his prescription. The rest of the evening was quiet. We had leftovers for dinner and watched some recorded TV.

Wednesday- Bob dropped me off at April’s card making class. She is so creative! There were 8 of us, which is the max for a class. Here is a picture of Carolyn and me. Carolyn and I are helping April with some of the gals who are just getting started with card making. Bob went to the wood shop to cut some wood.

I went home for lunch, then I was off to Card Embroidery. I have been busy with embroidering cards while watching TV in the evening. I copied a bunch of patterns.

We went to the social hour on the green. Most of the usual people showed up which was nice. We had a quiet evening.

Thursday- Whew, what a busy day I had! I had my NG treatment scheduled for 8:30, but they had called yesterday and I missed the call, that Jose had been exposed to Covid. I really need to check my phone more often! They were still on Covid restrictions at the office.

I had planned to go to the Calligraphy room to do some work, after NG. So I went early. Yesterday, our neighbor Sally gave me a bag full of cards to make “Love Cards”. These are cards we give to the Nursing Homes and Assisted Living residents for various holidays and birthdays.

I used the paper cutter and cut up the cards. Then I chose some cards and started making some Love Cards. I was able to make 6 of them. I took them home to do the calligraphy in them.

Love cards

At 11, I needed to be at the Bell Craft Club for the monthly meeting. The meeting lasted 25 minutes. Then I went to the club room, opened it back up, and monitored for the afternoon, until 3. I had taken my lunch with me.

I returned home. Bob had worked on the table on the patio. Because we have a cover over part of the patio that has a large weave for the rain. When we sit at the table, we get a lot of sun. We are not ready to change the cover yet, so we needed a solution, without having to remove the cover. We can’t put anything over the cover as it is straight, not slanted. So when we do get to this project, we will need to do a major change, as the new one will need to be slanted, to drain water.

We brainstormed for a while and finally came up with taking the patio umbrella we already have and shortening it so that it fits under the cover. So Bob worked on that project. He said it was not easy to saw the bottom off the heavy pole.

Bob went to Total Wine and More for a beer run. I went to the Tortoise and Hare for new black shoes for the Posse.

We had a quiet evening.

Friday- Posse morning. We had 10 Vacation Watches. We had two medical calls. We had finished all of our Vacation Watches. We were cruising a shopping center when we saw a fire truck heading by with lights flashing. So we followed it. We were almost to the home, when the Posse call came in. Obviously, we took the call. It took ½ hour for the Medic unit to arrive. Maggie, the dispatcher contacted us to make sure we were okay, as it took so long.

Sunrise from one of the golf courses

We returned home. My Handicap Placard had arrived. I really thought it would take longer to get here! We took it to the UPS store to have it laminated. It’s sort of curved, so I have it under books to get it to flatten out.

We had a quiet evening at home, BBQ’d chicken for dinner. So far since Sunday, Koda has not gotten into the trash!

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  1. Regarding Koda, years ago we had a dog that dragged out the trash can with trash and making a mess.. We figured out that it wasn’t the trash because we learned to make sure the can was empty before leaving. Didn’t matter, he dragged the empty can out in the hall where we could see it, he was letting us know he didn’t like being left home alone.

    • Could well be. She is Bob’s shadow! Planning to visit this May. Not yet confimed for Hilton Head, so it will be after that. Close to Memorial Day of that week. Looking forward to a visit!

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