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Sat. Dec. 25 to Fri. Dec. 31- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Merry Christmas. We had a very quiet day. We took our Covid tests, and both of us were negative.

We hung up my Diamond Painting pictures. We are really happy with how they look. Bob did a great job of hanging them.

I baked a Black Forest Dump Cake for dessert. I also cooked parsley potatoes.  Bob cooked the sour dough bread loaf we have from Costco. These are really good and they are shelf good for months. These expire in June.

MaryAnne and Ray arrived at 5:30, bringing the ham and carrots. We had a great time and talked until after 9. It was so nice to see them and be able to actually see their faces!

Sunday- We ran to Fry’s this morning. We returned and I ran to JoAnne’s when they opened at 9. I needed a few card making items and I was able to use my 50% off one full price item. I was able to do a BOGO on paper, buy 2 and get three on thread, and $5 off my total purchase.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening, with me finishing the laundry. We watched Stranger on Netflix. It is based on a Harlan Cobin book and kept our attention.

Monday- Ramon, who is doing the artificial turf for our patio arrived a little after 8:30. He and another guy are getting the dirt out of our yard. While I was working on the blog, Jose, called. He set me up for an appointment doing the Neuragenex, for my neuropathy. I am so excited! The insurance approved the treatment, but as usual, we start the January deductible, next week. I will run through that really quickly.

The guys worked on the patio until 3. They removed the excess dirt and then tamped down the dirt to flatten it. They are picking up our artificial turf in the morning then returning to finish the job.

Before the work
Dirt to be removed
Dirt tamped down

We had a quiet evening. I watched a little more of Virgin River. The guy from the Wood Shop had called Bob and gave him the info he needed to read and understand. Bob worked on completing what he needed to read and review.

Tuesday- Ramon arrived around 9, after picking up the artificial turf. They finished the job before is started to rain. We are happy with how it turned out.

I had my first Neuragenex treatment at 1 PM. Jose was being trained by a gal from the company. She had the treatment herself and said it worked great for her. It feels a lot like a Tens unit. It is similar, but has a higher dosage and impact. They took some wet sponges, put them in suction cups, and put them on my legs and feet. The treatment took 20 minutes.

We finished watching the Stranger on Netflix.

Wednesday- I had a mani/pedi today at 9. At 12, I dropped Bob off at the Wood Shop. He was doing his monitoring this afternoon. I went to the card embroidery class. Because it was the 5th Wednesday of the month, we made Valentine’s Day cards for the troops. These are for 2023. The club gave us all the supplies and we made a bunch of cards. We will do this again in the spring and the fall. They are turned into the local Buick Dealership, who then sends them to the Services for the active duty people to send to their loved ones at home.

We went to the grocery store for a few items. We picked up some items for Maryann also.

Thursday- We had the Posse at 6 AM. It was chilly out, with temps in the 40’s. We completed 11 Vacation Watches and had 5 medical calls. We would have had 6, but we were already on one when the other one came in, and the Duty Officer took that call. This week they were all on the western side of the division. They were a mixture of different calls, none specifically for Covid. One house we had been to a few weeks ago. One was just a fall and they picked the person up off the floor and did not transport them to the hospital.

We were tired when we arrived home. I had my hair appointment at 1 PM. Then I was supposed to have my NG appt. at 2:30. I arrived to find that they had forgotten to call and cancel me. Oh well…I am glad it is close to the condo! I returned and took a short nap. Bob had already taken one!

We watched some recorded TV in the evening.

Friday- I went for breakfast at Tivoli Gardens with Melody, my friend from Del Webb Hospital. We spent 2 hours catching up. We had not seen each other for a long time with the pandemic.

I returned and we put the flower pots on the patio, putting the spinner in one of them. They are not where I want them, but we are trying them there. Bob wants the artificial turf to settle before we move them closer to the walls.

Completed project. The spinner is flying due to the wind today.

Maryann came by to pick up her groceries. We had all been at the Posse yesterday and she was there today, as there was the Executive Board meeting, where they decide what roles the officers serve. She took notes at the meeting, as she has been tapped to be the assistant to Vickie, the Administrative Assisstant.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. We were in bed at 9 pm, so we missed all the New Year’s celebrations.

Here is Bob’s completed work bench.

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