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Sat. Jan. 1 to Fri. Jan. 7- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Happy New Year! We had a Pot Luck brunch at 10 AM at Deanna’s, across the alley. She has the perfect party condo, as she has one of the large condos, like we have, and she has it set up for parties. There were 12 of us with lots of great food. I made chocolate croissants, with crescent rolls. They are always a hit! Deann had Kirkland Irish Cream. We both had a glass (or 2). It is as good as Bailey’s Irish Cream! We tasted that there also, and they tasted exactly the same!

Bill, Todd, Lee and Bonnie @ brunch
Deann had this sign on a table!

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We went shopping at Walmart. They did not have the distilled water again, so we stopped at Bash’s on the way home. They did not have any water either. We will check back tomorrow or Tuesday to see is they have restocked the shelves.

We arrived home at about 9:15 after grocery shopping. We walked into the kitchen to find that Koda had gotten into the trash. The trash is behind a cabinet door and on wheels. She had gotten ahold of the top of the trash bag and pulled it out of the trash can. The floor was covered with trash. We let her know that we were very unhappy with her. We have been crate training her since the last incident, so now she is going to have to go into the crate.

We cleaned up the mess which included a lot of items including coffee grounds. Bob started doing tasks on his computer and I went into the living room and started reading my book. I noticed that Koda was wandering around the living room sniffing. She left and then Roxie started doing the same thing. I realized that we had a chicken from Costco for dinner the last couple of days and the bones might have been in the trash can. I went to Bob and asked if he had taken out the trash with the bones. He was not sure so he went out and checked the outside trash can. No bones. Uh oh!

Chicken bones can cause gastric problems for dogs, which means that they can break up in their GI system and can do damage, or they can get stuck in the intestines.

Obviously both dogs participated in the crime! So I called the Vet office. They could not fit us in, but they gave us the names of several other vet offices. So I called them. No appointments available. So we called the Emergency Vet office. They took our information and emailed us forms to complete. We packed up the dogs and their Vet information and drove to the Emergency Vet office. They had to be dropped off, and they would be seen in 6 hours.

We arrived at the site, called into the office, and waited. There were other cars with people and pets in them waiting. After about 15 minutes, they came out and gave us more paperwork, and of course asking for credit card data.

They took the dogs in, but we were still to wait. They checked their vital signs, and then brought them back to us. The Vet had checked them and said that they would pass the bones. We were told to watch for blood in stools and trouble passing the bones. They did not charge us! Whew, our last visit at an emergency vet, back in Maryland, cost of $1000, and that was at least 28 to 30 years ago. We had visions of thousands of dollars, for their bill.

We returned home, picking up lunch from Good Cents on the way, arriving home at 12:30.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening with me finishing up the laundry. Bob has been on the computer reviewing information for the machine at the wood shop.

Monday- I worked on cards and Bob did his first of the month tasks around the condo. At 1, I went to Tangle Art. Bob dropped me off as he has some tasks he wanted to do.

Bob picked me up at 3, and at 4 we went to the Condo Social in the parking lot behind the courtyard. It was chilly, so we all moved into the sun.

We returned, ate dinner, put Koda in the crate, and picked up Maryann to go to the Next Gen meeting at 6:30. We arrived and sat at a table, just the 3 of us. Melinda and Paul came in and we invited them to join us. It was a really good thing we did. After the meeting, we played “Name That Tune”. We had to name the song name, the artist name and the year. Thank goodness, they knew most of the answers.

Melinda wrote our answers on a piece of paper, we had been given. Bob ran them up to the guy who was running the game. At the end, we had the most points, but they gave extra points to the losers, so one table by-passed us and actually won! STOP THE STEAL!  LOL

We have a camera that we can see what Koda is doing, the app is on Bob’s phone; she slept and just laid there. Roxie kept her company, most of the time.  She raced around the condo when we let her out of the crate.

Tuesday- We had to wear our uniforms to the Posse Meeting this morning. We were finally taking the oath, which was given by the MCSO Constable. He was very good at it. They swore in the Commander, the Board, the Lieutenants, Master Sergeants, and finally new members. Since it was for new members from 2020 and 2021, there were 20 of us.

Posse swearing in…

I have volunteered to assist at the Grand Avenue office, so I met with Cindy, the new Lieutenant for Support Services.

We returned home, as we cannot wear our uniforms anywhere when not on duty. We let Koda out of the crate. She went bonkers and raced around the condo.

We waited until Barbara arrived. She was cleaning the condo. We left to go buy baby locks for the cabinets. We started at Walmart, nope, we did not like those. They now had the distilled water for $1.19 gal.

We returned home. Barbara had left. We found that Koda had gotten the trash door open again, but she did not get anything out. She just shredded the trash bag trying to get to the trash.  Barbara called me later and told me she told her twice to stay out of the trash. Before Bob put the locks on, he caught Koda twice trying to get the door open.  So the baby locks went on the doors!

We went to JoAnn’s as I needed some glue. They did not have any. We stopped at Walmart. Target and bought the baby locks there.  I have been making embroidery cards while I am watching TV, so I bought a better lamp so that I could see well when sewing. We stopped at Michaels and I picked up the glue I needed. We stopped at Bashs and they had the distilled water for $0.99. I guess they are a loss leader for them.

I had a 3 pm NG appointment. That went well. Here is what it looks like. Bob had the Astronomy Club in the evening. He attended on Zoom. I watched a silly, but cute movie, Patrick, on Netflix about a Pug that a gal inherited.

Wednesday- Bob was monitoring at the Wood Shop this morning. So I dropped him off at 8, and went to drop off a Posse uniform shirt I had purchased. I need my name put on. The alteration place we had been using closed, due to the pandemic. So this was a new gal. I dropped the shirt off at her house.

At 8:30 I had April’s card class. We made 3×3 cards and envelopes. I had a 10:00 appointment to be measured for orthotics for my shoes. I was done by 10:30. It will take a long time to get them, due to the pandemic. They have the usual employee shortage, and naturally their immediate focus is on prosthetics for amputees.

I returned and let Koda out of the crate. Bob could see the image of me opening the door and her running between my legs. She raced around the condo. Then I redressed her and took her outside. She immediately headed for the grass, urinated and had diarrhea. I brought her back in and went back and cleaned up the grass out front.

I picked Bob up at 12. He dropped me off at at 1, I went to card embroidery. We did not attend the social on the green, as it is chilly! During the day it’s been in the 50’s.

Thursday-Koda woke Bob up at around 3 to go out. She had gas the 1st time. At 3:30, he took her out again, as she was having diarrhea. Roxie had no problems. Koda must have gotten into something!

I had to meet up with Linda at the Calligraphy room before 10:30. I took four cards I want to sell with me, but they were all rejected due to the glue that I had used. I should be using two sided tape, inside, instead. April did compliment my calligraphy. She said I was doing really well. So I brought the cards back home to change the insides. Learning was why I had taken them, as I wanted the feedback. These are the cards.

I went from Sundial to the NG treatment. I arrived to find them checking temperatures outside. The staff were all wearing NK95 masks, shields, and disposable gowns. I asked the gal who took my temperature outside, what had happened? She said that they were suddenly inundated with Covid. The treatment went well. I was feeling really good when I left the office.

This is what the ttreatment looks like. There are sponges inside the suction cups. The session lasts 26 minutes. It feels like a TENS unit.

I returned home and had lunch, then I went to Sun City West to the Neurologist. He increased my Gabapentin to 3x a day. Then he gave me a form to go to the MVA to get a handicap placard, since it is so hard for me to walk distances.

I stopped at the MVA to pick up the placard. I had to stand in a line for 25 minutes and I was in severe pain when I left. The lady behind me had the same issue. They did not have a handicap line. They did have chairs, which we could not use and be in the line. You had to take a number, but they never called them. Typical MVA idiocy!

When I finally arrived at the employee station, the gal gave me a sheet of paper, that I can use until the actual placard arrives. I guess, another bureaucratic idiocy. The placard is supposed to arrive within 2 weeks. Hah, with the postal service still in delay mode! We will see….

I returned home and put Voltaren on my feet and put them up to rest. Bob stayed home all day with Koda to make sure that she could go out when she needed too…

We ate dinner and attended the Democratic Club meeting on Zoom. The session was about the Build Back Better bill. There is a lot that we do not agree with and are really sorry that the Medicare Dental and Hearing are not in the bill. There are two really good things in the bill. First is a cap on Insulin at $35 a month. Second, there would be caps on how high the pharmaceutical companies can raise the cost of medications each year.  We also took a survey based on the bill, so we were able to give our input to the items we did not like.

Friday- We had Posse this morning. We had NO vacation watches assigned to us today. We have moved to Division 3 for the month. The member next to us, who had been assigned to Division 2, this month, had 20 to do. So the DO took five and we took three of his to lighten his load. He thanked us profusely. I told him it was just payback for the folks who had helped us when we had Division 2. He is the new Patrol Lieutenant, so it’s a good idea to get on his good side anyway!

It was a very quiet shift. There were several calls in Division 1 and 2, but we only had 2 medical calls. One of which was at the same time we were on a call, so the instructor took the student to that one as a learning call.

While it was still dark, we went to cruise through the shopping centers. We arrived at the closest shopping center to our condo and we found all the lights off in the parking lot. So we called into the Posse, and the dispatcher called APS, the electric company. The DO also came to check it out.

Our last call of the day was to a house where the lady had passed away. The family had called the Posse, from out of town, to have us check to make sure that the house was secured. We went and found the gates on both sides wide open. The doors and windows were locked. We closed the gates. Bob found that flowers had been delivered to the house. So we were told to take them to the Posse and place them on the front desk, per the family request. So that was what we did. Our DO was laughing when we came in with the flowers! The gal covering the front desk was thrilled to have the flowers to look at. She put a card on the flowers so everyone would know who donated them.

After duty, we returned home and had a quiet day. We had not put Koda in the crate as she is still having very loose stools. Yea! She had gone out the doggy door and had the stools on the new artificial turf! That is what it is there for, so we were thrilled. The baby locks worked also! So unless she has any other episodes of ‘dumpster diving’ we will not be putting her into the crate.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home at home.

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