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Sat. Dec. 18 to Fri. Dec. 24- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were out of milk bones for the dogs, so we went to Walmart this morning instead of tomorrow and we did our shopping. Walmart was out of distilled water again, so we stopped at Bashes on the way home. They had gallons of distilled water for $0.99, which is less expensive than Walmart at $1.29.

I had a massage scheduled for this morning. I arrived and Julie was not there. I waited, and unfortunately, she never showed up. I called her and sent her a text. After I returned home, she texted and called me. She was sick and she thought that she had let everyone know that she had to cancel. She sounded awful on the phone, so I believed her. I am going to give her another chance, as this is the second time there has been an issue.

I returned home and we had a quiet day up until 4:30 when we had the Zoom with Mary and Jackie. Bob did not have time to stay on, as he had to feed the dogs and walk them. I had to leave a little early, as I had to get ready for the Posse party.

We arrived at the Posse Christmas party at the Fairway Center. We took up the entire 3 rooms, with the barriers open. The dinner was catered and pretty good. Unfortunately, Bob could not eat the chicken as it was covered in bell peppers, but he happily ate the beef.

The Ukulele club played at the dinner. Trudy, the leader, is also the outgoing President of the Calligraphy club; she sent a kazoo over to me. Bob got pictures of me playing the kazoo with the others who were called up to the front.

We did not win any of the door prizes. There was a lot of donated canned food brought by members for the food bank. There was a lot of catered food left over, so we took a container and brought dinner for tomorrow night.

Sunday-We had a quiet day. I had done a lot of laundry yesterday; I did the rest today. After lunch, we fell asleep on the recliners. I worked on an embroidered card. We watched TV and read our books.

Monday- Bob dropped me off at the Diamond Painting workshop. Darlene, the instructor was back from Ohio, where she went to visit her fiancé from 56 years ago. She came back acting like a teenager. She is returning and staying with him until March. It was nice to see someone so happy!

Unfortunately, that leaves the Diamond Painting without an instructor. I have the feeling this group is going to fall apart.

Because Darlene was gone, we had our cookie party today. Because I brought a big plate, when I was not looking, people put their leftover cookies on my plate. I came home with more cookies than I took there! That was okay, I had two more places to get rid of them.

I returned home for lunch, then I went to the Tangle Art workshop. The number is growing. We went from 4 to 5 people. It is a form of doodling which is fun and restful.

I had talked to Lisa, who was sitting next to me at the Diamond Painting about Calligraphy, and she showed up in the afternoon and joined the club and signed up for April’s next class. We need 50 in the club, so I am trying my best to recruit new members. We are now at 41 members!

I returned home, we ate dinner, and we went to the Next Gen club meeting. Only 20 people showed up. We had the meeting then played a game where we had to find, sort of like bingo, answers to Christmas questions. It was fun. I have no idea who won, but it was a way to meet folks and learn about them.

As we were leaving to go to the meeting, we noticed a car in front of our next door neighbor’s condo in the alley. It was unusual. This is the lady with dementia. When we returned home, Mary Ann texted me that she had fallen again. She called her friend to come and get her up off the floor. The friend declined, as the neighbor is a heavy woman. She called 911, against the neighbor’s wishes. Of course, the lady could not get into the house, as the neighbor did not have the key put in the emergency box, and no one has a key, so the emergency folks had to break into the house again. They got her up, and evidently there was quite a scene as she was adamant about not going to the hospital and she was upset that they had to break in again, even though it was her fault. It is extremely frustrating that there is nothing we can do to assist her, and this is going to continue to happen over and over…

Tuesday- We went to the Operations Meeting at the Posse. We ran to Costco to get gas, $3.29 gal, before we went to the Posse. Before Costco opens is the best time to get gas, as there are no lines.

We had a 50 minute meeting. We left and went to Petsmart for Roxie’s food. From there we went to the Bell Maricopa Library for a Covid test kit. They did not have any, but they said that Fairway had a few. We arrived and they brought the kit out to us. There are two tests in the box. We are planning to take the test before we see MaryAnne for Christmas, as she has an autoimmune disease and cannot, under Doctors orders, get the vaccine.

It was lunch time, so we stopped at Mercers Restaurant for lunch. When the waitress brought us the check, she asked us if we wanted the free ice cream. Huh, free ice cream? Yup, on Tuesdays they give our free ice cream. So of course, we said yes. She brought us each an 8 oz. glass of very good chocolate ice cream. It was even at the right temperature. We brought home enough left overs for lunch tomorrow.

While we were eating lunch, the gal Bob had ordered fresh, home-made tamales from, called and gave Bob the location to meet up with her at 12:15. We were fairly close, to the Walmart in El Mirage, where we were to meet her.

We arrived and gave her the $17 for a dozen, still hot chicken tamales, with green sauce.

We returned home. Bob had also gotten a call from the Wood Shop, that before he takes the machine class he has signed up for, he needs to download and read a lot of material. So he returned the guys call. He went over to the wood shop, but the guy had already left, even though he told Bob to call his back after 2. On the way back, he stopped at Walgreens to pick up his medication.

I finished my Diamond Painting project. There are four season trees in the series I completed, so I am going to have to get some frames and frame the series to hang on the wall.

When Bob returned home, he checked his phone and found notice on FB, that at the Best Friends club meeting last Tuesday, we had been exposed to someone who had tested positive. It is 7 days from our exposure. I immediately called Mary Ann, and told her. She was exposed at the meeting and also at the classes on Tues, Wed, and Thur. Bob was not exposed on Fri, as that class was not on the list. I guess it was the other instructor. ( It turned our no one tested positive or was ill.)

We had the RV Club pot luck dinner tonight, but we decided to stay home. We had tamales for dinner with the glazed carrots we were planning to take to the pot luck. We are past the quarantine time for our exposure, without any symptoms. Hopefully, we are not carriers.

Wednesday- I went out on the patio to take a picture of new epoxy. I heard Todd calling my name.

The fire department and ambulance were on the way for my neighbor next door. She had fallen sometime last evening and stayed on the floor all night. Someone came to deliver food to her, and she could not open the door, so the gal called 911. Bonnie and Todd were there, and she likes Bonnie, as she has not been around as much as Todd or Mary Ann. She doesn’t know who Bonnie is or who we are.

So the emergency crews arrived. I spoke with the ambulance driver and told her it was their second time here this week. Bonnie was able to convince her to go to the hospital. She also flirted with the young fire department guys. She did not remember anything and could not give dates, times, or where she was!

She was transported to the hospital. Everyone was out there. I told them unless she has a medical need, she will be right back. Sure enough, she was! Carol had found a person, who it turned out had the Medical POA and is executor on her will. So she called that gal. The gal had brought her home from the hospital, but could not get her out of the car. So they called 911 again. When the fire truck arrived, they said just take her back to the hospital. This time they kept her. For how long, we do not know. But the POA’s mother is in an Assisted Living, and she is going to try to get our neighbor sent to one. Whew, we were all glad of that. Of course, the house is a total wreck with strong odors.

We did some tasks around the condo. At 12, I went to my card embroidery class. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday- It was Posse day, so we were off early in the morning to do our patrol. Neither of us slept well, so we were very tired. We had 22 Vacation Watches, but Tina took 5, as she was training someone. It was very busy with emergency calls. Of course, they would call us to go to the opposite side of our division, just as soon as we finished one call, we had to go back across Sun City.

We got all but one of our drive-by’s done. We missed it as we had to stop for gas. We finally called in for a break at 10:45. We get off at around 11 to 11:15, and we both needed a potty break!

We turned in all of our paperwork and headed home. Mary Ann had asked me to give Carol the information on the neighbor that I had typed up, so I added the falls and 911 calls, printed it out, and took it over to Carol.

Bob and I both took a long nap. At 4, there was a girls social at Deanna’s. A lot of folks attended. That was my dinner. Bob ate a brat for dinner and left overs.

Friday- IT’s RAINING! A real, nice, soaking rain! Not a monsoon type rain. That is awesome, as we need the water so badly. It is going to rain all day. Of course, people in Arizona do not know how to drive in the rain. They fly down the road and skid. Others treat it like snow, they stay home, because it is raining!

We ran out early and did a couple of errands, then returned home. We were back by 7:30. We found out that the neighbor was transferred from the hosptial to an Assisted Living, exactly where she belongs. We also heard that she is very angry at everyone.

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