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Sat. Dec. 4 to Fri. Dec. 10- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to the Posse at 10 AM to assist with decorating the building. Bob and I, worked with Dick our Thursday morning DO to put up the tree in the auditorium. We took a picture of it, as we know someone is going to make changes to the tree! Each of us broke at least one ornament. Some of the ornaments need to be replaced because they are getting so old and losing their luster.

We had lunch at the Posse, as a group activity. It was very nice.

We returned home and Bob went to Lowes for some other items. He is still working on his work bench. I have also asked him to put up some holders on the walls to put items off the floor to give us more room.

I have also been helping Bob with Koda’s training, as one person has to sit, and Koda has to stay with me until Bob calls her. She is doing really well with her training.

It was a quiet afternoon. At 4:30 we had our Zoom with Mary, Jackie and Dr. Bob. It is so nice to see them again!

We ordered some Chinese food for dinner and watched some TV in the evening.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday shopping. We were later today, so there was more traffic and people in the stores. We tried to do our budget, but for some reason Quicken was down. We had joined Ibota a few weeks ago. So far we are at $36.00 to be refunded. Wow, and we also are getting some free items!

We met up with Linda and Mike at Brusters for ice cream at 3 pm. We had a great time chatting.

Monday- I had my Diamond Painting workshop. The instructor is out of town, so someone else was leading the workshop. I sat at my usual table and no one else showed up. The other tables are really “clickish”. I texted Bob, and he was just leaving the Wood Shop, so I asked him to pick me up. I can sit at home and work on my project.

Bob dropped me at home and went to Walmart. He returned a small trash can that we had purchased. It was missing the inside, which we had not realized until we got home. We put it right outside the door on the patio, for the dog poop bags.

He returned and we ate lunch. I went to my afternoon advanced card class. We made some really messy cards, but the backgrounds are nice. I came home and scrubbed my hands to get off the dye.

At 4, we had the Condo Social Hour in the parking lot. We chatted a lot with lots of neighbors. It ended at 5.

We returned home, ate dinner, and went to the Next Gen Dirty Santa party. There were 110 people signed up for the party! We sat with 4 people we did not know and made some new friends. The Dirty Santa was giving gifts that, while under $10, are funny. We had a good time. The gal who was running the program moved us right along. She would stop and we would all sing a Christmas song. Bob won a big mug and I won a Christmas hat that lights up and some stupid game, which is going back next year. One guy won a pregnancy test. That got a lot of laughs!

Tuesday- We had the Posse voting this morning so we left early for the General Meeting. All voting ended at 9 AM. We arrived about 8:20, voted, and then talked to folks. All 5 of the folks that we both voted for won!

I had been working with Anthony, the Plummer, to install some hot water circulating pumps, here in our condos to save water. Last night I had sent the list, addresses, and phone numbers. So we stopped in at the first condo on our way back. He got them all installed really rapidly. Each cost $325, which is dirt cheap! I am hoping that more of our HOA members will get them to save our water bills.

Barbara arrived to clean our condo. I had a Mahjongg Christmas Party, so Jan and Diane picked me up and off we went. We had a great time. The gal provided an awesome lunch, then we played Maj at one table. We stopped and had cookies for desert, then moved to another table.

At the second table, Marleen who I had just met, talked about that her husband was named for an ancestor who arrived at Plymouth MA. The ancestors name was Robert Lucas. I asked her, is your husband a member of the Posse? Yup, Bob Lucas. When I said we were Posse, he had told her that there was a new couple that worked a Friday with him.

I returned home. Bob is still working on his work bench. It is an interesting project! I will post pictures when he is done.

The doctor had doubled my Neuropathy medication and it is causing some fatigue, so Bob cooked dinner and I read while trying to stay awake. Bob left for the Astronomy club, where he was a winner 3x in raffles. He stopped on the way home to purchase lottery tickets, unfortunately he had used up his luck! I watched a lousy movie on Netflix staring Brooke Shields called something castle. I kept falling asleep.

Bob arrived home and woke me up to go to bed.

Wednesday- We had our monthly Alfa breakfast, at Tivoli Gardens restaurant. At 11, we dropped the dogs off at the groomers. At 12, I had my embroidery card class. We had the social hour on the green at 5, but no one had told us they had moved it to 4, so we arrived just before it ended. That’s okay, it was getting dark anyway.

Thursday- We had our usual Posse patrol today. We had 17 vacation watches and 3 had returned home. As soon as we arrived back at the Posse office, I ran and changed clothes in the ladies room. Our paperwork was complete, so we were able to leave by 11:30. I dropped Bob off at the condo, and raced to Tivoli Gardens Restaurant for the Bell Center Craft Club Christmas holiday party.

The party was a lot of fun. We sang carols and the ukulele club was the entertainment, so they gave some ladies bells to ring, some kazoos, and I was given a bubble maker. We did our parts during the corresponding songs. There was a lot of laughter.

We were given choices of 6 different meals. We paid $15 for the lunch, but the club paid $10 for each attendee, also. The lunch menue was a salad, entrée and dessert. I won a $25 gift card to Abuelo’s Restaurant, an expensive Mexican Restaurant. We never go there as they only have one sauce that Bob can eat.

Friday- We had the HOA association meeting. I rode with Mary Ann to the meeting. The meeting was very verbally combative. Unfortunately, no one will run for the board, so we are stuck with the same President. Oh well….lots of people left in frustration during the meeting.

At 10:30 Bob took Koda to her next training class. The instructor was not there, they had a different gal who ran the class. Koda is still doing really well. Bob thinks she really loves the training as she has Bob all to herself and she gets lots of treats. She starts getting excited in the car as they get closer to the Fairway Recreation Center where the classes are held.

I went to lunch with Mary Ann, Todd and Bonny at Mercers Restaurant. That was a lot of fun and the food was really great and very inexpensive.

When I arrived home, I finished making deviled eggs for tonight. Diane and Jim picked us up at 5:10 for the pot luck at a Next Gen home on the lake. We were going to the boat parade.  The house where the party was located was gorgeous! Right on the lake, huge rooms, a huge patio, and a pool. Linda, the owner said that she walked in the door, and said this was her house! They immediately bought the house.

She is an avid quilter and she had lots of quilts stored and on the walls. She also had an antique small sewing machine collection. As with all pot lucks, there was a ton of food. Linda has started playing mahjongg, so we invited her to join us at the Thursday Maj games. She said she is joining us in January.

After stuffing ourselves with delicious food, we sat outside watching the sunset and the lake. Across the lake is the Lakeview Rec Center, and there was a party going on which we could hear across the lake. There were a number of parties at other homes on the lake. Here are some pictures.

Did you know that the term “Swan Song” comes from the fact that swans do no make any noise until the die, then they make a noise! I did not know that…. That is Bob, Diane and Jim in the one picture. There were between 50 and 60 folks at this party!

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